The projected universe of space and time is a universe of parts,
parts interacting across a space time distance via cause and effects.

     This gives us the feeling that we too are a part, affected by other
parts.  We feel we are not very necessary to the greater whole, and much
of the greater whole, we feel, is not necessary to us.

     We could in fact walk away from everyone else, and live alone, and
have tried to do so many times.

     In other words it is not entirely clear that I need anyone but
myself to survive, and I might survive better if everyone else were
gone.  Or at least if some were gone.

     Of course I am still dependent on the atmosphere and the Earth
beneath my feet if I am to survive as a body, and so I am still a part
of a greater whole that I can not quite escape.

     When one first goes completely clear of a body, and one is alone up
there 500 feet in the sky looking down at the roofs of houses, one
suddenly gets another perspective on this.

     Scientists of the rock (meaballus carrionensus, carrio-NEN-sus) have 
long struggled with a prime axiom that says complexity of function is 
supported by complexity of structure.

     Structure consists of constituency, arrangement and process which
results in function.

     So it makes sense that complex function would be supported by
complexity in process, arrangement and constituency.

     Take a pocket watch for example, whose function is to tell time.

     Its constituency is what is is made of, metal, brass, glass,
plastic, and perhaps ruby jewels to make the wheels turn well.

     Arrangement is how all the parts are shaped and put together.

     Process is the resulting changes in state that a watch goes through
once it is wound up, that results from cause and effect flowing through
its constituency in a specific arrangement to an end function.

     Process and function are the same thing, but in normal usage
function is the intended purpose of the object, and thus a small subset
of the total processes going on.

     Thus if the constituency or arrangement of parts changes, the
process will change, and so the function will change.  If the change in
constituency or arrangement is too great, the process will stop and the
function will die.

     Thus it is important to be able to put a pocket watch together
again properly after you have taken it a part.  :)

     As any given part is itself a part in a greater sets of parts,
accountability for function can be found either inside the part, or
outside the part or both.

     For example most of the functionality of a pocket watch is internal
to the watch.  You could take it to the moon and it would still work,
although in practice it depends on external temperature and pressure to

     But a watch that is solar powered for example, or my little bed
side 'atomic' clock that gets its timing from radio signals from WWV,
depend heavily on external processes to keep them functioning right.

     A car needs both internal gas, and external air, so the search for
accountability for functional complexity via structural complexity needs
to take into account internal complexity and external complexity.

     We call these two areas of structure internality and externality.

     Internality is where cause is inside the part, and externality is
where cause is outside the part.

     Wherever science sees what it believes to be a complexity of
function or process (same thing), it expects to find a complexity of
parts, constituency and arrangement, to causally account for it.

     Science stops cold in its tracks when it can't.

     Also our 3 dimensional minds are used to thinking in terms of space
and time and parts interacting across a distance, not only between
objects like two clocks next to each other, but also inside each object,
parts within parts until we come to fundamental parts for which the
question 'why?' becomes a domain error for there are no more parts
within parts.

     To science why means 'What smaller parts are within this bigger
part that accounts for the flow of cause so this bigger part does what
it does?'

     If there are no smaller parts within a part, there is no why for
why the part does what it does, the why is God by default, or 'that's
just the way things are.'

     For example it is well known that molecules are made of atoms, and
atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons, and that protons and
neutrons are made of quarks, but what are electrons made of?

     To modern day science quarks and electrons are fundamental
particles, they are not made of more particles inside them.

     Science knows an awful lot about electrons and WHAT they do, but
the minute science asks why they do it, they might as well be talking to

     As a being looks deeper and deeper for the source of his upsets in
the external world, he eventually runs into the item 'things as they
are', and and although he is still mad as hell, there just is no one or
anything left to blame who could give a damn.

     Thus he finds himself sucking up the misery of his life, trying to
keep on keeping on.

     Keep on going, but don't shed a tear because nothing will notice
that could do anything about it.

     As a body therefore, the being feels very much a part in a bigger
world of other parts around him, and zillions of little parts that are
inside him, that make him up.

     He feels to the core of his being in particular if that internal
arrangement of parts were to go kerpluie, so would his own conscious
existence because he considers himself a process in an arrangement of
parts called a brain.

     His brain is the pocket watch and his consciousness is the
resulting function from the tick tock of the balance wheel.

     Broken balance wheel springs are a common reason for watches to
stop working.

     No spring, no tick tock.  No tick tock, no consciousness.

     He is being a space time gizmo.

     In looking to better keep his own contraption running, he is likely
to conclude that the existence of other contraptions can either be
helpful for harmful, and since we are all dust in the wind one day
anyway, it becomes no problem to him to help some of the more harmful
parts around him (people) attain their final resting state slightly
ahead of schedule.

     Thus we have disownership of others and symphonic orgies of
classlessness called war.

     Then one day he exteriorizes.

     With confounding clarity he suddenly realizes, yes he is a part,
but he is NOT part of all that stuff going on out there in space time.

     His body and its brain are 500 feet below him in the house that he
is now outside of looking down on.

     Further he sees SO MUCH FUNCTIONALITY in his merely being able to
see the world without a body, that he understands for a moment that the
'complexity of structure' underlying his ability to just being there and
have a universe without a body, is surely almost infinite, and certainly
more than a body alone ever had.

     The body depended on the universe to be there for it, in order to
have a universe.  The being outside the body is depending on what?  now
to have a universe and a body there?

     He sees that all the structure he used to think was OUT THERE and
accounted for almost everything, doesn't exist at all, its all a dream
in his consciousness.

     But SOMETHING is accountable now for the projection of the entire
universe down to the last quark.  But it's not out there, its inside

     He flips from total externality to total internality.

     From perception of external cause to perception of internal cause.

     We use the term internal advisedly, because in the exterior state,
external and internal become meaningless in a zero dimensional world.

     But he also realizes that just as he is a part of some now huge and
glorious greater whole, so is everyone else.  And just as he is an
immutable, uncreatable, undestroyable, unchangeable part of that greater
whole, so then too is everyone else.

     So it becomes no longer an option to depart himself from everyone
else.  He and everyone else form an immutable eternal causal structure
which is a cohesive whole, and he is stuck with everyone else just as
they are stuck with him.

     For ever, for free, as Adore likes to say.

     No charge for an infinite number of eternal people to love.

     Disownership now becomes a cardinal sin with capital consequences.

     So he trades being stuck as a part of the physical universe of
space time, air and earth, for being willingly and gladly a part of the
High Us, and whatever purpose the grand WE have in the scheme of things.

     The dreamer goes lucid and becomes the dreamer not the dreamed
about, namely the body.

     He may not know what that bigger purpose is, but he feels the
numinousness of existence, that there is something BIG behind his
existence and the worlds he is living in, possibly bigger than he can
span.  Not necessarily another conscious unit like himself, but
something well worth getting to know and operate.

     He knows he is a part in a greater whole, which then becomes the
ultimate context in which we live and seek a greater understanding for.

     Not a space time context made of cold dead uncaring matter, as
a non lucid dreamer he is made of stuff that doesn't give a damn
whether he lives or dies.  Atoms don't care.

     So called biological 'life' is made of death, dead things, marbles
that run on mass and force and that's it bud.

     Consciousness IS Life, and if consciousness is eternal, then
so is life and neither are made of anything but themselves.
     This provides an eternal and infinite living context whose life can
flow through us if we let it because we are it.

     The conscious unit is the window through which the eternal clear
light shines.

     He knows if he could just get aligned with the Cosmic All he would
be doing alright.

     When he first gets out, he may lose all significance on who he is,
or what he is, and what all the things are around him he was so involved

     He has let all the added significance go, and is near the edge of
total as-isness.

     He won't vanish the world for everyone else, but he is very close
to just leaving it all behind as if it never happened to him.

     Annihilation of involvement in the kaleidoscope of color form that
he has been taking so seriously for so long.

     Exterior, he can't remember what anything is.

     It's just color pattern, and the dividing lines between this and
that are not the 'obvious' ones he had been using before.

     Before this was a door and that was a house.

     Now both the idea of door and house become ludicrous and then gone,
as if they never were while the edifice still remains.  Apparently there
are much more interesting ways of dividing up the world that aren't so
'keep the body alive' centric.

     Ever wake up and you can't remember where you are, or who you are,
or what state you are in, or which home you are sleeping in, or even if
time is still running, everything is so STILL, and it takes you a while
to reorient yourself to this life of MEST?

     At least enough to find a fridge and get a beer?

     And even then you still don't know whose beer it is?

     Well you don't need to remember or know who you are or what you
have been, to function or to survive as an eternal being, holding onto
that stuff is what gets you killed.

     Any what can be killed, if you aren't a what, you can't be harmed.

     But existing in a state of total no significance can be hard while
in a body, its cool while it lasts, but we have to come back to take
care of our body and everything else we love here so desperately.

     Oh yeah, that's a *CAT*, and oh yeah that's MY cat, and oh yeah I
haven't fed it this morning, and this is Ithaca, and this is Cornell,
and Oh yeah, this is *THIS* death row, er life.  Sigh.

     Finally the reboot is complete and you are reseated in the
solidities and realities of this life again, death row that it may be.

     This is in part why exteriorizations are so hard to come by, and
don't last long when they happen.  It's just too high up, there is just
no reason to move or play the game, and that's not the place to be in a
high action speed race like this universe.  So we go up there for a
while, just to know that all the shit isn't true, but then we come back
down and wonder.

     But the impression that is left is an important one, namely WHAT WE
ARE TRULY A PART OF, the true bigger context of the multi operating High
US, and if we can get aligned with the direction of ITS/OUR creative
light, we can flow smoothly without enturbulation into the world no
matter how chaotic it becomes.

     And that's the beginning of OT power.

     The power to flow, to turn eternal clear light into temporal color
form, unenturbulated by anything, and yet still remain.


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