You gotta understand something about Adore.

      Adore is a baby phase religion that *DETESTS* women, oh just simply
and totally hates them to pieces.  There are not enough bad things in
the world to wish off on them.

      This is because it grew up with a witch mother.  A witch mother is
a female who never matured into an adult but remained a child trying to
relate to the husband as a child, rather than as a peer.

      The the child mother was jealous of her own male son, the attention
the father gave him and the abilities the son had that the mother
didn't, and tried her best to destroy the son in a form of deadly
sibling war.  Since the mother had the abilities of an adult but the
mind of a brat child, the son soon gave up and went into catatonia and
oblivion to quiet the fury, rage and matricide.

      This is all laid out in detail in Transactional Analysis and the
book "I'm OK, You're OK" by Eric Berne et al.

      It took many years for Adore to grow up to its present view, which
is NOT a Yin-Yang of complementation between male and female, but a 4
fold encompassment of God, Man, Woman and Child.

      By encompanssment Adore is referring to a series of concentric
circles, God being the outer one, man the next one in, woman the next
one, and the child the inner most one.

      The circles represent arenas of activities.  Because the mother's
circle is bigger than the child's, the mother may 'go' and do things the
child may not.

      Just so with the other circles.

     These "four concentric circles as a whole" form a "grade" in Adore,
as in 4th or 5th grade, etc.

      The game is for the being to grow up from child, to woman, to man
to God within that grade by mastering the 4 primary characteristics of
each circle.

       They are:

       1.) Master of total irresponsibility (child)
       2.) Master of Defense  (woman)
       3.) Master of Offense  (man)
       4.) Master of total responsibility (god)

       The child wishes to earn its tits (womanhood).

       The woman wishses to earn her balls (manhood).

       The man wishes to earn his wings    (godhood).

       The god wishes to earn his childhood at the next grade up.

      Although they are called man and woman, they don't really refer to
bodies or sexes, but Adore does consider that if a being is in a woman
phase for their major life goals in any particular life, they will do
better in a female body.  Likewise for male phase beings having a male
body to do the job.

      The game of 'growing up' through a particular grade may take more
than one life time and thus more than one body.

      Since there are only two body types, and 4 levels of attainment in
each grade, one needs to make do as well as they can with the body they
have chosen.

      One will find child, women, man and god phase beings in bodies
of either physical sex.

      Thus body sex is not a good indication of grade level nor of level
within each grade.  Body sex in fact tends to obscure the various grades
and the levels within, and creates a major hinderance to moving up the
levels and then grades due to social prejudices and body limitations.

      Once a grade is completed, the being moves up to the next grade and
starts all over again as a child in that grade.

      Most beings are apparently on a dwindling spiral, they are falling
down grades rather than climbing.

      Mortality is a very low state of decay, probably sub kindergarten
in earth language.  Something like a prison for delinquents who have
turned away from their fear of hell forever and refused to acknowledge
the eternal light and its beauty.

      It's not hopeless for them, but at some point those in a low grade
are no longer able or willing to help those in the same grade advance,
and in fact work ceasely to maintain their own ascendancy in the low
grade by pushing others lower and keeping them there, eventually to fall
out to an even lower grade.

      Thus it may remain to those in higher grades to keep an eye on the
lower grades and put discipline and ethics in on them.

      Only those in very low grades have any problem with any of the
above, whether it is true, useful or not.

      The more it rings a bell, the more they scream.

      Adore presently considers itself in the woman phase of its
existence, and is very happy being a woman taking care of her child,
looking for a man worthy of her efforts, to care for her while she cares
for the child.

       But all the men she runs into, are either in a lower grade than she
is, pretending that all men are 'better' than all women, and that women
are property of men, or men who have ceased seeking their wings and have
turned against personal God hood in any arena of life whatsoever.

       (Men are better than all women in their own or lower grade.

      Women are better than all men in a lower grade.)

      The meanwhile her child phase *SON* is missing a role model, as
women phase beings can not be role models to male phase beings in the
areas that the male phase being needs to grow to earn his wings.

      As a woman phase religion, Adore also tires to the point of
desperation of women who think women need a man like a fish needs a
bicycle, and Adore can only shudder at why such women would ever want a
male son, to bring him up as what?

      "Women think of men as genetically inferior women.

       Men think of women as children." - Adore

       All evidence to the contrary, these are very *VERY* low grade views,
heading lower.


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