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       COURAGE v2.0

       Typos corrected.

       Standard disclaimer:

      Always run this process as a GodSoul, never as a mere mortal,
because when the God stuff turns on, you won't be there to handle it,
you will be cowering in a corner crying 'Where's God when I need him!"

      And don't play the prove it game, 'But I need proof that there is
something to know before I try to know it by not knowing!'

      Handle fear of enforced not knowing through self determined not
knowing, not harder efforts to know.

      Harder efforts to know result in hurry to make case gain, because
he ain't making any.

      Trivializing this process.  or throwing a fit because you can't
know at will, will break your spine in two, as forces which you should
be controlling through not know, will be released to splat all over the
place, in your efforts to know harder.

      You can always not know at will, and that will chill it all out.

       It is dangerous to even KNOW this process if you aren't going to
NOT KNOW IT, and run it as a fully operational GodSoul, which you are,
whether you think you are or not.

       The basic process is:

       "Not know something."
       "Know something."

      Always run the 'Not know something" first, but sync is important.

      If you are not running on a meter, the only way you will know that
sync is out, is that the preclear will be bogged down in no OKs!

      Simply run the existing command again, or the other command twice
in a row, back and forth until you get into sync with the preclear's
flows again.  If you do not know about sync by now, you shouldn't be
running this bulletin.

      This process is really easy.

      You ask your preclear to 'know something'.

      It can be anything, he looks around him and sees a blue book, so
now he knows the book is blue.  He says OK, and that's it, next command.

      Then you say "Not know something."

      And your preclear goes 'Ok, well I know the book is blue, now I
will not know that!'


      That's knowing something, not not knowing something.

      You do not want him to know something and then not know it, you
want him to not know something that he is already not knowing!

      Have him feel the flows he is using to not know something, and do
THEM more, then when he says OK, go back to "Know something."

      So your preclear complains "But I don't know if I am not knowing
anything, how can I not know something when maybe there is nothing there
that I am not knowing."

      He is terrified of duplicating the not know already running his
life.  Christ, he might as-is his stupid self.

      Refer him to the church for auditing, he doesn't have the
prerequisite personal honesty to run the process.

      If the command 'Not know something' doesn't instantly indicate to
your preclear with bells and chimes, laughter and relief, you do not
want anything to do with them.

      Allow the pc to Itsa, but do not demand it, if the pc says "OK" at
the end of a command, that's fine, end of story.

      None of this, 'Tell me about it', or 'Are you sure that is all?'

      He can't TELL YOU ABOUT IT, because he is not knowing it, you see?

      If the meter hasn't finished falling on each command, just give it
time and only start the next command when the needle starts to rise
again.  You do not need a meter to run this.

      A clumsy auditor, in a hurry, or running his own case, while
running this on another, can use a meter to stay in sync with the
preclear.  The meter acts as a rein on the auditor.

      And NEVER EVER force your preclear to answer WhatsIt?

      Auditor's just always have to know whatsit, whatsit, whatsit.

      You are trying to get him to NOT KNOW WhatsIt, and to not know that
he is not knowing WhatsIt.  You don't do this by asking him What's It?

      You get it?

      He doesn't need to know whatsit to get to native state, and if he
does know whatsit momentarily, it will be so fast, he won't remember it
long enough to tell it to you, no matter how big it is.  Trying to hold
on to the whatsit, so as to report to the auditor about it, will only
bog him down in making sure it doesn't appear, lest he lose it before he
he has a chance to relate it.

      Sorry, poor auditor doesn't get his whatsit fix for the day.

      Keep your own question asking psychoses to yourself and do not ruin
your preclears with them.

      When he can feel the certainty of not knowing without wondering
about, or needing to know, what he is not knowing, he is half way there.

      When he is no longer terrified out of his wits by his somatics, and
can handle them, in or out of session, when they turn on by further
running of not knowing and knowing, he will be in pretty good shape.

      E/P: chilled out and able to run the remainder of this bulletin.

      Go take a break, yum donuts and coffee, the rest of this is long
and very heavy.




     I had a dream tonight.  In the dream I listened to a taped lecture
by Enid Vien.  This is what the lecture said.

      Courage is powered by desire.

      Courage is the willingness to go after something at all costs to
self, without much thought given to recovering should one lose, as
ultimately, being able is a given.

      Courage is the dividing line between:

      1.) Sanity and Insanity
      2.) Exterior and Interior
      3.) On purpose and Off purpose
      4.) Exhilaration and mere Enthusiasm

      Courage is item based.

      An item is what your preclear has the courage to be, do and have.

      Each item has embedded within it the courage to be, do or have that

      Items can not exist without the foundational courage to drive them.

      Courage is what reads on the meter.

     No courage, no reads.  No reads, no courage.

     A being can not want something for real without the courage to
attempt to get it.

     If there is no courage, the item is not really wanted, except as a

     People think they want all kinds of things that in fact they would
hate having if they had them.

     Mock it up, mock up having what you think you want, notice the bad
taste in your mouth and the emptiness in the pit of your belly.

     If what is wanted is prime and real, the courage to go for it will
be there as part of it.

     It will feel as the warmth of life.

     The opposite of emptiness.

     No courage means no real desire for it in the first place.

     Desire, courage and item form a complete package of power and

     Find your preclear's point of courage, and you will find their
point of true purpose.

     Find their point of true purpose, and you will find their point of

     Everything else sought after is a waste of time, and forces them,
by definition, into cowardice on the tone scale.

     Cowardice means chasing what you don't want as prime purpose.

     Cowardice is born of considered failure on prime purpose and IS the
effort to shift to a substitute.

     Courage means true purpose.

     True purpose means courage.

     Cowardice means off purpose, someone else's purpose, substitute

     Off purpose means cowardice.

     It can't be any other way.

     True purposes are the items of GPMS.

     GPM means Goals Problem Mass.

     They float above time so your preclear is taking them everywhere he
goes.  He can't escape them by moving ahead in time.

     GPMS form the archetypical design of the game.

     GPMS define what is worth a while and what is not.

     GPMS are your preclear's raison d'etre, reason to be, do and have.

     GPMS are items bound together with desire and courage, which
creates power, motion, flow towards action at Spirit of Play on the tone

     Spirit of play doesn't care about winning or losing, Spirit of Play
only wants to PLAY.

     Spirit of play only cares to give the other side a run for their
money that they will NEVER forget even if it loses.

     Spirit of Play will do ANYTHING to play.

     What really pisses it off is not being able to play any more.

     If a GPM is implanted, then the courage that goes with its items
will be implanted too.

     If the GPM is his own, then his courage will be his own also.

     If the GPM items are suppressed, then his courage will be
suppressed too.

     Without courage he will be afraid to get out, and will live a life
of purposelessness, of tooling around in secondary Q&A, substitutes.

     In this sense Q&A (Question and Answer) means starting out for A,
getting stopped and saying "Ah well, I think I will go to B instead,
didn't really want to go to A anyhow."

     Q&A is endless cycles of sour grapes, the fox that couldn't reach
the ripe grapes, gave up in dismay and said he didn't want them anyhow,
and pretty soon you find the person not going to A, B or C but parked at
Z, saying "Who me?  I was born here, and never had a desire to leave."

     That's spelled COWARDICE.

     Cowardice is not cause, postulates and considerations are cause.

     Cowardice is merely the color of energy the being uses to drape
himself and continue in an off prime direction, replete with gaping
wounds and overt and covert pleas for sympathy, for help to 'show him
the way'.

     So you say to him, "Well, it ain't this way bud", you turn him
around and show him the direction where he WAS going that would heal

     "...the direction where he WAS going that would HEAL ANYTHING."

     You see?

     A secondary substitute purpose is saying "Well, I didn't make it
being a doctor, so I am going to be a garbage man instead."

     Fortunately the world needs 7 am garbage men, so the ploy works.

     The dwindling spiral consists of endless layers of secondary
substitutes piling on top of an original primary purpose in a high state
of failure, pretending it will succeed by doing something else.

     It takes great courage to travel the road of cowardice for there is
only darkness and doom up ahead that NO ONE can confront.

     How can you get to A by going to B?

     How can you get to A by STAYING at Z?

     Cowardice is doing something else, and doing something else is
always powered by cowardice.

     "There may be such a thing as Courage, but there is no such thing
as sanity totally opposed." - LRH

     Suppressed GPM items can not be run by asking questions.

     It is not possible to run "What is it?" and run not know at the
same time.

     GPM items have been NOT KNOWN.  You need to run off the not know
before the knowingness of what they are will come back.

     The power of GPMS is running him.  Standing aside and trying to
divine what they are, is like trying to see your gas tank in a car going
300 miles an hour.  Forget the gas tank, just GO.

     If he can't GO, then get him to NOT GO, but for heaven's sake do
not get him squirreled around looking for the gas tank or a road map.

     Have your preclear get the idea of asking a question with all his
might, and then refusing the answer with all his might on the same item
at the same time.

     That's an AND.

     Wanna know AND don't wanna know.

     If he is doing that, have him spot it and run it out, such activity
must not be a part of his survival repertoire.

     Physical isometrics make the body strong, but mental isometrics
make the spirit insane.

     Exerting the effort to ask "What is it?" runs the item IN, and
creates intractable somatics, that not even suicide will end, as being's
take their somatics with them when they die.

     His after life, whether good or bad, is a kind of somatic, a heaven
or hell, arising from the GPMS he is involved in.

     Heavens are winning, hells are losing.

     After-life heavens and hells can be run out before death or after,
at which point the being is free to be reborn again or not on his own

     If these heavens and hells are not fully run out, either during the
life or after, your preclear will dramatize both for a while, and then
get reborn again anyhow on one of the flows still operating.

     It other words he will be coming in on a heaven flow or a hell

     In either case they will continue to alternate during his life, and
after until if and when they are all run clear.

     Without clearing, the being builds up endless layers of heaven and
hell flows, none of which ever reach closure.

     His eventual fate, too horrible to imagine, is something like a 9
to 5 PhD at Cornell.

     A know it all who knows nothing of worth.

     If you are wondering, a clear probably would not choose to be
reborn in ignorance again, but he might :)

     GPM somatics are not a body thing.

     Courage and cowardice are not mortal issues, they are immortal
issues, as the being, pretending to be a mortal body, is already
drowning in a sea of glue made of cowardice and self deceit, hanging on
to his drift wood of secondary substitutes.

     Exerting the effort to not know for a while, runs the not-isness on
the item out, and the item will appear in its own good time, at which
point your preclear can run with it again, and then be done with it
according to his free choice at the time.

     You gotta get his car running on its track again, like it was
before he got into trouble, before he can bring it to a controlled stop.

     After a long time of suppression, that GPM is going to want to GO
when it sees the light of day again, you get the picture?


     There is some attraction to being fair chosenly nuts in a time
stream chasing after pretty girls or some such thing.

     If he wants it, why chase after it, why not just have it?

     You see that's SPIRIT OF PLAY coming into it, Spirit of Play wants
to PLAY more than it wants to have the wiener that it wins at the end,
or a place to put it,

     CHASING the pretty girl, well that's fun, but HAVING a pretty girl?

     Just make sure you have a prenup handy.

     Spirit of Play enjoys defeat as much as it enjoys triumph, as long
as it made the other side wonder, and it will try to optimize its games
so that it gets equal amounts of both winning and losing with LOTS of
play in between.

     Short games, easily won or easily lost, are anathema to Spirit of

     Spirit of Play would play forever and never win or lose if it
could.  It dreams of the endless volley but may push it to a win or a
lose once in a while in order to start a new one.


     As far as auditing is concerned ignorance (not know for a while) is

     Wouldn't it be great if you could know anything just by not knowing
it INTENTIONALLY for a while?

     Do you know how many questions you have left in total failure on
your whole track, never daring to not know them even for a moment, lest
you waste precious time when you could be trying harder to answer them?

     It's that sucking in, wanting to know, that keeps the whole track
caved in on you, and the key to the whole shebang is the ability and
willingness to not know for while every single one of those questions,
until you know again, and can dispense with them all.



     Beings think that if they give up trying to know the answers to
questions, they will forget them and never come back to them.

     And as they thought, so it became.

     If they had thought instead that if they forgot their questions and
let them be, the answers would all appear in their own good time, they
would have all the answers they ever wanted, and wouldn't have a whole
track bank glued to their faces still trying to know.

     Even though people forgot their questions, they did so in FAILURE
AND APATHY, rather than expectation of knowing, and THEY ARE STILL

     The efforts to answer forgotten questions never go away, they get
converted into efforts to play basket ball, drink beer, or some other

     The guy picks up a fork to stick a piece of meat in his mouth,
that's an effort he once used long ago to answer a question that didn't
work.  He is no longer aware of the question, but he's doing the effort
in present time on a substitute.

     That's why when a being is off purpose, pretending he is on
purpose, EVERYTHING he is doing is a substitute, and thus everything
hurts and he feels lower at the end of the day, more empty, more
useless, more dead.

     Once the being got the idea he had to know RIGHT NOW to survive, he
was doomed.

     The truth was he had to be able to NOT KNOW for a while to survive.

     Ultimate eternal survival results from total as-isness, which
results from running out all the alter-isness off of things, the FALSE

     But that can only happen after the NOT-ISNESS and pretending there
is nothing to know is run out.

     As you run not know, the somatics will abate, your body will feel
better, your energy and courage will begin to return based on the
ABSENCE of dramatizing TRYING TO KNOW, acting along secondary
substitutes, and the pain of cowardice, and THEN the correct item will

     Running not-know creates a small temporary native state while the
suppression blows off and runs out.

     Native state feels good, certainly better than flaming hells
forever powered by false knowing and stupid question asking.

     Stupidity is defined as ENFORCED unknownness of exact

     When a person thinks he knows but doesn't, that's what glues in his
stupidity.  His continued thought that he knows, continues the
enforcement on his not knowing.

     One audits stupidity by running NOT KNOW on all the stupid things
he thinks he knows no matter how bright he thinks they are.

     When the not know is gone and he comes back to the prime original
consideration on any problem, he won't be stupid any more, but neither
will that knowingness persist because it will be a true as-isness,
resulting in a true not know of native state a moment later.

     Native state is FAIR CHOSEN not knowing.

     Spiritual death is ENFORCED not knowing.

     Native state knows it is not knowing because there is nothing there
to know.

     Spiritual death is trying to know because it believes there is
nothing being not known.

     All aberration is ENFORCED native state.

     Enforced native state means the being has chosen to know something,
then chosen to not know it, but continues to think he has to know it to
survive but now somehow can't.

     He is too busy trying to know again, rather than trying to not know

     Thus the knowing that he created gets stuck on, but remains
unknowable, because he continues to try to know it through the not know
he placed over it, rather than duplicate the not know and let the not
know vanish on its own.

     Persistence of not know is caused by refusal to take responsibility
for, and to reoperate the not knowing, and trying to know instead.

     Hells forever are the result of trying to KNOW to escape an
ENFORCED not knowing.

     Reengaging FAIR CHOSEN not know, consciously and actively, for a
while, reengages native state which vanishes all things including the
false and enforced not know made of force, effort, and black mass that
has been laid down on a being's GPM items, to cover them up, and to make
them 'never have been.'

     Your preclear has been seeking his items for EVER, the quest for
peace grows old.  He knows something is up, he knows he is wrong, but he
would never admit it, he wouldn't dare, he knows he would never live it
down should it all come to light.

     The MECHANISM of descent escapes him, and yet only in the exact
nature of that mechanism is his pride retained.

     Thus only in restoring awareness of that mechanism does one restore
him to operating pride.

     "Pegasus had wings of pride, Eternal Omni Operating Pride." - Adore

     Your preclear has flown Pegasus to where he is now, and then forgot
his horse, his true self, even existed.

     So during auditing, his items start to appear for the first time in
forever, and you have him say, "Nope not now, in a while, I am going to
have some tea."

     As long as your preclear's intent is only for a while, and NOT
FOREVER, the whiles will become shorter and shorter between reeruption,
reascension of his item from the underground.  And once the whiles
finally allow it to surface it will be soft and comfortable and
FRIENDLY, his upset with HIMSELF will end, as all the pressure and
enragement from 'who did this to me?' will have been let off during
their prior repeated conscious refusals for a while.


     The item will not arise if the pc has the slightest doubt about his
involvement in who did what to whom.  He did it to himself.  Running not
know gets him back into the sovereign seat of creating not know, THEN
once he KNOWS the not know is his own, he will be willing to know WHAT
he not knew, the item, again.

     He will never get rid of the somatics by trying to find the item by
question asking, or looking harder, or God save him, looking for proof
that he not knew the item himself, before he tries to duplicate the not

     HE NOT KNOWED, what proof did he leave behind him now that he
didn't also NOT KNOW.

     Prove it cases hate that, but they are alas in their own jail cell
of not knowing that they not knowed.

     The prove it case needs to know he not knowed before he is willing
to not know in order to recover knowing.

     Thus he never makes it.

     He doesn't have to believe or have faith that he not knew the item
himself, all he has to do is PRETEND THAT MAYBE HE DID OR COULD NOT KNOW

     It is the EFFORT that counts, not any understanding about the

      All he has to do is not know again, and that will spring the
earlier not know that he no longer believes or knows he did.  THEN he
will have his proof.

      Once he is doing the not know himself in present time and knows it,
it doesn't matter who originally did it or not.

      He will find the item by chilling out the somatics, by
redramatizing not know for a while against it, intentionally and without

      Somatics are caused by breaking the not-know forever too fast and
with out responsibility for having laid it down in the first place.

       Somatics are caused by trying to rip the lid off of Pandora's Box.

       The proper way is to close it again by sitting on it until the
latch clears, then SLOWLY stand up and letting everything crawl out free
and clear.

       The box has a latch which locks when you press it closed.

       Pressing it closed AGAIN, unlocks it.

       Pulling on a closed latch will never open it.

      Your preclear has used (hired and payed) BT's and clusters to help
him lay down the not know and keep it in place with out his own effort
or attention any more.  They balk at a sudden change in direction and
create backflow and pain.

      The same would happen with out the BT's/Clusters helping him but
the kickback would not be as serious.

      As it is, he has used the power of hundreds of trillions of other
beings closely packed into his own space to help him remain comatose and
oblivious to his and their own IMMORTAL true purposes and failures in
life.  They and he need to be woken up SLOWLY.

      You wake up a BT/Cluster/Self by maintaining and putting it back to
sleep consciously for a while and then letting off on the intent to
sleep a little at a time, over days, weeks, months.

      Sleep doesn't only mean unconscious, it can also mean conscious but
oblivious.  Some are unconscious, some are quite conscious but utterly
utterly utterly oblivious.

      Kind of like that PhD we were talking about.

      Thus the ability to create or maintain unconsciousness and
oblivion, FOR A WHILE, in self and others, are important auditing
survival tools.


       Persistence consists of a stack that looks like this:

       Native State

      As-isness is prime creation through postulate without persistence.

      The instant the being takes his attention off the thing, it will
vanish as if never created, no trace remains.

      Alter-isness alters the prime creation into a persisting Is-ness,
via the addition of significance through considerations.

      This is what you see and know about in the work a day universe.

      Not-isness covers an Is-ness in black, in a false effort to vanish

      Aberration is the effort to vanish unwanted is-ness via not-isness
rather than as-isness.

      Auditing is the process of bringing your preclear out of a state of
not-isness (unconsciousness and oblivion) on his own true items.

      Duplicating the not-isness (by making more of it), as-ises the
not-isness, revealing the persisting is-ness underneath.

      Duplicating the alter-isness (by making more of it) on the
persisting is-ness, as-ises the alter-isness revealing the prime
as-isness underneath.

      Letting go of the prime as-isness results in total vanishment as if
none of it had ever been.

      Thus auditing out not-know results in knowing via facility in
creating more not-know, not by trying to know.

      The result of facility with not-know is knowing, and then
vanishment leading to native state which is true not know.

      The result of trying to know in the face of not-knowing, is
continued not knowing with endless somatics.

       You can not as-is not knowing with knowing.

      You can only as-is not knowing with not knowing.

      If you make an apple and you want to vanish it, you need to

      If you make some not-isness and you want to vanish it, you need to

      Get this and don't leave it.

      The effort to know in the face of not knowing, will break your
spine and leave you in hell forever.  Just don't do it, let your worst
enemies do it.

      For a while :)

      On your enemies run:

      "Can you be perfect, hurry up and try harder to remember

      On your friends run:

      "Not know something!"

      Question asking is the effort to know, the effort to wake everyone
up at once, its like a loud alarm clock going off when you have not had
enough sleep.

      And it rips the body to pieces from the inside out, and the more he
asks 'Why?' or "What is causing this?", the worse it gets.


      Making more of something will work in the right place and the right
time, but only if engaged in with intent and understandings, not with a
desperate last ditch effort TO KNOW.

      This is the difference between running some dramatization in,
and running it out.

      In both cases you are dramatizing the item, but when running it in
you are serious about the dramatization and are not responsibly present,
and when running it out, you are dramatizing on purpose after having put
the entire scene there, and are responsibly present trying to vanish it.

      Anyhow the best answer to dramatizing question asking is to not
know intentionally and for a while, until the truth appears in its own
good time.

      But you have to not know with the intent to find out, to resolve,
and THEN to vanish, not with the intent to forget forever.

      Resignation is acceptance (forever) with expectation of failure.
to do anything about the item.

      As-isness is acceptance (for a while) with expectation of
vanishment of the item.

      Thus one should not know with expectation of vanishment of the
not know.

      The original intent was to not know FOREVER (in time), to pretend a
faux native state non existence using effort, force, covering in black
and not-isness.

      Native State is a jealous God, only true native state is forever
and that's outside of time.

      The curative intent is to not know for a WHILE, allowing the false
intent to not know FOREVER to run out as deadly silliness.

      If you postulate a forever in time, that is exactly what you get,
in time forever.  (As long as you keep postulating that way.)

      Is that really what you want?

      As for your preclear, if there is still pain in his space, he is
still trying to solve a not know forever, by trying to know, rather than
not know again for a while.

      He originally put a billion tons of force into not knowing, and
intended that it be that way forever, so he mustn't dilettante around
with this process or it will turn on more pain than he can imagine.

       I been there, I kid you not.  The last scream of a being dying in
pain is "Why?"

       Convert "Why is it?" into "It is.  Why?"

       Can you see now why it is?

      It is, is a causal postulate that brings about what it says.

      The primary not know of the mortal is that they are indeed immortal
and dreaming and detest it, and beyond that eternal and asleep.

      How much not know does that take?

      How many GPMs, how many items, how many life times, how many
questions, how much hysteria, shock, catatonia, and oblivion, must he be
not knowing to maintain this delusion that he lives once and dies once
and that's it bud?

      How much responsibility for his own condition does he have to
package up and flush out the tubes to get that deluded anyhow?

      And you are going to audit him?

      If he can be gotten to muster up that much not knowing,
intentionally and FOR A WHILE, he will smooth it all out, it will become
well behaved, his BT/Clusters will sigh a breath of relief that is
palpable, that he can feel, and they will cooperate fully in releasing
it all, in its own good time, powered by the intent to surface by not
knowing for a while.

      Your preclear is an eternal spirit crucified on the cross of
immortality, and buried alive in the ground of mortality.

      Self auditing is asking 'What is wrong with me' until dead.

      Who, how, what, where, when, why, and which, are nails in the

      Was it, Has it, Is it, Will it, Can it, Could it, Should it, Would
it are the ropes that lower the coffin into the grave.

      Am I, Are we, Are they, and all the rest of the questions on Earth
are the worms that crawl around his eternal spirit in the darkness
forever for free.

      Self auditing can be cured with,

       "Spot the effort to think and not think about the same subject at
the same time."

       To ask questions and not answer them at the same time.

       E/P: Run to "Oh Phooey with that!"

      Solo auditing is "Well I feel some volcano wants to blow its lid
here, I think I will go have some tea."

       Getting into the tea puts the lid back on the volcano purposefully,
intentionally, volitionally, consciously and FOR A WHILE.

       No tea?


       "Spot NO   courage." (NO means pretended no, not-isness on courage.)
       "Spot SOME courage."

       Run it back and forth, get the rhythm, get the sync, and the
volcano will chill out and pop the next item on the stack in its own
good time for your viewing pleasure and endless relief.

       And Christ, get an auditor already will you?

       "Spot NO   fear.
       "Spot SOME fear."

      E/P: knows what he is afraid of, worst and best life and death,
past, present and future, and can make it come up and deal with it as it
comes up.


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