Meatballs are dreamballs who CHOSE to become meatballs born of a
detested, immortal (one time line forever), self imposed, hell forever of
one kind or another.  They were quite insane when they did this and they
worry about going insane and losing control again should they wake up to
their choice again.

      Thus any effort to wake up a meatball will result in continuous
self defense, denial, obscuration, misinterpretation, straw men
arguments, so they can continue with their delusion of oblivion and
continue to seek permanent spiritual death at -400.00 at the bottom of
the tone scale.

      Meatballs will build civilizations for you, give their lives to you, and 
cooperate in and support your life long goals, but only if you continue to be a 
meatball yourself, worshiping the Cults of Medicine and Death forever (live 
once and that's it Bud).

      They know who their friends are and treat them well.

      But Woe Ye to those who should turn to the Eternal Light, and
declare their fearlessness in the face of Time.

      How do you know a meatball from a dreamball?

      You tell them "Hey you are dreaming, remember?"

      The dreamball will go, "Oh yeah, right, wow, cool, holy shit..."

      The meatball will go "yak yak natter natter science proves sub
natter yak yak yak".

      He is right about the science 'proves' in a very unethical sense of
the word to prove, to provide evidence for, but science is the study of
the dream, not the actuality projecting the dream, YOU and your

      The physical universe is a mass hallucination in the mind of God in

      Oh no, now I can't die even if I wanted to!

      The meatball doesn't want to be woken, his confidence in his
ability to deal with his immortal self is destroyed.

      The dreamball, or just pre dreamball, is in bad shape, but is
willing to stand up and try again.

      The dreamball doesn't need The Proof, The Proof can be harmful, it
can hurt people as it caves their sense of space in.  It's just too much
responsibility too early.

      The Proof was designed to crack open the meatball, but once opened
we find nothing alive inside.

      The spirit is playing dead as a doornail, guarded by endless amount
of spiritual machinery to make waking up wrong.

      It's that machinery you are talking to when you try to wake someone
up and all they give you is contempt.


      The contempt is a cover for abject fear, horror, sorrow and

      The dreamball also has contempt on his immortal future, but he can
remember a bit of his eternal future, and is willing to stand up and try
again.  He is mostly going to sleep because he is drowning in meatballs,
who aren't trying and who try to destroy anyone who is.

     Thus spotting who is or is not a meatball and declaring it so,
openly and for all to hear, and in those words, starts the dreamball back
up the scale to sovereignty.


      "Who or what are you trying to cause the eternal spiritual death

      Or run it with NO and SOME.

      Spot NO eternal spiritual death.

      Spot SOME eternal spiritual death.

      Run it on all flows, all beings, past, present and future, in
particular the BT grave yard in his head, face and throat.

      The basic 5 flows, are others causing to you, you causing to
others, others causing to others, and self causing to self, and others
causing to their self.

      They are all important, but the suffering your preclear is sitting
in is mainly collateral damage kick back from him doing it to others,
including in his own space much of which is inside his body.

      However its only an overlay, the body has nothing to do with it,
this is a whole track dramatization that took place long before bodies
even existed, and he is still doing it now as if now were then.

      Unfortunately the beings he is trying to make spiritually dead, and
to continue to keep spiritually dead, are now, so its now you need to
audit not then!

      Once he spots and runs out the drama of trying to make others
eternally spiritually dead FOREVER, they will start to wake up and blow
off, and other's efforts to do the same to him will tend to cease, as
they won't have much effect.

      THAT game, of making nothing of others forever, becomes up.


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