Insanity is total devotion to stopping what one considers
one did not, could not, would not, should not start.

      Insanity is total devotion to starting what one considers one did
not, could not, would not, should not stop.

      Sanity is spanning the full cycle of start, change stop on any
subject in question.

      The minute he takes his finger off of start, he can no longer stop,
the minute he takes his finger off of stop, he can no longer start.

      These are deep truths and are summed up under the subject of pan
determinism, which is the ability to take responsibility over and for
any effort, action or happenstance on any dynamic as one's own, "whether
or not it was."

      The willingness to put it there leads to the ability to put it

      All action is unanimous action, and just as most separations are
illusions born of being buried in the virtual separations of space and
time, the separation of who was cause and who was effect is also an
illusion to a fully pan determined being.

      You can't recover awareness of pan determination by continuing in
the pretense of self and other determination, namely 'I did it' or 'you
did it'.

      Get the idea there is NO insanity.

      Get the idea there is SOME insanity.

      Get the idea there is NO accusation.

      Get the idea there is SOME accusation.

      Get the idea there is NO guilt.

      Get the idea there is SOME guilt.

      Insanities are stop points, which are NO points by definition,
where one is trying to stop something one considers one did not, would
not, could not, should not have started.

      Accusations are efforts to shunt responsibility to another:

      "You did it!"

      Of course this is always true, but pan determined responsibility
for the accuser is now lost at that moment, because pan determinism

      "We did it."

      The accuser is saying "You did it, and I didn't do it."

      Then the accused says:

      "No YOU did it!", or "Yes I did it, but I did it because YOU did

      Again this is of course always true, but now pan determinism is
lost for the accused party too, he took the bait and fell for the trap.

      The second shunt of responsibility back to the accuser stirs the
emotion of guilt in the ACCUSER.

      Who or what are you accusing?

      It is not guilt because he did or did not do something, it is guilt
because he tried to shunt responsibility to another regardless of who
apparently 'did it'.

      "We did it" becomes "You did it."

      "You did it" then becomes at one as "I did it."

      "I did it" then becomes "I am guilty", not because he did it, but
because he tried to shunt cause to the other EVEN IF THE OTHER WAS THE

      The "I am guilty" is a fundamental indication to the being from his
conscience that he has fallen short of the glory of God.  who is a pan
determined being who can and does take full responsibility for and over
anything or anyone.

      God is a multi I AM being in carnation, where each instantiation of
that multi I AM being is fully responsible across all 8 dynamics for the
presence and thus actions of any other instantiation within its field of
cause or effect, which is everyone and everything else in his dream
whether he now knows it or not.

      Once this cycle of shunted cause has happened and the shunt is
refused acceptance by the other, the error of the accuser is to not
confess and repent of his irresponsibilities, deceits and bearings of
false witness, and to glean the confession and repentance of the other
party also, rather than engage in the dwindling spiral of apologies,
sympathies, regrets, wars of make wrong and make right and further make
guilty, to finally end up in utter other determinism.

      Guilt is a sign that one has fallen below pandeterminism as a
being, into self determinism blaming other determinism.  Pandeterminism
is as far above self determinism, as self determinism is above being

      In Adore, that fall is called a pride slide, and ends one up in
High Anti-Cool.

      You start off accusing another, right or wrong, and you end up
accusing yourself, always wrong.

      The moment a pan determined being shunts cause to another, if the
other does not accept it, the pan determined being sinks to self
determinism, as he didn't expect the other's refusal, AND ISN'T PUTTING
IT THERE, and thus is done for, unless he runs it out in real time, by
putting the other's refusal of responsibility there as his own

      "Before this cycle of blame and guilt begins, there is no
aberration of any kind whatsoever no matter what has happened or what
anyone has done to anybody." - APA LRH (My words).

      This cycle occurs early in every life time during the time the
being is first learning to understand words, and thus blame.

      The first thing a being learns about words is what not to say.

      This cycle also distinguishes humans from animals.  Animals do not
blame other animals for things, and do not try to hold others
responsible or accountable for their actions or mistakes.  Animals do
not try to make other's guilty by developing symptoms.

      This cycle and all occurrences of it on all 8 dynamics and all 4
flows needs to be run out to fully recover the being for himself.

      The E/P is no longer the effect of *OTHERS* cause, only the effect
of *OUR* cause.

      Nothing in auditing is important except as a way to get at these
moments of failed blame, which are later covered with NO and REFUSED by
the establishment of apologies, sympathies and regrets, holding others
and self in pain to balance pain earlier caused.

      These are an effort to effect and maintain 'justice', as a balance
of payments in pain and pleasure, which solidifies separation as the
norm, I feel good, you feel bad etc.

      That ain't justice my friend.

      Justice is you get what you postulate.

      The self determined being believes he has gotten from another what
he did not postulate, and thus tries to maintain similar states of pain
in others so they won't create more in him.

       These are new thoughts, you might need more than an old brain to
understand them.

       And they indicate the true original intent of LRH and his work.

       The way to freedom is to take full responsibility for and over" - LRH


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