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>Any chance you could whip together a definition of 'dreamball' and a
>definition of 'meatball'?

>I'm pretty sure I know what they mean:

>Dreamball - Someone who thinks or knows eternal life is a possible
>'reality' or at least is curious about it. Deraugatory or maybe even
>enduring term, depending on who it refers to and how it's delivered.

>Meatball - always deraugatory term for close minded types who believe
>you only live once.

>Am I close?

      Yes very good, but not quite close enough.

      They are technical terms for two diametrically opposed theories of
the AllThatIs.

      The Meatball theory claims that 'what is' consists of an external 4
or more dimensional space/time continuum of matter, energy space and
time, and that consciousness arose from combinations of MEST in the
complexities of the brain.

      A 'machine' is defined as any system of parts interacting with each
other via cause and affect across this space time continuum.  These
parts are made of matter and energy, and they have causal inflences over
each other via force.

      In this model, consciousness and conscious units (the being) result
from parts in relation across a space time distance, a manifestation of
the brain machine, and once the brain is busted apart, the relations
between the parts are destroyed and thus the machine is no longer
functional, and thus the consciousness is also no longer functional.

      In the meatball model of existence OT powers are highly unlikely.
and since the conscious unit IS the brain in operation, things like
exteriorization and life after death are meaningless and delusory.

      The dreamball theory holds the opposite view, namely that the
AllThatIs consists of a zero dimensional super system of conscious units
that are connected together inwardly via 'Source', and whose native
state is sleep.  Periodically they as groups wake up into conscious
dreams of matter energy space and time, of their own choosing and

      In this model MEST is a hologram of conscious color forms in the
underlying fundamental structure of the conscious units themselves.

      Although a conscious unit (CU) can come to believe it IS a body,
that the body is actual beyond the CU's own perception of the body, and
that the meatball theory of existence is the correct one, this is in
fact a self chosen delusion called 'apparencies are reality' at 26.0
on the Filbert tone scale.

      Thus we have actuality = what is, reality = what we think is.

      In the dreamball model, the external world is considered to be a
dream co shared by all the dreamers engaging in that particular
holodeck.  Since the world is a projection in their own consciousness,
and since each CU has its own projection, albeit in sync with others,
and since each CU is actually projecting its own version of the
hologram, not only for itself but for everyone sharing, OT powers become
immediately available as the dream universe is being created via direct
OT powers in the first place.

      If you can make the mountain and put it there, surely you can cast
it sideways etc.

      It's a long ways down from the CU as Creator to the CU as Creature


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