Huggie said:
>     Homer What a being says about his own ARCXs is about as full of
>piss as if he were permanently drunk!  All you have to do is admitt
>that beings (meaning you) are responsible for creating their OWN ARCXs
>in an aberrated attempt to gain sympathy!

     (An ARC break is when a person goes out of Affinity, Realness or
Communication with something or someone.)

     This is not clear.  Why would someone want sympathy if they
weren't already ARC broken?

     Evil intention just to bring other's down?

     The guy is doing perfectly fine and he mocks himself
up as sick and says:

     "You can't help me, nyah nyah nie nyah nyah!"


     In the first place, the definition of ARC *BREAK* is unclear, it can 
mean a sudden sundering of tone, the guy suffers a loss someone runs over 
his cat, and goes into sorrow.  Is that an ARC break?

     Or it can mean a *BREAK* from the ARC, whaterver it is,
meaning cutting the event off completely.  The forgets he ever had a cat.

     Thus even flaming anger is NOT an ARC break unless the guy
is seperating off from it to make nothing of it.

     Covert efforts to gain sympathy usually result after
forthright efforts to attain justice and fair play have failed.

     In the game of dog eat dog, efforts to gain sympathy are definitely
a last ditch ploy to not get eaten, squeal in just the right way and
the animal might stop chewing on your bones.

     I makes me happy that others have found peace with their future, 
awareness of their responsibility for their own conditions and able and 
willing to be here with equanimity, knowledge, responsibility and control, 
never to know despair again, but for me, looking into the eye of the 
dragon all day and all night, that's all a pipe dream.

     And no, I can't just take responsibility for what I see because I 
can't reoperate it in present time.

     And if I could I would probably fry all those idiots who claimed to be 
free but who weren't, or who didn't help if they were free, because I was 

Tue Dec 28 14:51:05 EST 2010