> The sole reason we think you can do it is so you will think you can do
> it and pay us oodles of money to teach you how, and by the time you
> realise you can't it's too late we have all your money.

     Like most things, you pay after the service is done to your 

     You can pay once you know it is working.

     Paying up front is the Church's problem.

     Me I would say, give me two weeks and you will know how long you will 
spend in hell when you die and how to shorten that length while you are 
still alive.

     At the end of two weeks if you do not have this, then you owe me

     If you do have it, it will cost you $100,000.

     If you waste my time with bullshit, well let us say your time
in hell will probably go up a bit.

     I am not ready to do this yet, but I will be, if I live through it

     Is anyone really ready to KNOW why they are here and how they
got here? Turns on monster feelings just thinking about it.

> Which is it going to be live a vibrant life today, or wait for some
> promise of reward in a future life you have no way of knowing will
> ever happen.

    If your future is in doubt, then you live on death row, and I seriously 
doubt you know what a vibrant life today is.  Once you have run out the 
overwhelm of false mortality, the PEACE that results way exceeds any 
vibrant life today felt by a condemned mortal who has only the loss of 
everything he ever loved to look forward to.

    Wait until you are the last one you know left standing, and tell me
about a vibrant life them.  That's about as close to hell as it comes
in a mortal body.

    What is 'vibrant' for a death row mortal, is mud for a dreamball 
immortal who KNOWS he will live again because has contacted the eternity 
inside him and his personal responsible for CHOOSING to incarnate into 
time.  He may not be able to remember last life, but he sure as hell can 
remember before time.

    The fact that he can't prove it to you bud, means nothing, that's your 
zombie brain that can't take the light or 40 billion suns, not his.

    OT powers are a waste of time, knowing you will live again and can not 
do otherwise is all the wisdom there is.  How one proves the supremacy of 
consciousness and the nonexistence of matter, energy, space and time to 
another is in the research phase,

    But such conscious units that believe they are merely a process in meat
chose this unprovable delusion, and so trying to change their minds
is probably a waste of time.

    Those that understand the world is a dream, that the brain doesn't 
exist except as a virtual avatar, they have no problems with proof, they 
just want their future exisence to be better than this one has been.


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