> Let me get this straight. You're going to blame a child for being
> abused?  Hoh, man.

     There are two separate subjects here, abuse and traumatic scarring 

     The child is abused because he has entered an arena where abuse
falls on everyone, randomly, some way worse than others.  Its a luck
of the draw kind of thing.

     Some times your parents are your friends, sometimes they aren't.

     Some would say the spirit knew in general what he was getting in to, 
when he decided to assume a body before or after birth, it doesn't matter 
as the rules of karma apply to the animal without spirit also.

     Trauma (unhealingness) is not the result of what is done to a person, 
but is the result of what the person does to himself in response to the 

     The basic wrong effort is the attempt to as-is a hurt by not-ising it.

     Animals do this instinctively, that's why there are made of engrams.

     Spirits might know better, but they tend to act as animals while 
occupying one.

     One may not expect a child, who lacks wisdom, to do anything else than 
the wrong thing in response to the trauma, but in fact during session many 
years later, the trauma only heals when the preclear figures out what he 
SHOULD have done during the actual moment of abuse to make it healing 
rather than unhealing.

     Being able to heal it now is knowing how he could have healed it then.

     As-isness now is as-isness then.

     That's a Cog, with Very Good Indicators, and erasure of WHAT THE 
PRECLEAR DID TO HIMSELF, the permanent scarring.  If the preclear keeps 
that cog with him, the NEXT time he is abused, he will be much less likely 
to make the same mistake again, even in a future life.

     And he won't suck victimhood so hard onto himself, to justify
the bad things he does accidentally or intentionally later.

     He may still get abused, non abusive mothers are few and far between 
in the zombie zone (Earth), but he won't be as prone to turn into a 
seething thumb sucking basket case for the rest of his life when it 
happens.  And when he does do wrong, he will confess easily, repent, and 
sin no more, rather than make his wrongs right and turn himself into a 
serial wrong factory.

     Since very few people have had any auditing for many lifetimes now,
this is a new thing.

     However prior or later guilts which the preclear is carrying from his 
own misdeeds that are regretted, but which are assuaged by having been 
abused earlier or later, must be confessed first, before the trauma will 
lift, as no preclear will heal from a victimhood that he has a PRIOR or 
LATER vested interest in keeping around.

     People use their victimhood with great skill to negotiate cheap 
survival in later life.

     Nonetheless, it is not ok you hurt your girl friend later, because 
your mama hurt you earlier.  The trauma about mama earlier will not lift 
until the regret is run off about the girl friend later because the abuse 
from mama is being used to justify how it was right to hurt the girl 
friend later rather than confess the regret and give the apology to the 
girl friend.

     Karma does not mean that if you do bad you will get bad, karma means 
that bad falls on everyone, but if you have done bad before or later, and 
use the bad that happened to you to JUSTIFY AND MAKE RIGHT the bad you did 
to another, then the bad that was done to you will stick and never heal.

     It is particularly egregious when the bad that happened to you 
happened AFTER the bad you did to another, as the time reversal of 
justification destroys the being's ability to get an honest view of his 
own time track. He thus pulls it in on himself, and it bites him hard and 
it bites him for good.

     Mother's do this to their children all the time, "You hurt me when you 
were a teen, and so it is ok I tried to starve you to death when you were 
a baby, too bad I failed."

     All children have the prior covert withhold of taking over the body 
and 'stealing' it from mother before or after birth.

     That's like someone taking your beloved pet from you.

     The mother comes to hate her pet baby, because of the covert hidden
spirit inside it.

     Thus everything the mother does to the child is used by the child as a 
justification for the earlier overt, taking the body earlier becomes 
'revenge' in the child's mind for everything the mother does later, even 
though taking the body is what got the child into that abusable position 
in the first place, and down deep he imagines he probably 'deserves' 
everything he gets for hurting mother.

     So he is punishing her and punishing himself in the same breath
and can't figure out who started it.

     Truth is he did by taking the body, but society says mother did,
because the child is born 'innocent'.

     The child buys into the lie because it affords him a cheap and easy 
survival route via the pretense of unhealable victimhood.

     This is in part why taking a case apart can be so hard, the 
justifications for revenge go around in circles, wrong is right, and right 
is wrong.

     A clear has to stand up and survive for himself, he can't point
the finger at ANYONE for 'holding him down'.

     Can you imagine God pointing the finger at why He can't get on with 

     Motherhood in fact forms a LONG line to hell.
     But then so does baby hood, mother IS that hell.

     It may be a long time before women go clear.
     And if they don't, men never will.




> Now THAT, is sick......
> Oh, but guess why the child is to blame?
> Because children are immortal beings who have simply re-incarnated and
> should know better than to take  any abuse.
> Damn those newborn infants that get thrown in dumpsters...........
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