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     The following material is for adult fantasy only, it has no bearing
on truth, reality or actuality.

     The following material is about SPIRITUAL questions and answers,
not questions and answers about things going on in the physical

     Questions IN the dream are properly answered by science and
the scientific method.

     Questions ABOUT the dream and its dreamer are not.

     Science answers questions about the virtual reality presented
to us in the dream.

     Questions and answers about the ACTUALITY that projects
the virtual reality are audited as below.


     All this stuff we have been writing about questions and answers
leads up to a simple 4 way GPM.

     A GPM is a Goals Problem Mass and results from the chronic
operation of both sides of a goals dicom at the same time.

     A goals dicom consists of two opposing goals operated at the same
time, love AND hate, good AND evil, beauty AND ugly, danger AND safety.

     For example, the goal to open the door and the goal to not open the

     This forms a ridge of mental mass that then operates the being,
after a while he can't stop doing it, especially when he has been at it
with the seriousness of forevers, and eventually petrifies him with its

     The conscious operation of the dicom gets harder and harder, and
finally sinks into oblivion as the guy thinks about other things, but he
never stops doing it.

     Time itself is kept going by the automatic operation of one of
these GPMS going on for eons and eons under the semi unconsciousness of
the being.  The GPM is on automatic, therefore so is time.

     Once in a while he takes a breather from dramatizing two opposing
goals, and he wonders where his head aches, spine aches or the
preemptive disintegration of his brain or breasts comes from.

     A GPM is NOT formed from an INDECISION to open the door or to not
open the door.

     A GPM is formed from a DECISION to open the door *AND* not open the

     Dig it and don't leave it.

     For example imagine a person who wants to go outside but is
terrified of what he might find outside or let in through the open door.

     So he opens the door a crack, but then slams it shut, then he opens
it again, but slams it shut again.

     That's an indecision oscillating back and forth between the effort
to open the door and the effort to close it.

     Now imagine the same person pulling on the door to open it with his
right hand, while pushing against the door to keep it closed with his
left hand AT THE SAME TIME.

     That's not an indecision causing an oscillation, that's a decision
to open the door AND close it at the same time, which forms a ridge
called a GPM.

     GPMS are isometrics of the soul.

     And they don't make the preclear stronger, they make him heavier.

     So heavy he can't fly any more.

     So our preclear starts off with the goal to catch catfish, usually
out of season.  Of course he is hounded by the Forest Ranger whose goal
is to NOT catch catfish out of season.

     Then later our preclear himself becomes a Forest Ranger and gets on
the case of others trying to catch catfish out of season.

HIMSELF, at the same time as be a Forest Ranger making sure no one else
catches catfish out of season including himself.

     The ridge is formed by operating both sides of the GPM at the same

     All Forest Rangers are still trying to fish out of season, even as
they write you a ticket.


     You read the following material at your own risk.

     If you do read it, you MUST run it, or you will end up being a pall
bearer at your own funeral, thetan following behind the casket.

     Pains will get worse before getting better, so you had better know
the difference between a blow off and a grind.  If you rabbit into a
hole in the ground the hole will close in after you.

     If you ask why, the lock will be sealed on the hole, and you will
never get out.

     At least until you replicate the idiocy by which you locked
yourself in.

     At times running this will go more solid and you may tend to think,
oh no Homer gave me another dud to run!

     Uh, uh, the only dud around here is the preclear who is asking so
many questions that he can't confront the answers to, it would sink the
titanic.  Chill out, go deeper, it will start running again with serious

     Remember if the QUESTION is the answer, then seeking answers to
that question is seeking a wrong indication.  This creates time, worry
and despair and eventually a meatball 9 to 5 life headed to the grave.

     A 'what hell forever?' case, living in a hell for a while, over and
over again forever.

     You are mucking with the material of conscious space time here, so
be competent.

      The Question Answer GPM goes as follows, each side opposing the

     The Goal

          To Answer Questions - To Not Answer Questions.
          To Question Answers - To Not Question Answers.

     Within this GPM you will find an approach to the source of all

     A being is basically a total knowingness, he doesn't know anything
specific, but can CREATE things to know.  Thus as an orientation point,
answers come before questions but then he flip flops into the symbol and
now he thinks questions come before answers.

     Reversing the order of answers seeking questions, to questions
seeking answers, then causes persistence and chase in time.

     Any time order reversal imposed on time, continues time all the

     This includes answers and questions becoming questions and answers,
but also DEDs and DEDEX's, and any and all other manifestations where
what happened first is considered to have happened second.

      He is chasing in time the answers to questions.

      Each answer and question pair form a time while which takes as long
as it takes (but always finite) to resolve the question.

      The pair is created at the beginning of the time while,
as answer first and question second.

     He then jumps into the time while at the QUESTION, which is AFTER
the answer at the very beginning of the time while, thus missing the
answer, and continues on down the while AWAY from the beginning, seeking
the answer, at which point, if he finds the answer, he hopes the time
while will end for that question answer pair.

     Since the answer exists at the beginning of the time while, the
more he chases the answer after the question in time, the further away
he gets from the answer.

     Thus all such games are lost out of the gate.

     Here is a diagram from the beginning of a time while to the
hoped for end.

     Begin/Answer -> Question -> Chase answer -> Find answer/End

     All time whiles are started by an answer, but the preclear thinks
all time whiles are started by the question.  That is enough of an
alter-is to keep the time while going forever on automatic while he
sinks himself in mass looking for the answer LATER in time.

     Trying to end a time while by finding an answer is ludicrous, as
time can and will outlast any being trying to end it by finding the

     The time while is ended by finding the correct BEGINNING of the
time while and the answer he sought, at which point the perfect
duplication of the time while's CREATION ends it, after the being is
done laughing his head off about it.

     Gotta have that last appreciation of ludicrous demise to make the
whole thing have been worthwhile.

     All games are worthy whiles that are created, played, and finally
resolved in this fashion.

     Salvation arises when the being realizes the QUESTION is the
problem, not finding the answer, at which point the while on that
question answer pair ends.

     Pay your Messiahs well.

     Case then is resolved by getting the preclear to spot the QUESTIONS
he is asking, until he stops moving away from the beginning of time.

     Some of the questions he is chasing were created without answers.
     Since the question itself was the answer to the question and the
problem of persisting case, answers were not needed.

     Spotting self answering questions therefore is of benefit.

     Running out this GPM will for example chill out any tendency to
self audit or figure figure, because most self auditing is the effort to
to answer a question by running a process.  Or to not answer a question
by running a process, if your preclear is devious and inverted.

     The effort to not know A by trying to know B is a classic example
of inversion.  There are many others, all involving reaching by
withdrawing or withdrawing by reaching.

     Imagine you don't want to eat your peas, but you put on a show of
reaching real hard for your fork with your elbow, and you will get an
idea of the absurdity of this.  "Oh poor dear me, I can't eat my peas
because I can't reach my fork!"

     Self auditing is anything that runs IN questions with an effort to
answer them.

     Solo auditing is anything that runs out questions and the effort to
answer them.

     To run in means to make things worse, more solid, more massey, more
of a problem, and more persisting.

     To run out means to make things better, less solid, less massey,
less of a problem and more vanishing.

     A run in with something is a collision or involvement with

     All 'incidents' are a run in with a question.

     An incident is too much or too little of something that is
perceived to be non survival.

     Too little food and you die.  Too much water and you die.  Those
would be a physical impact.

     We call this an impact, because it has an impact on the preclear's

     Impacts consist of the presence of anti survival antagonists, and
the absence of pro survival agonists.

     An agonist is the opposite of an antagonist.

     Agonists help, antagonists harm.

     Impacts can happen on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
planes of existence.  Impacts on lower planes will cause impacts on
higher planes.

     The impact will not stick on the time track if it is not
immediately followed with failed question asking.

     By sticking we mean remain charged and armed to be used by the
preclear later in life when he may choose to dramatize it out of valence
during a moment of threat of impact.

     One dramatizes prior impacts as a preemptive measure against
present time threats of impacts.  Since the preclear lost during the
prior impact, he chooses the winner in the prior impact and becomes them
and does what they did then so he can win now.

     This is called being out of valence.

     Being out of valence, dramatizing the winner in the prior impact,
is an effort to answer a question by being, doing and having what the
winner did during the impact.

     Surface questions are, what is it, who caused it, why and what
should I do about it?

     Deeper questions will become apparent as the preclear settles
himself in the center of the question answer machine.

      Asking questions about the question answer machine is self auditing
and will get you buttered all over the universe.


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