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     To the deeply and abysmally aberrated, if you say the word MASTER
they immediately and convulsively think MASTER AND SLAVE, rather than
MASTER and APPREHENTICE.  Thus they can not deal with being an
apprehentice to a true master, and thus they never become true masters,
except perhaps a master of slaves who themselves will never become

     If you say the word SUPERIOR, they immediately and convulsively
can not deal with being a junior to a true superior, and thus never
become true superiors, except perhaps superiors over inferiors who
themselves will never become superiors.

     If you say the word LEADER, they immediately and convulsively think
one who gives orders for others to follow, rather than one who leads
followers to become leaders as he is.  Thus they can not deal with being
a follower to a true leader, and thus never become true leaders except
perhaps to give orders to followers who themselves will never lead.

     Thus leadership in a business is the ability to get lower people to
rise to be leaders themselves.

     If you say the word GUARDIAN, they immediately and convulsively
think GUARDIAN AND PRISONER, rather than GUARDIAN AND WARD.  Thus they
can not can not deal with being a WARD to a true GUARDIAN, for example
to a Supreme Being or even themselves as God in carnation, and thus
never become true guardians, except perhaps guardians over prisoners who
themselves will never become guardians.
     Ignore such people, as they are worth less than the mud at the
bottom of the sea.
     From Adore's God, Man, Woman and Child:

     Mastership is the ability to make masters out of apprehentices.
     Superiorship is the ability to make superiors out of juniors.
     Leadership is the ability to make leaders out of followers.

     Guardianship is the ability to make guardians out of wards.

     And thus,

     Children are leaders of Gods at the next grade down.

     Women are leaders of children.

     Men are leaders of women.

     Gods are leaders of men.

     Children in the next grade up are the leaders of Gods in the
present grade."

     Womyn in particular hate this stuff and will openly vocalize their
virulence about it.  They can't help it. That's how you know them :)

     Forget NOTS, just say:


     to them and watch them froth.

     Men love this stuff, as down deep they know it is true, but they
will not openly admit it because they are still trying to get laid.

     However some women are bright enough to look to their men to teach
them how to be better men in their next life time.  Nothing like being
able to apprehentice to a real man for a whole life, or two, before
having to taking on the role oneself.

     (Listen to the lower grade women scream...)

     "If I were a man I'd have a sex change operation!"  - Cindy ca 1985

     True story.

     The point is a womyn will turn her son into a sub womyn or a man in
the next grade down, and HE will then embark on an effort to destroy the
world in order to get back at his mother.

     The purpose of motherhood is to create men who are LEADERS and not
followers or slaves to womynhood.

     The question all women need to ask before giving birth to a son is,
are you willing to create a Master?  Superior?  Leader?  Guardian?

     One who will lead you to safe haven in this life, and lead you to
becoming a male yourself in this or a higher grade in a future life?

     Men have the same question to ask of their daughters, are they
willing to create a woman in a higher grade who will lead him upwards
into the higher grades himself as a women in a later life?

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Date:         Sat, 07 Oct 89 22:38:03 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     You know how women get on my case for pointing out how they are
responsible for how their sons turn out?  They always say I am blaming
everything on the mother.

     Actually the truth is these women are trying to escape blame for
the outcome of their own actions.

     If you CHOOSE to have a child you are FULLY ACCOUNTABLE for how
they turn out.

     Just as the Captain of a ship is responsible for discipline on his
ship, so too is your family a ship, you are the captain and/or co
the son turns out criminal, you yourself must have a criminal streak 3
miles wide that let it go unnoticed OR UNHANDLED in your son.

     Any criminal streak can be handled, but not by a criminal.

     Since the mother is the one with most contact with the child during
the first 5 years of life, she is most responsible for the development
of the child's sense of ethics, fair play, self worth, productivity and
world view.  If you treat your son like a little slave, a doll in your
doll house or a girl, he will return the favor later to other women.
     You think there is some other cause?
     You flatter yourself.

     Adore is adamant about this point, probably to weed out the
inferior females who not only can not stomach responsibility in any
guise, but who especially can not stomach responsibility for men and how
they treat women.

     Women feel dependant on men, those with any awareness do anyhow.

     They NEED a man to provide for themselves and their children.
     But they wish men were their slaves and would do their bidding.
     However women do not have the scope, span, depth and field to
determine the course of existance any more than the sailor can well
determine the course of his ship.  
     Not even men have the ability to determine the farthest goals of
the ship's destination.  This is for the Gods.  Even the Captain of the
ship has his Supreme Commander.  The point is the hierarchy goes upward,
not downward.

     Every aberrated junior would like to make a slave out of their
superior.  The superior is trying to make an apprehentice out of the
junior so that the junior can be a superior too one day.  The junior is
trying to make a slave out of the superior so that the superior can stay
a superior forever and work for the junior.  The junior does not want to
become a superior, he does not want the blame or the responsibility for
being in command.  He wants the superior to take all the blame but to do
the junior's bidding anyhow.

     One finds this rampant in families at all levels within the family.

     So women, if you wish a world full of advanced men that treat women
in a properly advanced fashion, then procreate them into existance and
train them to be pilots rather than little slaves to womyn.  They WILL
return the favor.

     If you wish to train women to be pilots too, that is fine.

     Leave the innocence and blamelessness and sweetness and light and
victimhood to inferiors of your own kind.  Like pigs in mud, they will
revel in it and thank you for the opportunity.

     Do women deserve the damage their own sons wreck upon them either
directly or indirectly.
     God did not give woman a brain so that she could blame her
condition on her own sons.

Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/07/89 No subject

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