In Keith  wrote:
> Oh, and btw I haven't nearly loved enough. :) I wouldn't mind another hundred 
> years or two, but eternity - nah, not for me.

      Oh Keith,

      You are just so full of it.

      Ask your girl friend what she thinks.

      I can see how she might get bored with you though...

      Mock up a cute kitten and be eternally bored with it.

      Now there is an OT power for you.

      "Tired of children leaning out for love case", eh?

      I just don't believe it.

      Now you understand we are not talking about living for ever in a
single time line, that's immortality, and that will get boring or worse.

      And we are CERTAINLY not talking about living forever in a single
body in that time stream, even one that never grows old.

      Newness is the essence of life.

      We are talking about eternality where you can have timeless sleep
forever, and then have time dreams of your choosing whether you made
them or not forever for free.  The dreams only last a while, as long as
you want, but never forever, for time streams must be finite.

      And once dreams are done, they are gone, no memory, no residuals,
nothing left, as if never happened.

      Thus you can always have back your nightmare of mortality any time
you wish it.

      Only a new one, then another new one, then another and another
forever and ever.

      Boredom does not carry over from dream to dream, because NOTHING
carries over from primally new dream to dream.

      And the girls are always new.

      Once you get decayed enough to be into bodies and pussy that is.

      Now you are going to ask me, how do I know all this?

      I am going to answer because it is what you want, and IF you are
indeed eternality had BETTER BE what is true or the eternality will be
eternally undesirable if it doesn't deliver what I have described to the

      You see you live by the bullshit principle that he who esposes the
peculiar claim bears the burden of proof.

      Clearly in my theory that doesn't work.

      I live by the principle that he who espouses the UNDESIRABLE claim,
bears the burden of proof.

      Particularly when people claim the existence of something
undesriable that they have never seen, the physical universe, and which
anyone can PROVE that its existence CAN'T BE PROVEN without the ability
to directly perceive it, which no conscious unit has.

      Mortality at the hands of cold dead MEST is not desirable, except
as a created nightmare of terror to experience once in a while, not as a
final upper layer truth.

      Nightmares of this caliber are an aquired taste.

      But in any case nightmares are fun as long as they are just
nightmares and live in a finite while.


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