I did not read the crap above.

Jane said:
>          I have not seen it.
>          All I have seen is your knee jerk reaction to other people's 
> creations.  It's almost comical really.  It seems to be a complusive 
> behavior.

      It is.  NO agreement, just finding out ways to make Homer wrong.

      Homer is selling rehabilitation of awareness of eternality, those
who do not want that, will ridicule it heartily.

>It is as if you don't exist without Homer first making a posting 
> on logic.

      This is also true.

      Remember in talking with John Dorsay, who is an *INTELLIGENT*
meatball with no desire to die forever lest he lose all love, he read
the proof carefully, understood its wordings, thanked me for clarifying
the subject and giving him a partial language in which to do dharma
battle on the subject.

      We had a long and productive discussion about the thing, he had
obviously thought long and hard about it most of his life, and he left
still feeling he could one day prove the physical universe exists even
though he fully understood the arguments that there is no way to learn
about A (physical universe) by looking at B (conscious experiences).

      Conscious experiences are evidence only of themselves and are
perfect evidence of themselves as self luminousness is self proving, so
that's a perfect certainty.

      He will be back and we will continue to have productive
discussions, and I was VERY rough on him in the beginning for making a
few very stupid commments in support of a septic that he could have
cleared up himself.

      There is a man to value.

      The rest, they can't deal with the proof, the can't read it, they
can't udnerstand it, they can only say there are no perfect certainties,
thus everything they say means they don't really know if they know what
they are talking about or not.

     Pip writes endless garbage about I this, and I that, but then says 
that I doesn't exist, so if you take any posting and simply cross out all
the statements that continue I and YOU in them, what is left?

      He also changed the whole subject of the thread from the existence
of perfect certainties to the existence of I.  Even if I doesn't exist,
SOMETHING does, and so do perfect certainties.

      He also confuses illusion with out right hallucination.

      Objects which actually exist have qualities.  Some times our
perception of those qualities lead to errors in assigning which
qualities are which.

      The conscious experience of redness LOOKS like it is out there, so
we assume it is out there, but out thereness is a holographic

      That which can see space takes up no space.

      The hologram that projects 3D space and time, is itself
zero dimensional.

      Thus conscious perceptions of space and time do not take up any
space or time, and the brain and the rest of the projected world is a
virtual world in a dream.

     The conscious experience of redness is not an illusion, it is
a perfect certainty.

     The illusion is that it is OUT THERE.

     Or that there is cause between objects OUT THERE.

      Anyone who understand even the simplest computer or arcade game can
understand this.

      The same for I.  I certainly exists, but SOME of the qualities we
assign to it may be in error or illusory.

      Located, finite, separated from others, no choice for being here,
these are all illusions.

      Virtual games HAVE to have illusions, the illusions of cause
and space time separation make the game possible.

      For example, to experience is a transitive verb meaning it has
sense only in the form I EXPERIENCE REDNESS.

      Thus where ever there is an experience, there must be an

      In fact to claim that the experience exists, but the experiencer
doesn't is nuts.

      That the experience and the experiencer are two different objects
may be an illusion of space time and separation.

      That doesn't mean the experiencer doesn't exist.

      You can't have an illusion with out having an actual object exist
to which the illusory qualities have been attributed.

      So where ever there IS illusion, SOMETHING is actual and not

      So either both experiencer AND experienced exist, or both don't.

      But those seeking I AM NOT as their ideal state due to fear of I
AM, will always error on the side of the experience exists but the
experiencer does not.

      Remember we are dealing beings hiding in mortality to avoid
detested immortalities.

      Consider to its fullest scope and you will see how bad it has
gotten for the God population on this planet, namely the shitheads on
a.r.s.  and elsewhere.

      In other words you wake them up to their eternality, and they
will get stuck instead in their detested immortalities, a whole
mess of them, and won't be any better off than they were
on death row looking forward to dying.

      Mortality is not a benign state.

      Mortality is the last effort of an eternal God trying to tolerate
living for a last while, by dying forever.

      It's the addiction to the illusion of dying forever.  Remember they
paid good money to be convinced the MEST universe was actual and that
they would one day die in it.

      Eventually they think consciousness is a process in the brain.

      Pip however is recoverable, I think.

      The rest, no one is home, or else they would admit a few things.

      They can be certain only of their own consiousness and its

      That these things ARE perfect certainties that can not be wrong.

      They can read the proof and understand it and repeat it back in
their own words so that you KNOW they got it.

      Something like "If it was out there where it looks like it is, I
couldn't see it, but since I can see it, it can't be out there"

      Thus consciousness is zero dimensional.

      They can't handle zero dimensional because they never been to
school that taught them anything of worth, and thus they think that zero
dimensional means a nothing.

>          Why not post your treatise on the Cosmic All?  Or the
> lastest set of questions you have come up with in your therapy
> that have caused real breakthroughs for people.  Or your explanation
> for psychosis and your solutions.  Or the wonderful things your
> patients have said about you.  You know, something ORIGINAL, some
> thing that is not just a knee jerk reaction.

      Yes, we would like to see at least a clear delineation of:



      Precipitation  and


      to dealing with human amensia, trauma, reactive mind, evil
intentions, neurosis and psychosis.


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