To be fair, I do understand Keith's doubt and frustrations.

      It is fine if someone has chosen to be a meatball and thus has NO
evidence of any kind of a trans life existence.

      Get the idea there is NO   evidence.
      Get the idea there is SOME evidence.

      Run that for an hour, if you get some evidence you didn't
have before, that will be $10 bucks.

      Me, I am rolling in evidence, but its still personal and not
immediately demonstrable to others, all prime directives aside.

      I used to be the King of meatballs, but over the years I have had
so many ascension and descension experiences both awake and in dreams,
that the probability that the world itself is not a dream, and that I
have lived only once, fades away into ludicrous improbability.

      The point is that IF we are trans life, and Keith may not be, then
not knowing we are trans life implies almost to a certainty that we
chose our own ignorance.

      So if Keith is truly a meatball, then there is no proof for him
that he is trans life because he isn't.

      If Keith is actually a dreamball dreaming that he is a meatball,
then I have to assume that he chose such ignorance and is making very
sure with that choice, which he does not remember, to exclude any possible
evidence or proof from his waking or dreaming life.

      If a being chooses to have amnesia, including amnesia of that
choice, what proof did he leave behind him now?

       In either case there is nothing I can or should do about it,
as it would violate his fair chosen choice.

      Proving to a non trans life being that I or others might be trans 
life beings, would be VERY dangerous to us, as mortals hate eternals. 
Mortals hate themselves for being mortal, of course they hate eternals.

      Proving to a trans life being in hiding, that he is a trans life
being in hiding, would be very dangerous to him.  Maybe not, but I can't
live with maybe's, and in any case I don't OWE him anything, and the
return on investment is in doubt.

      Unless he begs for my help and pays my way in time.

      And even through the cover of meatball darkness, he had better show 
me he is a high return on investment individual, or I won't waste my time.

      Wasting my time on him detracts from me wasting my time on me, you 
see :)

      Mortals tend to sell themselves as a great investment, but you
spend everything you got waking them up, they go eternal for a short
moment, realize why they are in hiding and immediately go back to being
mortal with no thanks and a lot for resentment for the wake up call.

       I have presented the proof as the only proof anyone will
ever get out of me except what they might find in an auditing session.

      "There is only one proof.

      Read it, love it, learn it, teach it, all can, but for some it will
be a long time between now and then.  You can't move your house around
town if you have locked yourself inside it and thrown away the key.

      In Excelsis Deo."

      Auditable people in session don't seem to have any problem
understanding they are an instantiation of a multi I-am conscious
Intelligence in carnation, and that the world is a dream.

      Whether they believe it or not is a different matter :)

      When they do believe it, they feel better, and can look forward to
a long and beautiful future.

      When they doubt it, they crash into mortality on death row.

      Where is that on the tone scale, and what does it do to the body
waiting for the final end?

      It's fine if the brain is secreting crazy glue rather than
intelligent thoughts during its last days, but it is still the life long
result of the being's absolute determination to never be aware of
something ever again at any cost.

      Not everyone gets Alzies, but most everyone gets something, without
unburdening the charge of being on death row their entire life.

      It is possible that someone can get too far gone to audit, in which
case they are beyond the point of no return in this life, and it is best
to let them go.

      They will have another chance, as many as they can stand.

      But they will be the worse off for it in their next lives for not
having run out any of the death row charge in this life.

      So accessibility diminishes from deceit to deceit.


In wrote:
>     Mea Culpa,
>     Apparently Earthlings use prove to mean provide evidence.
>     Such a definition is not in the America Heritage Dictionary of 1976
> and such usage would not be valid in any rigorous field of knowledge or
> law.
>     Smoking guns with your finger prints on them do not prove you
> pulled the trigger.
>     English or not, my statement stands, those who confuse proof with
> evidence are unworthy of serious dharma battle.
>     Homer
> In Keith  wrote:
>> Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
>>>   People who ask for proof when they mean evidence are not
>>> worth talking to.
>>>   Prove to me you exist.
>>>   Homer
>> Your powers of word clearing are failing you. Check the dictionary once 
>> again.
>> -----
>> Definitions of proof (n.) on the Web:
>>     * any factual evidence that helps to establish the truth of 
>> something; "if you have any proof for what you say, now is the time to 
>> produce it"
>> -----
>> proof  (proof)
>> n.
>> 1. The evidence or argument that compels the mind to accept an assertion 
>> as true.
>> 2.
>> a. The validation of a proposition by application of specified rules, as 
>> of induction or deduction, to assumptions, axioms, and sequentially 
>> derived conclusions.
>> b. A statement or argument used in such a validation.
>> 3.
>> a. Convincing or persuasive demonstration: was asked for proof of his 
>> identity; an employment history that was proof of her dependability.
>> b. The state of being convinced or persuaded by consideration of evidence.
>> ----
>> When someone asks for proof, they ARE asking for evidence.
>> I take gross exception to your lofty and rather simplistic assertions 
>> regarding Alzheimer's disease. Scientology has been advanced on many 
>> occasions as the cure for one physical ailment or another. Unless I'm 
>> seriously mistaken, many of these claims have been firmly rebutted.
>> Delude yourself if you wish, I won't stand in your way. Cheers.

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