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     Yes very well put.

     Clearing for me is an approach based upon a theoretical framework that 
describes the why of our condition and its apparent undesirability.

     That theoretical framework is based around motivations and
postulates, desire and view.

     In that frame work we as auditors are helping the being, at his own 
bequest, to take apart the persistences of his manifested existence and 
put them together again so he can get on with why he desired manifestation 
in the first place.

     In this case that desire was to play a hard game, that he set up to be 
almost unwinnable, knowing that he probably would end up needing help in 
the end to get out of the very tar he created himself.

     Just as it is fully respectable to be a poor starving entrepreneur, it 
is just as respectable to be a god stuck in tar reaching out for help with 
no clue how he got there.

     That a GOD CAN do this, and would or should engage in such things is 


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On Wed, 8 Sep 2010, Pip wrote:

> homer@lightlink.com wrote:  5-30-10
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>>    The question does clearing work can be broken down into
>> two sub questions.
>>    1.) Does truth work, i.e. will the truth set you free?
>>    2.) Is there a workable approach (clearing) to finding that truth?
>>    Homer
> 5-31-10
> This sounds like "one truth" that will set us free.  I believe there is
> such a truth.  The Upanishads call this truth "seeing the reality of
> what you really are" if I may paraphrase it.  I am aware of no clearing
> process that produces this result or even specifically addresses it but
> it is addressed  by Zen, Advaita Vedanta, and other sources which are
> not considered "clearing".   Keyed out OT is not this result and being
> stably exterior with full perception is not this result.  We are
> (self-)restrained god-beings.  When completely "cleared" we are
> unrestrained.  This does not mean we then know what we are other than
> intellectually.  However it may very well be that clearing as we know it
> does necessarily lead one to that realization, although it is a gradient
> process dealing with smaller relative truths along the way.
> There are many definitions of clearing.  In clearing we are discovering
> the truths of how we operate in the universe and then use them to effect
> results.   For some it is about clearing up engrams or postulates to
> become "clear".  For me, the work I call clearing has several
> functions.  One is to discover truths, in the sense of relative truths,
> like "what happened when" and finding the sources or causes of my (or
> another's) conditions and limitations.   But what I discover may or may
> not be the truth in any absolute sense or even in a "consensus reality"
> sense but perhaps only in a self-validating sense.  These truths may not
> be proveable to anyone else.  The main function of course is to actually
> clear up unwanted conditions and remove limitations.   So a  guy comes
> in suffering from jaw pain.  I work with him and call it "clearing".
> The jaw pain goes away and ten years later it has never returned.
> Clearing works.  Did he find a truth that healed him?  Maybe.  All I
> really know is that I tried to get him to look at some things  and I
> guess he did.  I accept his report that it worked.  Will the same jaw
> pain ever come back?  I have no idea.  But if my thoughts on what
> occurred are accurate, then that condition is permanently resolved.
> The answer as to whether clearing works isn't philospohical.  People
> KNOW that clearing works - sometimes a little and sometimes a lot -
> because they experienced it.   And some of us  are trying to make it
> work better and faster ond open up more doors of possibility.  This is
> clearing as a transformative, healing, and self discovery process.   No
> doubt we are finding truth, seeing what is, and it is freeing, yet these
> truths are personal, variable, and changeable.
> So there are relative truths and absolute truth.  Clearing tech may
> speculate and use models of absolute truth but this has little to do
> with everyday clearing.  In everyday clearing we are handling the
> relative creations of the processee to release them from their
> self-entanglements.   It works and is often miraculous.  Ultimately, if
> there is a basic-basic,  it is the fundamental delusion of NOT knowing
> what we really are.  There are many strong indications that knowing the
> one truth of what we are collapses the whole individual bank or at least
> renders it moot.   This is the one truth that will set you free ... with
> no gradient.
> By the way, would a completely unrestrained full power god-being be
> permitted into the consensual gameplay on this planet?  No ... except,
> and only, to teach, according to history.   So don't think you could
> have your way with the world once your Kryptonian training is
> completed.   There are other playgrounds for the overqualified, or
> create your own.   Public miracles aren't well tolerated by the
> EarthGame rules enforcement committee.   It's the Prime Directive.
> Pip
> PS: I don't remember why I didn't post this earlier.   I'm usually
> digusted with most of what I write until I read it later.  I guess I
> could look into that.......nah.
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