The first, well fourth,  scientology power process is:

      Spot a Source, spot a not source.

      Notice source is the top item on the awareness characteristic chart.

      It is important to word clear source, it doesn't mean only to be
cause of, but also origin of, where things came from, source of the
Nile, source of wood etc.

      It is much easier to run as follows.

      Spot something.

      Tell me what it sources.

      Tell me what sources it.

      Since everything sources something, and is sourced by something, it
is hard to find a true not source.

      PC's tend to run it up in the air, way up the pole ("I am source!"), 
we want it to run down on the ground in the real time game they are 
playing.  THEN if they go up in the air, that's fine.

      The process creates space and time, and allows the flow of creations 
to be noticed from origin to origin in the causal pathway of their 
continuance.  Water comes from mountain streams, mountain streams comes 
from snow, snow comes from precipitation, precipitation comes from 
evaporation of oceans, oceans come from mountain streams etc.

      Also this process tends to loosen the Big Engram the preclear is
stuck in, because engrams are just too much not-ised other determined

      As an aside, I would simply take the entire awareness
characteristic chart and just run every item on it, from bottom to top,
running NO and SOME, don't press if no answer or no interest, just go to
next higher item.

     You just can't possibly run that on someone a few times and not
have a different being after 5 to 10 years.

      That rundown alone is worth maybe $10,000, and might take 20 hours
to complete multiple passes.

      Then throw in the tone scale and run the same thing for another
$5000.  You could make a good living at this.

      E/P?  How about no longer sure he is meat?

      Get him up to 50/50 on the matter, and let him go.

      Remember the guy is pushing himself down below 50/50 so he can be a
meatball gamester.

      You can get him up to 50/50 again, but if you try to go higher you
will just run into his desire to play the game.

      At 50/50, if he wants, he can clear himself from there on out with
very little help.

      But mostly he will be interested in advice on how to mess himself
up again, so its a little harder to get out next time.

      Real E/P?  Has a good feel for how long he is going to spend in
hell when he dies and knows what to do about it while still alive.

      What's that worth?

      And don't run it on joe-chicken-shit who lives next door, go run it
on Kings and Queens, statesmen and super humans who consider you their

      Forget running it on Christians, they can't count that high.


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