We define right as that which is based in truth, and wrong as that
which is based in falsehood.

     Therefore there is factual rightness and factual wrongness.

     Moral rightness and wrongness is a subset of factual rightness and
wrongness, as morality is an answer to the question 'In truth, what
should I or should I not do?"

     If the law *DEFINES* and CAUSES TO BECOME, through force of
ordinance, what is right and wrong, both factually and morally, what
criteria does the law use then to determine what is right and wrong so
that it should be so ordained?

     If the law does not DEFINE and CAUSE TO BECOME right and wrong from
mere force of ordinance, then clearly a law can be wrong from force of

     Thus at all times one has a moral mandate to do what is right
first, and what is legal second.

     At no time does the illegality of an action usurp or take
precedence over its rightness.

     At no time does the legality of an action usurp or take precedence
over its wrongness.

     The PURPOSE of the law is to restrain the goverment in what it can
and can not do in assigning retribution for wrong doing upon the

     The governed however are sovereign citizens, they have no moral
mandate to follow any law even if they voted to have it enacted, JUST

     The government exists and is hired to live by the law of the land,
and the people exist and must live by the law of the sky (what is moral,
or right).

     There are two exceptions.

     One, if the sovereign citizen is acting in the capacity of a civil
servant wherein they have sworn to uphold the law right or wrong, they
must live by their sworn oath, particularly if they are being paid to do
that job.  To not do so would be a violation of public trust.  But even
they are free to take off their badge of office, quit their job, and do
what is right again, rather than what is legal.
     Second, a citizen must uphold the law right or wrong if they are a
naturalized alien who also has sworn to uphold the constitution, right
or wrong, in exchange for the rights of citizenship.  But they are not
sovereign citizens by virtue of that oath.

     Those who have not so sworn, have no such obligation of duty.

     There is no such thing as having sworn by default through fact of

     The word criminality is usurped by the law to mean that which is

     Criminality actually means morally bankrupt.

     Criminality has nothing to do with the law, except after the fact
of the existence and recognition of criminality, and that criminality
thus comes to be duly noted in the law FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO HEED.


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