I will break my silence on this cretin's postings just this once.

    Logic is a description of the word IS.

    As in I AM.

    Logic means IS = IS, IS != IS NOT.

    Thus logic is a direct description of the nature of conciousness 
itself, and has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the nature of implied 
illusions or virtual projections in consciousness.

    All dogs are animals.
    Joey is a dog.
    Joey is not an animal.

    What have I said?

    All that comes from God is good.
    Man comes from God.
    Man is not all good.

    What have I said?

    Logic is the ethics of language, logic rules at all universes at all 
times, not even God is above logic because logic is about ME.

    I AM.  You see?

    If you can't get the absoluteness of IS of your own consciousness, then 
you can't get the truth of anything beyond a vague opinion asserted 
without perfect certainty.

    In which case you ain't worth talking to, because conscious units deal 
ONLY in the truth's of perfect certainites.

    Are you conscious?

    Are you perfectly certain?

    No perfect certainty means no consciousness.

    Consciousness and perfect certainty of consciousness called self 
awareness exists.

    Thus perfect certainties exist.

    To deny this without perfect certainty is to admit it may be right.

    To deny this with perferct certainty is to assert it.

    Which makes sense if your mind is broke, but if so please take the 
stupid spew elsewhere.

    Only BT's and demon clusters bash.

    Most people HAVE service Facsimiles.

    Transremax IS MADE of service Facsimiles

    "Eternal death is required for mortal love."

    Every brick in her house is a make wrong of observable truth.

    Talking to her is talking to a robot spewing a fixed number
of statements with no logical continuity between them.

    There is no one self aware there in side her head, and if there is, she 
isn't perfectly certain of it, so how bright can the self luminous light 
of self awareness be?

    Self awareness is also awareness of agency.

    No perfect certainty of self awareness means no perfect certainty
of agency.

    Good bye.


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On Fri, 14 Jan 2011, Transremaxculver wrote:

> On Jan 14, 2:26pm, Bob1357  wrote:
>> Logic requires validity.
>> To validate, one needs an external source.
>> We all know how reliable external sources are.
>> Everything external is illusion.
>> All an all logic is useful sure, but over rated.
>> Me personally, if it doesn't compute right, there is something wrong.
>> What is it they say?.
>> "Be true to thine self"
> And logic itself is an external source.
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