X. wrote:

>I don't believe in channeling; I believe in insanity and gullibility.  And if
>I *did* believe in channeling, I certainly wouldn't assume that any being that
>wanted to channel here had it any more together than the inmates.

     LaMMie once wrote to me that when a song comes to him, it comes
as single point that suddenly expands into a linear whole.  He made it
quite clear he was merely picking up on these things and manifesting
them in the physical universe.  He would be the last one to say 'he
wrote it', he didn't, he contacted the music of the spheres and put
one of them to form.

     I too have similar experiences with my own composing.

     So too it is with writing.  When a phrase or a set of words come
to me, I can feel the entire posting there under the surface, I *HAVE*
to write to spill it all out before it gets fucked up forever and
never gets written.  This is in part why I kill people who interrupt
me when I am typing, because if they interrupt the flow, they can
destroy the whole posting and the poetry of expression.

     I am at best a scribe.
     When a good posting is done, I feel I have manifested a diamond
that was covered by the ground, I didn't create it, I dug it up and
polished it off and put it on show.

     That's channeling.  Whether I am channeling BT's, or the
masterpiece plane of consciousness I have no idea, I don't have little
beings talking to me in my head.  Only demons flying me around in my
dreams and they don't speak, they just show me things.

     When musical ditty's come to me, they come to me as a whole, when
ideational ditty's come to me, they come to me as a whole.

     No difference.  One ends up as a song on paper, the other ends up
as a posting on clear-l.