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> Would you go with the Rapture? (if there was one of course.)


      The Rapture is when all the Christians rise and go to heaven.

      Adore believes in the Rupture, that's when all the Christian's
heads blow up and they all go to hell for a while.

      Anyhow to answer your question, Almost per definition I wouldn't
have a choice.   But maybe I would, I remember a movie about this.

      Anyhow any game is possible to play for a while.

      Any being can hire out and mock up another being as God, who is a
God of behavior and who only wants to be with those that obey him
blindly.  And that game creator then creates the game of good and evil,
obedience and disobedience, a game of the bad banging up on the good,
and the collateral damage being judged according to how well they suck
it up and not respond in like kind, etc, and people flock into play it
at a high admission price.

      And then in the end the bad get to suffering FOREVER in hell for
the finite acts in a finite while.

      This God who knows mathematics, physics, PI out to a gobzillion
places, a creator of worlds, apparently has nothing better to do
with his eternity than be a purveyor of damnation.

      Phooey, to hell with it.

      If YOU create a being.  and YOU know it can do good or bad, and YOU
know it is not all powerful, all loving, and all wise like you are, and
YOU set it free upon others of like kind, and it misbehaves as YOU knew it
would, then YOU are culpable for YOUR creation and the consequences that
follow from YOUR actions.

      Anyhow God is not a God of judgment or behavior, that's a real low
tone game near the bottom of the barrel of last last ditch games a being
might play.

      Imagine a game where you can do anything you want to anyone you
want, and they can do the same, because you ALL agreed in unison that
was the way it was going to be BEFORE you entered, and those that came
to join later, agreed at the gate, because it is also what they wanted.

      Certain rules apply of course, if you bang up on others, they may
bang up on you in return.  Of course some will bang up on you no matter
what you do.  Those you banged up on earlier without provocation,
certainly won't come to your aid or rescue when someone does it to you.

      So you might want to make as many friends as possible as fast as
possible by not banging up on people unnecessarily.

      Everyone agrees that someone that bangs up on someone else without
reason, needs to be banged up on in return to teach them a lesson, but
sometimes the lesson is too strong and now the bangers of justice need
some justice in return.

      And justice gets defined as pain for pain rather than getting what
you postulate (and pre postulate).

      I have seen too much of how real justice works to believe any more
in such a stupid game as a top level phenomenon,

      Praying to God for example is a total trap as it pre postulates you
can't do it yourself.

      God pretty much destroys the subject of Help.

      The more you look to God to determine your future, guess what
determines your future, some BT playing God.

      Anyhow if humans did to their children what God does to his, lets
them have at it with each other and then sends the bad ones to hell
forever, we would lock up those humans as child abusers.

      In fact the whole idea of God the Father *IS* child abuse pure and


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