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Pip said about adore203.memo being covert anti-semitism:
> Beats the heck out of me too - I read it several times.  There's a stuck 
> 7 somewhere.  Maybe saying something that someone or some group doesn't 
> agree with makes you anti-them and whatever 
> race-politics-religion-food_group they identify with.

      Well the strange thing is the two times now that someone has
accused me of overt or covert anti semitism, it was a non Jew.

      Boy do they have overts against Jews!  The joke is, it isn't the
*JEWS* who are trying to elect themselves a protected speciies.

      Usually my writings are anti everyone, to call that anti semitic,
when I am raking everyone over the coals, is wild hypocrisy, its ok to
take the Christians to task for their nonsense but not the Jews?

      Anyhow the posting was probably born in opposition to the God is
Good spew of Carol Willis, and was a restatement of LRH's view that the
Devil is God after he made the universe, and Adore's statement that the
snake was God incarnation.

      The snake however is the first part of the Bible, which is probably
more Jewish than Christian, but frankly of all the mature Jews I have
known, they are either Buddhists or atheists.

      Also my opinion is Jews have done more for Western Culture than all
the Christians put together with maybe a few exceptions.

      Well maybe they are nose to nose.

      Anyhow its not the person I attack but the beliefs, and since Jews
tend to not have any beliefs, there isn't much to attack.

      I just wish their women wouldn't be so kosher about who they let
stick their pork in them.


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