I think that power also restimulates duty/right conflicts.

     "If one can help, one SHOULD help."

     "Need bestows right."

     Both are probably computations born of debt or obligation, but 
they are a strong opinion in the eyes of others about you.

     A lot of meatballs don't 'believe in God' just because He
apparently isn't doing anything about anything.

     For example he wants people to behave, but he won't get rid of
criminals and assholes that tempt us to 'misbehave'.

     With inability to do something comes relief from the duty.

     With return of power at least comes back the duty to compute
greatest good for greatest number, with people dying and other
collateral damage on both sides of that decision, a being can and has
chosen to go nuts rather than make a decision and take the consequences.

     'I didn't sign up for this!' is the refrain.

     The OT power protocol rundown as posted here many times needs to
deal with these issues or else people will not be prepared when suddenly
they remember where their Sword of Excalibur is on their hips and how to
pull it.

    "What power could you have?"
     What could you do with that power?"
     How would you feel about that?"

     What power could you not have?"
     What could you not do with that?"
     How would you feel about that?"

     Sometimes when a pre OT is just trying to get well and be able to
stand up again with out puking, but just can't can't can't can't, one
has to run the negative,

     "What might be the consequences of getting better?"

     He will find it astounding how sick one has to be just to be left
alone and survive quietly in this world.

     If only left alone by himself from his own calls of duty.

     But calls to duty to him by others will play in to it.


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On Mon, 10 Jan 2011, Pip wrote:

> Bob1357 wrote:
>> On Jan 8, 11:06 pm, Clearing Archive Roboposter
>>  wrote:
>> > is
>> the misuse of the powers, awarenesses, and abilities contained in the
>> higher universes they go into, to "engulf" others.
>> A further possibilty of how a being lost their power, awareness and
>> abilities contained in those higher universes had to do with
>> "engulfing
>> others". >
>> Just had another ascension experience, but yet again was unable to
>> maintain the perspective. Birds eye view, moving around in a heavy,
>> cumbersome meat suit. Detached from emotion and thought, but connected
>> to all. Actually a pretty great feeling.
>> As fate or the universe would have it, I find myself searching for the
>> "Why can I not maintain this perspective/experience". While blindly
>> searching, I stumble onto this site of tens of millions and click on
>> this post of tens of thousands and there I go. The answer. Misuse of
>> powers - greed and power begin to set in, and as they do, descendancy
>> (for lack of a better word) begins.
>> So yes, I would agree that misuse of powers is possibly the greatest
>> liability and obstacle to overcome connected to an ascension
>> experience. Apparently, I have more house cleaning to do. I suppose
>> when I am ready I'll be ready. Still a major eye opener every time
>> though.
>> Anyway, I thought I would share,
>> ____________________________________
> Thanks for sharing.  Good work.  I once had an experience which led me
> to believe that I was about to acquire great spiritual powers and it
> made me very depressed.  I didn't get any powers from that experience
> although it did turn on some life altering phenomena,  but years later I
> discovered why I got depressed about it.  Once again was in a similar
> position. This time I during a program of processing I realized that
> what I was doing was really working and suddenly I had an overwhelming
> urge to run away from it.  Fortunately I didn't and took my feelings up
> in session.  It was fear of regaining  power.  There was a past life
> where I misused great power out of grief and desire for vengence.  Soon
> after that session I did re-acquire a paranormal ability but ony for a
> few seconds.   Sometimes the problem is about EFFORT.  Such abilities
> should be effortless.  When You try to "hold on" to it or "maintain" it,
> the counter intention is restimulated.  The key may be to apply no
> effort - to completely relax and have no considerations about it.
> Equanimity is easier said than done.  In my case I got too excited, then
> scared, then a ton of case-stuff  snuffed it out.  Just keep chipping
> away.
> Pip
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