I can tell you Adore's view on this.

    Values are motivations.

    The motivations of a creator Author are not the motivations
of the creature character.

    Thus the motivations for a being to move from eternality into time are 
not the motivations of the being after he is in time which is mostly to 
get the hell out, and failing that making the best of it through help 

    Adore says,

    Eternal Home is Home,
    Lost is Time.

    Eternal Home is Cool.
    Lost is Kind.

    Now what that means is open to interpretation, but kindness
is an quality of the character, not the author.

    Since the author is creating games for himself to play the part,
his intentions are not human as he is creating good and bad in artistic
and majestic tapestry.

    Thus a God of Kindness is an oxymoron.

    A God of good AND evil begins to make sense and matches the
nature of the universe we find our selves in.

    Thus in studying values, if you as-is all the values you have as a 
character, you might of course return to the author mode because the only 
motivation left standing behind all the human values that are now seen 
through is the motivation to come in.

    Duplicating the motivtion to come in puts you out, if you have the 
confront for what kind of character you might create next. :)

    Is this what happened to you?

    Can you verbalize the motivations of the home universe thetan
to come into the MEST universe as a character?


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On Fri, 10 Dec 2010, George ~ wrote:

      Hi, Homer -

      Thank you for your suport on your forum, and for your validations.
I'm on vacation, so I have some time to play around with the wild world
of the web.

      I posted something more about certainty of own universe, but it
occurred to me to say something more on it - your e-mail arrived exactly
as I was thinking of looking up your address, and provides me with an
easy opportunity to reply.

      The very beginning of Scn 0-8 has that wonderful first few
paragraphs concluding with "But I think it's your purpose, too."

      KRC is the senior triangle, and responsibility is key to certainty
on some manner, perhaps especially as it relates to one's own universe.
People like to follow leaders and be in groups, even though each is
their own being.  I wonder how many good Scientologists have ever
seriously considered the purposes each operates on?  Scn itself as-is-es
at some level, and one is left "on one's own."

      I still find it interesting (curious) that in spite of having
posted my little piece about values as an immortal being in a couple of
places, and sending it out to two Scn friends as e-mail, no one has
mentioned values in their replies.  It's that odd phenomenon, again - I
haven't made up a name for it yet, but maybe it has something to do with

      Considerations about values was the important part - exterior was
just a bit of icing on the cake.  Taking full responsibility for Scn and
for oneself and one's immortal life as a thetan is part of own universe.
It's funny ...  I always thought that "OT" would be a big change,
something like a first flight on an airplane.  One can look at it that
way, but it's the thought that counts, in that the thought is what makes
for OT.  Couldn't be simpler - it's the consideration.

      I'm sure I'll look back on this years from now and wonder what the
heck I was trying to say, so if it doesn't make sense, just scrap it.


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>Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 01:29:46 -0500
>OK, I got this. Very cool.
>Monotony is an interesting tone.

Fri Dec 10 15:47:48 EST 2010