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     There are two kinds of SP's.

     Merchants of Fear who preach NO SAFETY, and

     Merchants of Complacency who preach NO DANGER.

     The truth is neither NO SAFETY nor NO DANGER, but an exact truth
that walks in between, manifesting a balance of both.
     That balance needs to be applied to any Vital Information, and in
fact attaining that balance is part of the Vital Information Rundown.

     E/P knows when to speak and when not to speak.

     Real auditors prove every day that OT powers exist by rehabbing
them in preclears.

     If that is not good enough for you, then you are neither an
auditor nor a preclear, and certainly not an OT with powers.


In article  you wrote:
> On Sep 21, 7:16?am, ho...@lightlink.com wrote:
>> ? ? ?Well LRH talks about not putting on demonstrations of OT power in
>> History of Man. ?He says it will just make it harder for others trying
>> to get across the bridge.
>> ? ? ?Saw 'men who stare at goats' last night, lacking, a bit too silly,
>> but perhaps too real.
>> ? ? ?Then there was dreamscape a few nights before. ?That's more real.
>> ? ? ?If you can enter someone's mind, you can kill them in their dreams,
>> nice weapon of war.
>> ? ? ?Its fine if you want to argue that the Prime Directive is too
>> strict, but its not fine if you are dramatizing NO Prime Directive.
>> ? ? ?Homer
>> corella  wrote:
>> > On Sep 19, 5:41?am, ho...@lightlink.com wrote:
>> > ...
>> > Where's the HCO Policy or Bulletin, on the Prime Directive by the way.
>> > Here's where your mythology or laws of the Prime Directive come under
>> > scrutiny. ?This is a suppressive
>> > act you're upholding, that makes it a PTS situation, and the SP is a
>> > perceived God or Supreme Being?
>> > A notion of the ethics of a knowing/unknowing game they are playing
>> > interferring with their progress
>> > through the game or 'up the Bridge' to total edification.
>> > We are not talking about 'an auditor' blabberering to a 'PC' about the
>> > cogs, wins or EP that they will be
>> > getting prior to the process to be run; we are referring to something
>> > far more general than that, well outside
>> > the environment of auditing; out there in the everyday world.
>> > The subject of how a 'study of worth' can be subsumed under a sea of
>> > interesting conjecture generated by
>> > spurious sources and finally destroyed if not tightly controlled;
>> > because unlike hard science it is based
>> > around subjective individual experience; is probably what you are
>> > referring to, and this comes under the
>> > heading of KSW; which as it has operated is a suppressive act
>> > enforcing the dominance of one being over
>> > others, or one organization over others, yet without the original
>> > there is unlikelyhood there would have
>> > been offshoots, so this mitigates against this to a great degree.
>> > That's it, the Prime Directive is an 'alternative clearing practises'
>> > version of KSW upheld by controlled entities
>> > outside the church who would never admit they are connected up to a
>> > higher theta mind and/or concerned
>> > that they may go 'outside ethics' and retard or stop their wins based
>> > upon fears generated by unknowingness
>> > of their state or condition or their role in a 'game'.
>> > (conjecture here only, I can only guess at what twists and turns there
>> > are in the minds of the individuals here)
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> Keep Psychiatry winning and winking if you must.   There's  hundreds
> of lives being
> flushed down the drain daily by that malevolent practise; and the only
> thing that
> can be effectively brought to bare against it is the truth.  Truth
> demonstrated, if any
> one will or can and make it widely known through the media would be a
> good thing
> in balance.  Warnings by LRH that's a laugh; the same source you were
> berating
> at some time back.

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