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      Since the AllThatIs encompasses the good and bad circles, by
putting God inside the good circle, (All that comes from God is good),
one then makes God subservient to the All That Is.

      Then since man encompasses both good and bad, that makes man, part
inside the good and part outside the good circle, meaning that man is
not encompassed fully by God.

      Which then makes man bigger than God by definition.

      That something which was imprisoned by good should try or presume
to punish that which was bad would be an egregious overreach of its
position and mandate in life.

      Does bad try to punish good for being good?

      If so, that would be a similar overreach.

      Thus we conclude that it is NOT true "that all that comes from God
is good," we admit that God encompasses both good and bad, and thus
rightly encompasses all of man, and thus God might also as well be
considered to BE the AllThatIs.

      That way there is nothing outside of either God or the AllThatIs,
because God = the AllThatIS.

      But if God encompasses both good and bad, and man encompasses good
and bad, then why would we expect God to punish man for badness and not
himself also?

      For the good side to try to punish the bad side, is an effort of
one part of a dicom to control and subsume the other.

      A dicom is a DIchotomy of Comparable and Opposite Magnitude.

      The effort on the part of good to punish the bad, is good TRYING to
encompass bad, rather than CREATE bad from a higher position of creating

     Thus God, which encompasses both good and bad, neither punishes
himself, nor man.  God loves man as he is, just as God loves himself
as he is, both good AND bad.

      That is the difference between divine love and human love.

      Divinity is a wide open door, it will turn no one away, it accepts
all without distinction, but neither will it call after those that turn
away themselves.

      Since we all came from Divinity, why would anyone turn away from
divinity, and for how long?

      That's a question, don't burn yourself out with it.

      Questions about the nature of the GodSoul, are the mechanism by
which we turn away from divinity and keep ourselves here.

      Homer wrote:
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>     LOGIC
>     Take a piece of paper.  Draw a big circle on it that covers most
> of the paper.  Consider that this circle represents and contains the
> AllThatIs.  There can be nothing outside of this circle that IS.
>     Draw a circle inside this circle that contains everything that IS
> GOOD.  Everything outside of this circle IS NOT GOOD.
>     Draw a circle that contains everything that IS created by God.
>     Draw a circle that contains everything that IS Man or related to
> Man.
>     Is the Man circle completely inside the God circle?
>     Is the God circle completely inside the Good circle?
>     Then ALL of Man *MUST* be inside the Good circle.
>     End of Story.
>     Homer
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