> Saying Hubbard is crap is a (quote) "good" stable datum for the 
> confusion of one's own failed case.  Also it makes Hubbard wrong and 
> self right.  Where's the impartiality and open-mindedness here?

     That's making you and Hubbard right and me wrong.

     Who or what is responsible for the confusion of my own
failed case?

     Hubbard was the grand make wrong fuck meister of all time.

     And that is what YOU dramatize when you go being cramming
officer to other's postings.

     Earn the right.  Your certs from the Church are meaningless, best
used as toilet paper.

     POST something YOU discovered and ran.

     Preferably something that goes beyond Hubbard to show us your head 
isn't stuck up Hubbard's ass in philosophical necrophelia and that your 
mind isn't owned and operated by the Tech Police at Flag.

Sat Mar  5 18:00:23 EST 2011