Just got the latest Scientology News.

     They claim all stats are way up, numbers can be lied about though.

     However they are expanding like wildfire by installing new orgs all
over the world and US, and upgrading the the ones that are there.

     Money has to be coming in from someplace to pay for all that.

     And even if, worst case, the application of tech was terrible
across all those orgs, at least the name of Scientology and LRH and his
written/taped works is out there, even if for a price.

     And that makes me feel good seeing a Church on every corner, in
every city or town.

     I don't think this Church is going away soon, and with all the
money that is pouring into it, the Church probably deserves watching.

     I also been watching a lot of video's on you tube about Scientology
and Anonymoose, and just as the Church can dead agent by fabricating
lies out of whole cloth, so can the critic field.

     Simply ignoring the brilliance of the underlying axioms and grades
is bad enough, but as LRH said, it was inconceivable that anyone could
lie that much at a time.

     Personally I think the works of LRH speak for themselves, if you
follow the whole track of them.

     Any error inserted into the tech might have been evaluating on what
to run after or during the clearing course and above along with missing
some who were already clear or OT.

     And of course leaving out NO and SOME during assessments :)

     Oh yeah and missing insanity = AND.

     He said that the exact point a person goes insane is the point he
becomes totally devoted to stopping something.

     I would correct that to a person becomes insane the moment he
becomes totally devoted to stopping AND starting the same thing at the
same time.

     Along with "to live forever and to die forever," and "to be and to
not be," AND's run like wildfire without a meter.

     Beyond that, LRH was a true master for the times, at how to run
things at last, maybe he didn't do so well in the what to run
department, in my opinion.

     Thus he gave us the Clam, and the clam is there to be run for those
that are able, but LRH admits it was an implant, and science tells us
the clam is not on the human genetic track, although that fact is not
really relevant, as who knows what the human GE has been up to.  Things
are more complex than the snot nosed mortalityism of modern science can

     It is interesting that Hubbard's brand of LaMarkianism, where
traits are passed on independent of the genetic line, is pretty much
ignored by the critics.

     The example he gave was of the jelly fish killed life after life by
being slammed against the hard rocks.  The jelly then used the death
engram facsimiles to build a hard back to become the crab and other
similar animals.  Standard genetic darwinianism could also 'explain'
this kind of thing.

     His grasp on science was sometimes embarrassing, thus he gave us
steady state theories of suns lasting forever, he also gave us OT III in
volcanoes that don't exist and apparently according to science never
did.  The issue of terra forming however is handily left out by the snot
nose crowd.

     The auditor is supposed to know the general, but by pretending to
know the specific incidents of the preclear, the whole subject goes to

     Its almost like LRH felt guilty for something he did to the
preclear, so session goes like: "Hey you remember the time I did you in
with that 36 day implant, you ain't been quite right since then, and I
haven't slept well in 76 million years, can we PLEASE run it, so you can
get over it, and I can finish my amends and fix and repair job and be
able to sleep with a clear conscience again?"

     Thus many became left in the sticky dark alone indeed.


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