Aberrated people like to define various areas of inquiry out of
existence by usurping the words used to properly discuss these areas for
their own ends.

     For example in the dictionary it will tell you interpretation means
rendition, and rendition means interpretation.  This totally short
circuits any discussion about the DIFFERENCES between referents and

     This suits the purposes well of those that wish the being to
confuse his perceptions of things (conscious picture realities) with

     Referents (object external objects) are rendered into symbols,
conscious pictures, and one interprets symbols back into referents,
the alleged physical universe objects.

     Another clear breach of understandings caused by such chicanery, is
engendered by misuse of the term responsibility, in particular the
phrase 'to be responsible for', or the phrase 'to take responsibility

     "To be responsible for" means to be the knowing willing cause of.

     "To take responsibility for something" means to own up to having
created that something.

     You make a mess of things, you take responsibility for the mess by
owning up to being the causal creator of the mess.

     However to 'take responsibility for' is also used to mean to come
across a mess that you did not create, and may not know who did create
it, but then to add your cause into it to make it better.

     In this sense "to take responsibility for" means to take control of
or over an existing situation in order to change or guide its future
direction to a better end.

     In the first sense, responsible people cause things.

     In the second sense, responsible people look after or take care of
things already caused.

     The Nanny didn't cause the kid but she makes damn sure it grows up
right, once invited in to take care of it.

     Technically we like to discriminate between these two usages by
saying the creator is responsible FOR an area, and the creature TAKES
responsibility OVER an area after the fact of its creation.

     Thus the creator takes responsibility by owning up to having caused

     The creature takes responsibility over what the creator has created
and left behind for him to manage and improve.

     But the english language will have none of it, everyone uses the
two phrases interchangeably to great harm.

     When someone demands 'Who is responsible for this mess?', does he
want the guy who created it, or the guy who is supposed to be cleaning
it up?

     Thus in this posting we concede to the bastardizations of the
masses and where we mean to discuss 'taking responsibility OVER
something,' we will say instead 'taking responsibility FOR' something.

     In this process, we are not interested at all in who created things
as they are, we are only interested in who or what is trying to do
something about them to the betterment of everything.


     This universe is an 8 cylinder engine, 10 if you want to include
aesthetics and ethics, 16 if you want to include decency, truth,
awareness, individuality, coexistence, and consciousness.

     For the moment the standard lower 8 will do.

      They are concentric circles of encompassment:

      8,) The Infinite
      7.) Spirit
      6.) MEST
      5.) Life Forms (plant and animal)
      4.) Mankind
      3.) Groups
      2.) Family
      1.) Self

     Each dynamic is a subset of and is included in the dynamic above

     It is called a dynamic because each is an arena of active
consumption and production towards survival, where hopefully one is
producing more than consuming and thus surviving well, prospering and
flourishing, and creating affluence for the greatest good of the
greatest number.

     Each dynamic goal goes a bit deeper than only survival, because it
is really about cycles of action, namely create, survive and destroy.

     Cycles of action have to include destroy in order to make room for
new creation.

     So keep that in mind when we talk about survival, we really mean
create, survive and destroy depending on what stage the being is in on
each dynamic goal he is pursuing.


     One can create by creating a new as-isness and altering it.

     One can destroy by as-isness and not altering it.

     One can also destroy by force, meaning to bust apart something
already created but not destroyed.

     One can create by force by putting together parts made by previous
destruction by force.

     For example everything created on Earth out of MEST was once a star
that exploded destroying itself.  Sometimes the star stuff has to be
regathered and blown up two or more times to get all the heavy elements
necessary for life.

     Thus life on earth is very much a creation by force of prior
destructions by force.

     Thus one is interested in creating by destroying, and destroying by

     Sometimes in destroying one allows something else to be created
which is unwanted and a surprise.

     Likewise in creating, sometimes one allows something else to be
destroyed which is still wanted and a surprise.
     Upsets occur along this line that then become regretable.

     Creation and destruction, by as-isness, or by force, become equally
opposed to each other, first as an indecision, should I create or should
I destroy, and then as a DECISION or AND, I will create AND I will
destroy at the same time forever.

     Thus clearing is directed at all ANDS and indecisions on the
subject of creating and destroying, either through as-isness or through


     A child's understanding of its 'basic purpose' is incident upon its
individuation in this life, first awareness of self and personal agency,
that is I AM, I KNOW, I WANT and I DO.

     I AM is his basic self awareness through the facility of perfect
certainty born of self luminous consciousness of which he is a unit.

     I KNOW is the collected and collecting understandings of himself
and life and how it works.  Understanding is only about cause and
relation to other cause.

     I WANT is his basic purpose at the moment.

     I DO is his personal agency functioning through operating
responsibility to bring about what he wants via what he knows and effort
or force in the MEST universe.

     Thus we have DOING = WANTING + KNOWING.

     A basic purpose or goal is a desire to engage in a cycle of action
towards the survival of many someones or somethings on all of the 8

     Beings have dynamic goals that are very short from start to
attainment, others are many life times long and are called trans life
time goals.

     I been working on a star drive for eons, but I had to learn to add
first, you see?

     There are also trans universe goals, and trans eternity goals,
which are the primary reasons he chooses to manifest in the first place.

     "To show my love by making a mess of things."

     M.E.S.S.  stands for Magnificent Examples of Shames and Shambles -
     Manifestations happen in grand cycles of snooze to dreamtime back
to snooze again.

     Nothing is kept from dream to dream, each dream is complete in
itself, but the primary why to manifest remains the same, to share self
love with others.

     But a dream can contain many sub dreams within dreams, universes
within universes, life time after life time.  In this sense goals that
started long ago in one universe, or one life, may still be continuing
in this life and universe until they are finally finished a long time
down the road in maybe yet another universe but still within the a top
level umbrella universe for that cycle.

     Sleep in time during an ongoing dream is a mockery of the Big
Snooze between cycles of manifestation.

     The Big Snooze is utter eternal immutable unimpingability until the
self generated call to the next manifestation happens.

     The total time of a particular cycle of manifestation can be untold
trillions upon trillions of years between big snoozes, but they are
always finite, and the being can get time off anytime from a dream, back
to the big snooze, for a while if he manages his dreamtime properly.

     Dreamtimes are finitely unlimited.  That means there is no
upper limit to how long they can last, as long as they are finite
in length and end in a while.

     That's also called an unlimited finiteness.

     Dreamtime between big snoozes is manifestation via the operation of
dynamic thrust towards many different goals across however many dynamics
there are, which in this universe are 8 or more as listed above.

     Thus the dynamic thrust of an individual, called by Freud his
libido, is an 8 pronged rush into existence to get something done in the
time allotted, from the dynamic of self in this lifetime to the dynamic
of the infinite cross all Eternities.

     One might well ask how could one have a goal on or to enhance the
infinite.  When you find it, you will know it.

     ((This is confused.  Each universe lives in a self contained while
that is finite in length but has no upper limit.  Between these whiles
are areas of Eternity or Big Snoozes.  Eternities are not infinitely long
periods of the kind of 'time' that exists inside of whiles.

     Eternal forevers between whiles, are ExTemporal, above normal time.
They are a kind of NO TIME.

     Forevers inside of time, so called Temporal forevers, do not exist,
as no temporal anything can last forever as they are all finite

     There is no memory between Eternities, all is as-ised, erased
and nothing at all is retained.  Thus each top level universe
is new and draws nothing from prior top level universes.
     There have been an infinite number of top level universes, and will
continue to be so, remembering that each top level universe is ALWAYS
finite in length.))

     You might also want to run "How could I help enhance the MEST

     A quick clue, since anti entropy is the only thing of value in a
universe headed for absolute entropy everywhere, then enhancing the anti
entropy in your life and local vicinity might be a good start.

     On the other hand, if the universe ever turns around and heads for
a Big Bang again, namely a super concentrated anti entropy, then entropy
might one day become more valuable than anti entropy, and creating some
chaos might be the order of the day.  What ever keeps the games of life
forms going.

     So it isn't just one basic purpose that a child has, like to be a
doctor or play the piano, its a universally wide matrix of purposes that
interplay with each other across all the dynamics.

     Bodies, families and identities are fair chosen to focus
for a life time on a limited sub selection of that wide matrix of

     One forgets that choice during the life to make the game real.


     People crash and get sick to the degree that their basic purposes
are blunted by self opposition, or overrun during dreamtime.

     Crashing means the dynamic thrust turns around and hits the floor
like a rocket that will not fly or goes into a wall it can not overcome.

     An opposed or blunted purpose means the purpose ran into an
overwhelming opposition, and the being gets stopped on his impulse to
create, survive or destroy something of importance to him on one or more
dynamics, and he gives up, changes course, and never looks back, never
takes it up again but he also never forgets it entirely.

     Being opposed by others is interesting, being opposed by self is

     The being tries, fails, rues, loses faith and trust in his own
abilities and worthwhileness, his own quality game playing
characteristics, and he removes himself from the playing field, so as
not to ruin things for his friends.

     Instead he starts to pursue a substitute purpose, still powered by
the emotion of his original basic purpose which is now suffering in
anger, fear, sorrow and apathy, and so his every effort makes him sick
and his life is a sinking ship.

     He is operating on the right intention at ground zero, but every
effort and direction he takes from there is wrong.

     The power is still there, but rather than flowing smoothly with
peace, humor, love and perhaps some thrill and romance, towards its true
purpose and destiny, its flow is of dread, horror and sorrow,
enturbulated, chaotic and confused by the oppositions in the way of the
flow, no longer playing a worthwhile game with quality moves.

     Nothing sadder than to see a river of power turn against itself.

     Eventually even the river runs out of tears and can cry no more
because it can love no more.

     Sorrow is simply enturbulated love: no sorrow = no love = dead.

     For most, before they can recover the ability to love, they have to
recover sorrow and the ability to cry forever.

     "Only drowning men can see Him."

     Once they are drowning in their own tears, they will find the love
they turned away from in shame.


     An overrun purpose is a time where the being actually accomplished
all or part of a basic purpose, but fails to acknowledge the win and
move on.

     Instead he continues to try to win, when he has already done so,
and thus he starts to lose by definition, under the power of his
consideration that he hasn't won yet.

     Again he eventually succumbs to substitute purposes and the death
they entail to his endless beautiful future.

     Most beings are a complex mess of both being stopped and overrun.

     They deride and pour contempt on brightness, and so their future is
gray, bleak, grim or finite.

     They cry 'prove it to me that I, life and time are worthwhile.'

     Only the good and worthwhile feel guilty, cry or give a damn.

     There is lies the Joke.
     Some games were just too hard to play at the time, the problem was
not that he lost, but that he gave up forever and turned to a new
heading rather than put it on the back burner to approach it again one
day.  Actually he did, but he has long since forgotten that the back
burner is there with stacks of interrupted games and other failures
waiting to be rekindled.

     Some games he won, but were so beautiful he didn't want to say good
bye to them yet, so he pretended he was still trying and continued to

     Both are death, because the being failed to create a BIGGER MORE
beautiful game and play that.  Instead the being got smaller, and lost
his way in endless turning from his course of action to some other
direction.  Enough of that and you are going in circles, but its a
dwindling spiral because the being is getting smaller and smaller with
each turn.


     In breaking open the ball of charge created by being stopped or
overrun on basic purposes, one has to address each of the dynamics and
all of the events that took place on them.  They are all right there
waiting to be audited.

     If this is done properly, the being will rehab his willingness and
ability to operate on each dynamic again, either with a new bigger basic
purpose, or getting on with the original one to final completion.

     That results in a life of triumph and good humor, rather than sour

     The final triumph is eternality, and the final defeat is hell
forever or death forever for those who can no longer confront their own

     The forevers never actually happen, they can't, but it can sure
look like they do.

     However no hell can outlast a true confession, and that is what
auditing is about and why in the end its all worthwhile.

     In early childhood where basic purposes are first posited, they are
usually unstated.  The child does not yet have the words for them,
probably no body has the words for them.

     The child does not get out of bed and say 'One day I am going to
...', but yet there he is every day getting out of bed and being, doing,
or having whatever ...  is.

     Thus when a purpose gets overwhelmed by opposition, either by the
people around him who would just faint if he ever did well, or the
universe at large that can be pretty mean for a small child, the
experience of failure will be strong but not verbally detailed, and
certainly not talked out to cognitions and very good indicators with

     Usually the being just rolls up in a ball and tries to forget he
ever had any dreams.

     It is an 8 dynamic ball with the power of the roaring Mississippi
behind it, and unrolling it can be hard without trying to re-roll it up

     Almost everyone in a child's early life are lost souls like he too
is soon to become.  For the child there is no help in them.

     Eventually the child grows up and becomes an adult, and, well we
all know what "Gr'ups" are like.  (From Star Trek.)

     For example when I was a child, I was brought up mostly in a world
of science, but also the normal background noise of religion.  I wanted
to believe in God and an after life, but I just couldn't quite see my
way to it.

     I had just come in from a before life, so WTF?

     Santa Claus made more sense than Jesus.

     One day, I must have been 8 or 9, I was reading a book on the solar
system and getting an idea of just how big space and time really were.

     Being a meatball I still believed in their actuality, but I always
knew I could be dreaming.  But I couldn't believe that if I were
dreaming, no one else had noticed this fact, so I crashed into accepting
that things were as they looked, and I was made of meat and operated out
of a brain.

     That would have made me a basically healthy meatball like everyone

     Little did I realize that perfect certainty of self existence is
impossible to a space time gizmo, even a FDA approved Grade A bouef

     But then that one day I was reading this book on the solar system,
and I got to the last chapter entitled 'How the Earth might end.'

     It went into detail about an asteroid coming in from outer space
and smashing the earth to pieces never to be any more.

     Because I was young, I went into a thunderous confused shock on the
matter, I could barely stand up, and I wasn't thinking very clearly.

     I did not have a good idea of where life came from, and I wasn't
clear headed enough to wonder if life on other planets existed, and I
didn't know that life could regenerate it self elsewhere if destroyed

     So I got this feeling of EVERYTHING GONE, which restimulated my EOE
chain which is very deep.

     EOE = End of Everything.

     Worse I started to think about the God question again, and I tried
to imagine a being that would create a universe that was so opposed to
itself that it would or could wipe out all of life and sentience forever
and the AllThatIs would just continue on for an eternity with no one in
it, serving no purpose at all.

     That an INTELLIGENT creator could create such a thing, an
everywhere present purposeless nothingness forever for free, turned on
my monster chain, as such a creator would have to be an idiot monster.

     If you have ever felt monster vibrations, you might want to take a
look at it, namely the interplay between intelligent intent and utter
absolute destruction of everything everywhere forever more.

     So what happened that day was, whatever my goals were regarding
life on Earth and MEST on the 5th and 6th dynamics, well they died and
along with it most of the rest of my life.  If the higher dynamics die
they take out the lower dynamics with them.

     If there wasn't going to be an Earth, why bother having a family or
learn how birds fly?

     What were those higher goals?

     Well as I said, all goals on all dynamics are IN GENERAL for the
same thing, namely to engage in cycles of action, consumption and
production, along those dynamics to create, survive and destroy.

     Now looking in hindsight I would say that my goal on the sixth
dynamic was something like:

     "To make the Earth Survive."

     To survive against what you might ask?

     Well there are a lot of things that are going to test the survival
of life and civilization on Earth that a little child could wrap its
wits around, but if an asteroid is going to come in and wipe it all
away, why bother?

     I should just suck my thumb and close my eyes, eh?

     And if there is a God, such an event would prove that God was a
monster, which considering my mother, had seemed like he was anyhow up
to that point, so my interest changed suddenly and dramatically from
science, which now seemed like a waste of time, to religion which was
much more important to solve.

     We know the asteroid exists.

     I had felt the monster, so I knew the Devil existed.

     The question remained does God exist, and if so, what do we DO
about him?  Do we help him or harm him?

     Was God our savior or was God the monster?

     My gut feeling was that even God was afraid of the monster.

     I couldn't shake that one.

     Ain't NO ONE going near this thing.

     It might be true that 'He who made him can approach unto him', but
no one made the monster.  It was Sovereign.

     This is not a particularly sane frame of mind for a child to be in,
particularly a budding scientist with the world at his feet due to his
father's fame.

     But to me science became like watching E!  Entertainment on TV
rather than something edifying.  Science was powerless in the face of a
monster God, and while religion was clearly planning for the destruction
of the Earth, science was paving the way to give it the power to do so.
This was 1959 after all and my attention was very much on atomic war,
and the assholes who couldn't seem to wait to have one.

     So I got diverted away from my basic purposes on the 8 dynamics,
away from scientific goals towards religious goals, and only in later
years was I able to synthesize new goals to build a bridge between
religion and science.

     The answer to the monstrosity of God was not new, but the answer
was lacking as a child.

     Namely we ARE that God in carnation, and the things we can chose to
do to ourselves is wider than the things that would be proper for
someone else to do to us.

     Thus we might expect a wild ride, and still appreciate it with a
sense of humor and high appreciation for ludicrous demise.
     The issue of our Cosmic Amnesia with a choice to forget the choice
to come in, was beyond the ken of most children at that time,
particularly mine.
     The monster is merely seeing ourself in the mirror, mad as hell
about apparently not being sovereign ourselves (when in fact we are).

     And given the existence of the monster, there was no hope remaining
that we could have ever been or ever will be sovereign, so the
experience was self locking.


     Divinity is an endless series of frosty-friendly kind of sense of
humor, a high appreciation for ludicrous demise, with infinite power and
almost infinite willingness.

     Thus divinity will never turn you away, but neither will it call
after you.

     Because of this, divinity is willing to engage in games that a
human won't touch.

     Being human is one of them.

     No human would ever choose to be human.

     So what you were when you did choose to be human and threw away the
key is something to be seen.

     This creates a separation in affinity between the creator aspect
and the creature aspect of the GodSoul which is one and the same being.

     The GodSoul can get into a conundrum.

     It can look in the mirror and see the monster, an all powerful
sovereign being that wants to die but can't.

     The GodSoul is one step away from native state, but can't let go
and go to sleep, because it wants to die forever, but it knows that if
it goes to sleep as native state it WILL wake up again one day, which
must never happen again.

     Thus the GodSoul holds onto its last shred of awakeness, hating
forever everything lovely, trying to die forever, but not being able to,
and finally becomes a Black Static Being, whose sole intent is to make
nothing out of everything forever for free.

     Thus the GodSoul becomes its own guardian of the gate to
eternality, and cosmic rest.

     This is the ultimate joke and the ultimate humor to find and
release the being to sleep again in peace forever.

     Once the being spots the Joke, it laughs itself to sleep forever
wrapped up in the safety of knowing it was all worthwhile.

     The GodSoul as God Monster has forgotten something as it holds off
eternality with an endless immortality of terror.

     It has forgotten its basic goal of manifestation, to share self
love with others, and to take responsibility for the survival of others.


     Now in auditing this, you find something very very interesting.

     A being is not alone and independent in this universe, he lives in
a complex web of dependencies of consumption and production with others
for his own and other's survival.

     And just as he depends on others for his survival, so too do they
depend on him for their survival.

     When the being is a baby, one might say he is totally dependent on
others to take responsibility for his survival, such as his mother and
father who feed, clothe and shelter him, but also the rest of society
and its members who work hard to put a community and civilization in
place to provide sustenance, safety, education, and training.

     If the child is attended to properly as a baby, he will grow up
into a being who also enjoys taking responsibility for the survival of
others across all 8 dynamics, risks be damned, and will return many fold
the investment made in him.

     The 8 dynamics are a battle field of DNA eating DNA, and the newly
ready being let's go his mother's tit, and parachutes out onto the field
with his sword drawn.

     The way to independancy is the ability to operate dependency.

     You can ask a being what he wants, and you can ask and ask and ask,
and he will list and list and list, just never get it.

     What he wants is to look after, take care of, and take
responsibility for the survival of others.

     When any healthy being reaches for something, he is always reaching
to take responsibility for the survival of others, or for others to take
responsibility for the survival of him and for others and to help others
take responsibility for others.

     Happiness and optimum action depend on a balance of those three

     Thus you will find in every being that their basic goal across the
8 dynamics in general is always the same thing:


     And in return he expects and demands that others take
responsibility for his survival too.

     Thus we find that the ONLY aberration a being could suffer would be
in his willingness and ability to take responsibility for the survival
of others, and to accept others taking responsibility for the survival
of him.

     As you take apart the case therefore, you are looking for times
when his efforts to have others take responsibility for his survival as
a baby, and later his efforts to take responsibility for the survival of
others, came a cropper.

     This created PROBLEMS in taking and receiving responsibility, and
case consists entirely and only of these unresolved problems, and the
phony solutions put in place to 'handle' them (not.)

     For example there will be distinct people, places, things and times
that he absolutely will NOT be willing to take responsibility for their

     And there will be people, places, things and times that he will
absolutely NOT be willing to have them take responsibility for his

     "I will NOT follow YOUR orders!"

     In other words in these areas he will refuse to give or accept
survival from anyone in them.

     This then forms his case, including the psychosomatic aspects of
his suffering.


      1.) Get others to take responsibility for his survival.
      2.) Get others to NOT take responsibility for his survival.
      3.) Be allowed to to take responsibility for other's survival.
      4.) Be allowed to to NOT take responsibility for other's survival.

     Because create, survive and destroy is an 8 dynamic complex goal,
each dynamic will provide areas of case and somatic conditions that need
to be audited on those dynamics and the ones they interact with.

     The guy has a headache?  Well which dynamic does he have a headache
on?  You get this?

     And you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS audit the preclear in the direction
of getting INTO the fray, never out it.

     As he gets better able and willing to parachute back into
the battles of life, he will start to float up and out
effortlessly.  When staying IN the area of dynamic action becomes
more of a problem to him than getting out,
he won't need any more auditing, you just won't be able to
keep him session.

     Auditor: "Do you have a present time problem?"

     Preclear: "Uh, yes, hold on a minute while I go handle
this world war, I will be right back."

     As a child, if the parent fails to properly take responsibility for
his survival, he will first try forthright action to right the wrong,
and failing that will turn to deceits.

     Every psychosomatic condition is a deceit of magnitude towards
others and towards himself.

     Mock up a God unit lying to itself about not being a God.

     As an adult, if he is forced to take responsibility for the
survival of others whom he detests, or fails in his endeavors to take
responsibility for the survival of those he adores but feels forced to
by mandate of love or pressure, he will develop INABILITIES to take
responsibility for the survival of others so he doesn't have to or


     In life, every job you will ever do is to take responsibility for
the survival of others, and taking responsibility for the survival of
others is the only thing you will ever get paid for, and the only thing
you will ever pay anyone else for.

     If you can't take responsibility for the survival of others, you
will not be able to survive under your own hand.

     The ability to take responsibility for the survival of others is
the ONLY reason anyone would ever invest in you in the first place, it
is THEIR return on investment that leads them to take responsibility for
the survival of you.

     If you can not take responsibility for the survival of others, the
balance of payments will be out, because other's will still be working
day and night taking responsibility for the survival of you, either
directly or indirectly, whether they or you know it or not, and you will
end up out exchange with the world, namely owing a debt of return,
across all 8 dynamics.

     Negative pride along any dynamic means out exchange along that
dynamic which means failures or refusals to take responsibility for the
survival of something or someone along that dynamic or their failures or
their refusals to take responsibility for you along that same dynamic.

     Consider the Mother and Son dynamic.  A plane crash you say?

     The joke is, this builds up charge because it goes unstated and
unconfessed in specific detail.

     Who, how, what, where, when, why, which.


opposing forces, that is.

     Putting it there, the whole cycle actually from the desire to take
responsibility through the attempt, all the oppositions and the final

     Get it all out in the open again, and your preclear will see what
he has been doing to himself, perhaps for the first time in trillenia,
and begin to handle these things, rather than turn from them in Q&A into
substitute purposes of sadness and self destruction leading only
downward into permanent darkness and demise.

     He didn't know he could as-is things, thus he tried to fix failures
by not-ising them instead.

     You as-is by putting it there.  No putting it there, no as-is.

     The being is stuck in a body because of this cycle.

     At first he adored and wanted to take responsibility for the
survival of a body.

     Then it gets hurt or he hurts it and he considers he has failed.

     Then he wants to not take responsibility for the survival of a

     Then it gets hurt worse.

     Then he feels forced to take responsibility for the survival of a
body because he owes it, that's propitiation.

     Then it gets hurt worse.

     Then he BECOMES the body to take final responsibility for its
survival forever more, through absolute and meticulous control and micro
management of its every move.

     This forms a classic dicom stair case that goes as follows:

     1.) The Beauty of taking responsibility for the survival of others.

     2.) The Ugly of taking responsibility for the survival of others.

     3.) The Beauty of NOT taking responsibility for the survival of

     4.) The Ugly of NOT taking responsibility for the survival of

     At first its beautiful taking responsibility for the survival of
others because he loves them to pieces.  Adoration is operation, and
operate them and show them how to operate he does.

     But then they get hurt, either accidentally or intentionally
perhaps through discipline or protection gone wrong, so it becomes ugly
to take responsibility for the survival of others, because he still
loves them, but doesn't want to hurt them.  He loses trust and
confidence in himself, he doesn't feel like a quality competent being
any more, and he thinks he needs to win back the approval of his peers
and other bodies who caution him against his ways.

     People are always warning you to be wary of wading into the
dangerous waters of taking responsibility, trying to make things better.

     You rock the life boat trying to save someone still in the
water, and THEY fall into the water and drown, don't you see?

     So then he gets into the beauty of NOT taking responsibility for
the survival of others, because now he has found reason to detest them.

     And then he gets into the ugly of NOT taking responsibility for the
survival of others, because he is alone and can't stand it.

     The opposite flow stair case also applies.

     1.) The beauty of having others take responsibility for the
survival of him.  Mother is the best mother in the whole world.

     2.) The ugly of having others take responsibility for the survival
of him.  Mother is a crazed suicidal drunk.

     3.) The beauty of having others NOT take responsibility for the
survival of him.  What a relief, just go away mother and leave me alone!

     4.) The ugly of having others NOT take responsibility for the
survival of him.  I am alone and can not grow without their help.

     I will let you figure out other sashays down that one.

     Well aside from getting your preclear to understand all of the
above and start to watch this happening in present time rather than let
it all go to hell on him automatically, how do you audit this?

     In general, spot a dynamic, spot a goal, spot when it was stopped
or overrun, clear out all negative postulates and considerations,
particularly those pertaining to taking responsibility for the survival
of others, and others taking responsibility for the survival of him and


     To come a cropper means to fall off the back end of a horse.

     Make sure to get the forthright actions he tried at first to right
things, and then the deceits he descended to when they failed.

     Each and every failure to pursue his basic goals will run the
emotional curve from forthrightness to covert deceit, even from himself.

     He KNOWS about the deceits down deep, he has forgotten about his
courage, decency and forthrightness at every first conflict.  Regaining
his awareness of his innate decency (quality) will restore his operating
pride on all 8 dynamics pretty quick.

     Every being walking around thinks he is a lying, cheating, thieving
son of a bitch and con artist on the inside, and he is.  But he has lost
contact with how hard he tried to do it right, and the desperation of
love that eventually led him to do it wrong.

     Then spend a few hours with the following:


     Get the idea of wanting to take responsibility for the survival of

     That's his morning get up and go by the way, it's the DESIRE to
take responsibility for the survival of others that powers him.

     It's his hurry to get behind the wheel of the car because no one
else is.  Hell the planet is allowed to turn on its own!

     No get up and go means no desire to take responsibility for the
survival of others.  It is just that simple.

     Get the idea of NOT wanting to take responsibility for the survival
of others.

     Get the idea of wanting others to take responsibility for the
survival of you.

     Get the idea of NOT wanting others to take responsibility for the
survival of you.

     If you run into a 'Who me?' case, run it with NO and SOME:

     (NO and SOME, along with AND, will run every item under heaven,
earth and sky.)

     Get the idea of NO desire to take responsibility for the survival
of others.

     Get the idea of SOME desire to take responsibility for the survival
of others.

     Get the idea of NO desire to NOT take responsibility for the
survival of others.

     Get the idea of SOME desire to NOT take responsibility for the
survival of others.


     Get the idea of NO desire that others take responsibility for the
survival of you.

     Get the idea of SOME desire that others take responsibility for the
survival of you.

     Get the idea of NO desire that others NOT take responsibility for
the survival of you.

     Get the idea of SOME desire that others NOT take responsibility for
the survival of you.

     You could probably run that at $100/hour on accessible preclears,
those that can cry until they laugh, and they would be THROWING money
(survival) at you.  You better take it too :) or you become part of
their case.

     A happy preclear paying an auditor for a well done auditing session
is trying to take part in responsibility for the auditor's well being.

     The minute an auditor becomes an item to a preclear's process, the
preclear is no longer running with the auditor, the preclear is running
OUT the auditor.

     Don't get bogged down in the wording or grammar, a smart preclear
will get it real fast and start running this faster than you can audit.

     That's an extra $50/hour to just sit there and ack him, and wonder
where he is in the process until he tells you.

     IF you don't have your preclear bawling his eyes out in a few
hours, and laughing until he can't breath, falling in love with life and
ACTION life all over again, and ABLE TO STAND UP AGAIN, run it on
yourself because you ain't helping HIS survival, that's for sure.

     Your preclear will probably run this for the rest of his life, in
and out of session, as he begins his climb back up the dynamics and
starts grabbing hold of some things or some ones he can take
responsibility for the survival of and adore operating them again.

     "Adoration is operation of questions and answers with Majesty,
Class and Pride."

     "The source of all suffering is the Fair Chosen Adore-Operation of
Cool, Class, Halcyon, Sin-Song, Thrill and Romance, via Living Majestic
Intelligence, and Proud Fancy Free Faithlessness, of Grand and Excalibur

     From Adore, www.adore.com.


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