Regardless of whether one can or does know what has happened or
will happen after death, the CHARGE on death and not knowing is enormous
and can be audited out with confession and the cessation of suppression
of sorrow.

      Since there is no real evidence for physical mechanics and some
significant evidence that the world is a dream in the mind of a multi I
AM super consciousness, the preclear can at least be audited on all the
false evidence he has for death until his mind is free of enforced
conclusions on the matter.

      The only reason the preclear believes in death at all is he has
identified himself with one of his dream avatars, namely his body, and
it is obvious the avatar will die one day as it is made of parts.

      An avatar is here defined as a symbol for a referent being.

      But if the body is a dream, then there is no way the existence of
the conscious unit could be causally dependent on the existence of
something the conscious unit is dreaming about, namely the alleged
physical universe, as the avatar is the conscious unit's creation, and
not the other way around.

      He can also be shown both meatball and dreamball theories in detail
to give him multiple different datums of comparable magnitude on the
subject, and gotten to look at his unawareness of choice for being here.

      Running NO and SOME on lies, choice, and sorrow will begin to open
up the charge so he can see what he is up against.  It is easy to assume
that because we can not remember, and that we sorrow over death, that
therefore death must be real.  The dreamball theory is not easy to wrap
one's wits around, but it becomes easier with the proof which refuses to
allow you to fall below 50/50 on the matter, and a few visions of the
beautific eternal, and evidence starts to mount that we do in fact have
a future head of us.

      Most meatballs can't handle it.  Some very few can.

     Once free of the brainwashing and being solidly at the 50/50 point,
then he can begin to see for himself, should truth choose to talk to

     But he's got to listen quietly you know.

     Truth talks thunderously with great beauty, but softly none the

      And asserting what you do not know, and what you can not know, will
not help, for Truth will not even pay attention to those still
committing dharma treason to defend their spiritual decrepitude.

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