This is for the true Scners that read a.r.s list in awe of its vile

     Some of that vileness comes from truly malignant meatballs, live
once, die once, that its bud.

     They are still trying to die forever by pretending they WILL die at
the end of this body's life.

     Many meatballs however are intelligent, they WANT to live forever,
but just don't believe it and for good reason if you understand the
structure of the tone scale and its decent, and the many lies of duality
marbled through many religions on this Earth at this time.

     But I suspect the vast majority of vileness pretending to be
intelligent skepticism comes from the raging insane Christian asshole.

     They can be known by their creed, but you probably have missed it
on many of the posters here on a.r.s.  So you think you are talking to a
reasonable skeptic, but in fact are talking to a Devil's demon, fiddling
the Devil's Tune.

     Their creed, the Devil's Tune, is pretty simple,

     1.) God made us without our consent, and God can destroy us without
their consent.

     2.) God then dumped those he made into a meat grinder called the
physical universe, and judges those by how they behave, regardless of
how the good are hammered by the bad.

     3.) God only loves those that obey him, and suck up to his Cult of
Personality, Jesus.

     4.) Someone else can pay your ticket for you.

     5.) Those that God doesn't like or admire, he judges and then sends
to hell to suffer, either forever, or for a while after which he
destroys the whole seething mess.

     6.) The sins of 4 score years are worthy of suffering or being
destroyed forever.  This God can't or won't figure out how to save

     7.) All of life is NOT God itself in carnation.

     8.) God and Soul are two different objects.

     9.) Their Holy Book superceeds direct scientific evidence.  They
have a strong tendency to write the Book first, and do the science
second, and then reject the science that disagrees with their Book.

     10.) They walk around with a HORRENDOUS case of amnesia, and claim
that because THEY can't remember their past, it didn't happen, and if
YOU remember your past, you are deluded by the Devil.

     11.) You never feel good around these people, because they can not
bond with those they are SURE are going to hell forever.  Nor can they
bond with those they think MIGHT go to hell forever, which is everyone,
for there is no way to know if you are saved until after you die.

     12.) So they pray hard, repent hard, sin hard, and go spinning down
the toilet of total irresponsibility for condition.

     13.) Their greatest fear of admitting they have lived before, is
their fear they will come back in their next life as a Jew or a Muslim.


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