Hubbard: All aberration is enforced native state.

      Homer: All aberration is the effort to as-isness something by
not-ising it.


      There is:

      Native state - no manifestation

      As-isness - manifestation but no significance or know about

      Alter-ising - adding significance (know about)

      Is-ness - persistence resulting from alter-ising as-isness

      Not-ising - covering an is-ness with effort, force, mass, blackness
and invisibility, producing an apparency of vanishment or as-isness.

      Native state and as-isness are top of the tone scale.

      Isness is middle of the tone scale, spirit of play.

      Not-isness is bottom of tone scale, leading to spiritual death.

      Anything a being can KNOW, BE, DO or HAVE, he can also NOT KNOW,

      Top scale he can not know, not be, not do or not have via
as-isness, resulting in total vanishment and native state, or basic
truth, which is "nothing there", or no manifestation.

      Basic truth is what is true before any created truths or conscious
manifestations are created.

      Basic Truth is eternal and the same for all.

      Created truths are temporal and different for all, except as they
agree to share them in common playing fields (virtual universes).

      Bottom scale he can not know, not be, not do or not have via
not-isness, (effort, force, mass, blackness and invisibility), resulting
in the apparency of total vanishment, the apparency of native state and
basic truth, but it is only the apparency of nothing there.

      A not-isness is something there covered in black or invisibility in
order to look like a nothing there.

      Bottom scale is ENFORCED top scale.

      All aberration is enforced native state.

      Enforced means he thinks he doesn't have a choice about it and
trying to make sure he doesn't.

      Native state is naturally not know, not be, not do, not have, not
create, not be responsible for, not control, no affinity, no reality (no
agreement), no communication, and no understanding, because there is
nothing yet created to relate to.

      Bottom scale is top scale entombed in mass, forgetfulness,
occlusion, oblivion and non existence.

      Top scale he has not yet created.

      Bottom scale he can't create, but considers he is being created, if
he has any consciousness to consider with left.

      Top scale he has a choice about nothing there.

      Bottom scale he doesn't have a choice about nothing there, or so he
thinks, as he has covered all the something there with not-isness.

      Avichi means the hell of enforced 'nothing there'.

      He can't put anything there.

      If he would simply PUT NOTHING THERE via conscious not-isness,
rather than resist the apparent nothing there by trying to put something
there and failing, it would all start to come apart and he would come up
scale again into a world of forgotten and occluded something theres.

      In between top scale and bottom scale he can engage in KNOW, BE, DO
and HAVE, including some NOT know, be, do or have, via facility in
as-isness, alter-ising, ISNESS and some not-isness.

      This would be games and spirit of play.

      For example he can BE an elephant.

      Being an elephant is an isness.

      An isness is an as-isness adorned (altered) with significances.

       Significances are:

       "When  is it?"  (Time and duration)
       "Where is it?"  (Location)
       "How   is it?"  (How is it being created?)
       "Who   is it?"  (What beings are involved in it?)
       "Why   is it?"  (Why was it created?)
       "What  is it?"  (What is it's first and primary significance?)

       For the purposes of this bulletin we will add two more, but they
are subsumed under the others above.

       "What is it used for?"   (Why?)
       "Who uses it?"           (Who?)

       So your preclear is being an elephant.

      If he were to simply be the big gray mass that formed an elephant,
he would be being an as-isness, and it would vanish as the first breeze
took his attention off of it.

      (This is hard to do in the physical universe because he is BEING a
body LOOKING at an elephant, but get him out of his body where he can BE
the elephant, and vanishment for him becomes real easy, almost too easy
in fact which is why he has gone to all this trouble to make vanishing
things so hard.

      We are not trying to vanish the physical universe, we are trying to
vanish his involvement in the physical universe up to a point, and
certainly vanish everything in his personal universe that is unwanted
and no longer under his absolute control, perhaps not including those
things he WANTS to be out of his control.

      So we apply these principles first to our own universe, then to a
shared universe between two beings, then more beings, then maybe
eventually everyone.

      But he would be a total God at that moment, for if a God is
distracted for even a moment from a universe, it WILL cease to exist FOR
HIM.  But it will continue to exist for others, only less hard by just
that amount added to it by a being who was in it but no longer is.

      He could get others to as-is their own copy and involvement in the
universe too, but only by coming back into the universe, being them, and
getting them to as-is it.  But we have strong agreements to not do that,
people like their game even when they hate it.)

      So there is your pc being a big gray mass that may look like an
elephant to you, but to him its a meaning free as-isness.

      Oops, there it goes, as he makes a small pink mass.

      But if he is being the big gray mass that is "an ELEPHANT," that
had a mother and a father who created it, that was born in India, eats
hay, leaves poops, has tusks for ivory, and is useful as a work animal,
is hard to get on, which has another little elephant hanging on to its
tail, which he then has to take care of and feed every night, well then
he has covered the as-isness of the big gray mass in so many
significances that the original gray mass as-isness has become
alter-ised into an ISNESS that has persistence in space and time, no
matter how much he tries to take his attention OFF of it!

      He CAN'T take his attention off of it, that's what IMPINGEMENT is.

      The persistence of the elephant is such that it can step on him and
crush him to death.

      That's *PERSISTENCE* because it can out persist him!

      His own body is out persisting him.

      The persisting world consists of layers of meaningful significances
covering a foundational panoply of meaningless as-isnesses.

      New born babies are prone to seeing the world in as-isnesses,
adding significances over time solidifies it for them so they can no
longer get out.

      Every time they wail, another layer of imprisoning significance has
just been laid down on them, either about the world around them, or
their own self in the world.


      There is a very simple process to run on new people that can have
very deep and immediate effects.

      The process, without any indoctrination or explanation, gets the
preclear to spot an object and name it.

      That's it.

      By naming it, the preclear is doing a touch assist on the ball of
significances that go with the object.

       Auditor:   "Spot an Object"
       Preclear:  "Ok"
       Auditor:   "Good, name it."
       Preclear:  "It's a couch."
       Auditor:   "Good.  Spot an Object."

      After doing this for a while the preclear will have an epiphany
reperception of the world consisting of a layer of meaningful
significance on top of a layer of meaningless as-isness.

      He will stop thinking the significances are the thing, and take
back responsibility for creating significances in order to cause things
to persist beyond the time his attention is on them.

      One can extend the process if necessary to the following:

       "Spot an object."
       "Name it."      ***NEVER NEVER EVER USE "What is it?"***
       "What is it used for?"
       "Who or what uses it?"

      That will take him out into the reticulum of significances holding
the whole world together for him.

      A reticulum is a web of connections of significances that spreads
out from each object to connect to almost every other object.

      What's a broom?

      A broom is used to clean the house of dirt by a maid.

      What's a maid?  What's a house?  What is dirt?

      You see how the reticulum of significances spreads out almost

      The first intent of the process is to process the physical universe
only, but if you wish to process both objective and subjective
actualities, then change the first command to:

      "Spot something."

      "Something" should be taken to mean "some what" or "some one."

      Run on all parts of the body, its sub systems, and super systems,
and any and all somatics or masses, or pictures or phenomenon that turn
on, including other beings and their manifestations.

      E/P: Preclear sees how he is creating the persisting world via the
continuous creation of and response to significances and is again in
conscious willing control of doing so.

      Run enough, the preclear will be able to zone out to where he can
perceive the world free of any significances at all, and have to rebuild
his state, significance by significance, to operate in the world again.

      He is operating in a transitional state between native state and
manifestation, without adding on the significance layer necessary to
render the world of manifestation functional and operational in time.

      Without significance, time does not move as there is no reason for
it to.

      Peace is significance free.

      Say your preclear is in native state.

      Is he worried, no, he is in unfathomable peace.

      He creates a manifestation, adds a significance to it, gets all
excited and worried about it, and then not-ises it in the hopes it will
go away.

      But now he is forever bothered by a black mass that he is desperate
to get rid of as it follows him EVERYWHERE.

      He knows there is a significance hidden in the black mass, but
doesn't know what it is.

      He wants TO KNOW THE SIGNIFICANCE so bad, he is unwilling to not
know it more for a while.


      It is that needing to know what did him in, that is doing him in.

      He can know, but he needs to NOT KNOW for a while, in order to stop
being done in, because it ain't the hidden significance that is doing
him in, its the needing to know what it is, and yet also feeling he
dares not know at the same time lest it do him in again.

      That dare not know is why he not-ised it in the first place, for
fear it would do him in.  But it was the wanting to know after the fact
of not knowing it, that actually started the process of doing him in.

      You can feel the forces of the 'wanting to know/dare not know'
tearing you up inside.

      Chill it out with not know and being significance free for a while.

      You will know it again.

       You see in native state he didn't know the significance because he
hadn't created it yet.  Yet he was at peace.

       Then he creates it and covers it, and now he is all hysterical
about not knowing what the significance is.

       If you could bypass all the not-isness and then finally knowing,
and just go back to native state without ever knowing what the
significance was, would you remain crazy wanting to know?

       This is why when people go up the pole and end up in native state
not knowing everything for a while, they are drawn back down into their
black masses, because the call to know all these significances that they
are not knowing, is just too strong.  They have to know them again for a
while, before they will be willing to not know them again forever in a
true native state.

       That's fine, but the only way to regain knowing for a while a
significance you have chosen to not know with force and mass is to not
know it some more for a while.

       Then you can know it for a while.

       Then you can let it go forever as if it never were.


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