Paragraph added in the middle...

>     So once the new information age comes in, it may be that things
>will evolve to the point where copyrights once again become absurd.  The
>only way you can have copyrights living side by side with an internet is
>through the use of an absolute police state with no freedom of
>expression or thought at all.  Traceability and total moderation of all
>communication is the logical outcome of the desire to own and sell

      The body politic will not tolerate anything less than robust
anonymity, unmoderatability, untracability and privacy, or no one will
be free to talk with each other or the world to design the markets in
the first place.  When the *MARKETS* own the communication lines, rather
than the body politic for whom the police work, then all is lost.

      When the markets own the police, you have a police state by
definition, owned and run by the highest bidder.

>     The forces that are building the internet ON THE WORLD, will fight
>this tooth and nail, and who wins will probably be one of the most
>interesting stories of Earth history a few hundred years down the line.
>     And when all is said and done, you can tell your grand children,
>and great grand children that you were at ground zero.

     And so we were.


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