>Thanks for responding.
>The URL for your posting is:
>     I have never run terminals that were goals, so I don't understand
>what you mean by "run the item".  I didn't do the clearing course or
>OT levels so I don't know the procedure.  What I am looking for is a
>process that I can run for years if need be (as a way to complement
>and give me diversion from running just BT's forever), that will keep
>on finding and blowing charge.
>     I am doing "free solo" on BT's and it has been great.  And I have
>tried UCP and felt totally stoned after the session, and couldn't run
>BT's via Free Solo method very well since then, so I am afraid to try
>UCP now, maybe I should have run a havingness process after but I
>didn't.  Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
>      XXXXX

     OK, first each person has their own path.

     Some people, if you don't GIVE them any tech, they don't HAVE any
tech.  You see the problem with this, right?

     Each person must come up with their own tech ultimately for their
final approaches to total freedom.  Yes other's can benefit from this,
so share what you find.  But my route won't be yours, hopefully!  :)

     Now to answer your question.

     The primary thing the being is doing wrong is dramatizing.

     To dramatize means to bring drama to, and then to act out within
the context of that drama with serious seriousness.

     Drama is permanence, importance, seriousness and pain.

     All forms of permanent loss etc.  Notce that even being stuck
with a gorgeous girl forever is a form of permanent loss to a being
that wants the freedom to come and go forever for free.

     Ok, so the being is dramatizing 'items'.

     Take respect and not respect.  He respects some things, and
doesn't respect other things, and he takes his respect VERY SERIOUSLY.
You see, it owns him, he doesn't own it.  He isn't free to make things
he would not respect and to destroy things he does respect, but as a
sovereign Creator in control of his own experience as a Creature, he
has to be able to make both sides of the wings of the dicom.  The
Void, freedom, lives in the center of the wings.

     He is parked at the respect end of the wing, trying to be
respectable and fighting everything that is not respectable, and thus
sliding ever so inexorably towards the other side of the wings.
Eventually he becomes an abomination.

     So you run any process you know that will break the process of
dramatization, of taking respect and not respect seriously,
permanently, importantly and with pain etc.

     You have simple dianetics "Locate an incident of respect/not
respect", you have all the Grades, Comm, problems, withholds, arc
breaks, make wrongs, service fac computations on the subjects of
respect and not respect, and everyone else's also.  You have goals and
terminals on respect and not respect and you have the whole CDEINR
scale on respect and not respect.

     You also have Adorian stair cases like

     The Beauty of Respect
     The Ugly of Respect
     The Beauty of No Respect
     The Ugly of No Respect

     So that adds up to about 2 million different 'processes' to run
on the pc and his items, so you choose the one that indicates.

     Simply "What do you respect?", "What do you not respect?" is
enough to break into the dramatization while it is going on and kick
the being upstairs to Creator/Author and away from Creature/Character.

     We want the being willing and able to artistically make both
sides of all dicoms, good and evil, light and dark, love and hate etc.
The Creator as Author creates tapestries of space/time manifestations
of these dicoms at war with each other.

     God is not good.  God is Author.  Creatures/Characters are good
or evil, and to the degree that they take themselves seriously,
permanently, importantly and with pain, they lose.  Because there is
no willingness to create the other side.  Once the Good get the idea
"Hey lets create some evil so we can have a game!" they are no longer
good, they are Author again.  That is the final E/P of all auditing.

     It doesn't matter WHO you audit, yourself, your body, your
friends, your families, bugs, animals, universes, gods, BT's, etc.
Everyone is dramatizing.  Wherever you can get a wedge in that
dramatization, no matter who it is, you free someone from something.

     The point is to find deep items, for example just for yuks, try

     1.) Respect - Not Respect
     2.) Chosen  - Not Chosen
     3.) Benefit - Detriment

     Spot them in operation, that is the basic 'process'.  Everything
more complicated than that is rote mechanical auditing that works and
serves its purpose but eventually is just so much dev-t, to a mind
that can make and not make at will.

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