> The problem is ordering them and getting them from outside your home
> country where laws no longer apply.
> You could be easily dudded.  There's many E-meter versions from
> Moldovia.  Wouldn't risk it. The question
> is find a reputable supplier. I'd assume that the Freezone is fairly
> free of shonkey operators.

     Ralph, Hilton, cmeter.org.

     Abillity meters international.

     Those are two trustable sources.  
>      Problem with building your own, there's plenty of circuits but no
> good E-meter movements, hard to find, the cheapest would be from a
> analog multimeter, then you'd have to remove the backing somehow.

     I have a whole drawer full of Delta movements from old Mark V's.

     1 sec resonance etc, but really ebay is your friend.
     Any Mark V will do.

> Also your replies are full of preconceived notions of 'how the scene
> is' regards 'only a few want to go OT'
> and 'they are happy enough being human'.  

     Preconceived?  You do not know that.

     Remember people WANTED to be human, and 'only drowning men can see
him'.  Thus one presumes many might still want to play the games they
are in as humans, even in a world going to hell.

     In any age only a few have sought the light, and fewer still
attained it.

     There is now hope that those who really want it can get it, but I
would still count them presently in the mere thousands.

     Most are not even awake enough to understand the state of OT, and
many are too afraid of God's wrath to dare step out of being a piece.

     Many are overwhelmed by their BT's all claiming to be GOD for that

     "Behold ye now Behemoth, only he who made him can stand up to him'
- Bible.

     You gonna tap someone on the shoulders and say 'hey bud, you wanna
become a God again?'?  You are likely to become gobbled.

     Once you have seen what the Bible is talking about, the idea of
clearing everyone becomes ludicrous.  People have to REACH for clearing,
you can't just clear someone.



     Getting people to reach to become Lord over Behemoth whose sinews
are made of living steel, is a loser's game.  Get those who are reaching, and
let the rest be 'sailors then, until the sea shall free them'.

Is it something you read
> somewhere that you are now taking as
> gospel and distributing to all and sundry.  Many of Hubbard's opines
> (verb used as a noun here) are appearing
> in your tracts. You can very easily put people off with grandiose
> statements that clash with their reality.

     1.) I could care less who I put off because of an ARC break they
might have with my world view.

     The vast majority of Earth is monster food and will live to be
incinerated by the next atomic war that THEY start in the name of their
own God.

     Lots of people are very rah!  about clearing the Earth, but really
we don't need to clear everyone to release the planet from turmoil, just
enough and the planet will right itself.  We need to spot the
suppressives, get them known, preemptively fair game them into the abyss
for a while, being sure to apologize to the collateral damage, get
everyone to stand up and say "I won't stand for this any more!" and
that's it.

     They WANT to be well and happy humans, they WANT to be wards of a
supreme being, they WANT to be pieces and not players.  They WANT to be
ruled in a fair game.

     They do NOT want to be Gods, they do NOT want to be Lords of
Behemoth, they do not want to be rulers, God Kings and Queens one and

     Not every soldier wants to be a general.

> Sort of reminds me of Hubbard's wonkey-talk on many issues when coming
> up with generalisations that
> cover some aspect of the human scene.

     OK, doing an A=A between me and Hubbard is probably not a good
idea, just because Hubbard agreed with some of the things I have said.

> Anyway, well done for persisting, you've obviously found it to be
> workable for yourself personally, otherwise
> you would have given up like so many others.

     What is *it*?  Standard Scientology?  That's a cross with nails in
it made of silver and gold.

     Clearing?  Based on truth as-ises?  Yes that works.  Truth works.

     Scientology is spaghetti code truth version 0.9 alpha early

     Regression testing?  What's regression testing?

     I have 700 white papers in my archives on what works for me, and
what didn't work for me, namely hundreds of hours of Church auditing,
and the only bank that went clear was my bank account.

     Hubbard had wonderful tech for cleaning up people who were already
9/10's the way there and looking for a little orientation,
understandings, enlightment, (and enslavement.)

     Isness cases.

     He couldn't touch a garden variety meatball or not-isness case, and
he couldn't stay in the same room with  black holes or other acid
trippers like myself.


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