homer@lightlink.com wrote:
> Carol:
>>>>My partial definition of Kant's "transcendental unity of apperception"
>>>>is a self that is a priori or prior and beyond sense experience and
>>>>logic, with an ability to look AT the contents of thought, and includes
>     Sorry, this is stupid.
>     NOTHING can BE beyond logic, and logic is a description of what TO
> BE really means.

      NOTHING can BE beyond logic, as logic IS a description of what TO
BE really means.

      Conjugate the verb TO BE into every imaginable tense, past, present
and future, and then try to make a statement about logic not using any
one of those conjugations.

       It is impossible.

       Thus any statement that says that logic is ...., that denies
the validity of logic is a self denying statement.

       And thus loony bin material.

       God is not above logic, logic is above God, and thus God is
a God OF logic and of Truth.

      And God takes a real serious disliking to people who fuck around
with logic, or deny it is King of Kings.

      Case consists of beautiful illogics, thus those that belittle or
denigrate logic in any way are merely defending their cases, to their
final demise.


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