The following details the structure of the whole track.

      This life time echoes that structure, at moments which must be
touched upon, but which will not erase until the whole track moments are
touched upon also.

      It doesn't take much to erase this stuff, one merely has to be
there when it happens and stop DOING it.

      If someone tosses you a ball, drop it, or hold on to it, or run
with it knowingly, but do not run with it unknowingly.

      1.) A - postulation of an original universe A.

      It can be a being's own creation, or he can buy into someone
else's, same thing, a postulate gets him into it.  A universe is a
system of existences (things which exist) and condition(al)s by which
existences can be changed, with built in randomity to thwart easy stable

      Randomity is an unexpected, unintended event, usually a set back to
what ever goal he may develop after the creation of A.  Random events
can be advantageous to the being, but what he does or postulates about
them later, can mess him up just as bad as a set back random event can.

      Randomity doesn't occur until a being is so foolish as to consider
that A is not perfect as it is, and decides to chase something to make A

      Randomity is POWERED by dissatisfaction with the here now.

      Notice that if you have a body, you can't just sit back and do
nothing, because the body has its own games of chase going on, namely
hunger.  The being can't over ride that.

      But if he doesn't have a body, then he can sit back, de-res 
(derender his avatar) from time, and eternalize anytime he wants.

      He comes in as a timeless Eternal Source, Orientation Point and
Game Creator or Taster and quickly flip flops into being a Symbol with
mass, meaning and mobility, or a Game Player or Piece.

      He comes in as 'He is making A' and eventually falls down to 'A is
making him'.

      2.) Chase - chase is the consideration that A is incomplete and
needs to be changed or improved but within the constraints of the
conditions of A.  This creates dissatisfaction with the here-now, and
then time while chasing satisfaction in the future there-then, using the
limited means available to the being as specified in the conditionals of

      Satisfaction is a state of peace and no action.  Sat means
truth/beingness in Sanskrit, thus satisfaction means Sat is Fact.

      Eternal beingness is here differentiated from temporal

      3.) B - B is the goal created in 2, a vision of final improvement
in A that transforms dissatisfaction back into satisfaction.

      B is the vision statement for the being with regards to A, 'A
better world through...'

      What the being DOES to accomplish B is his mission statement.

      A came with a river but no bridge.  The being conceives B, chasing
a bridge, and spends the next 20 years doing so.  When it is completed,
he calls it the Brooklyn Bridge, and dies a happy man.

      A came with a lot of knowledge but no wisdom.  The being conceives
chasing wisdom and writing it on the internet so it will persist into
future generations.  When the work is completed he calls it A Divine
Operating Religion, and dies a happy man.

      From "Fractured Fairy Tails We Have Known."

      4.) Postulate - an unintended, unexpected event, usually counter to
his goal B, born of randomity.  The primary postulate is the FACT of the
event that happens.

      He is walking down the street looking at a pretty girl, and WHAM he
runs into a street sign.  No idea this was going to happen, no volition
in present time to make it happen, but there it is, a random event, in
this case negative, that acts as a prime postulate against his goal to
walk down the street.

      The idea that the event is a FAILURE per se, that it is a negative
event, that he has to go see a doctor, that the girl thinks he is a
clown and can't stop laughing, is a secondary postulate that happens
after the event.

      A has tossed him a ball, and now he is running with it to the
doctors, away from the girl, and to a miserable future all around.

      Such random events are programmed into the nature of A by choice,
but awareness of choice is long gone by the time he is chasing B.

      For the most part the being won't shake random events without
shaking A.  However A is not entirely unmalleable.  If the being stops
running with the ball every time A tosses him one, A may start tossing
him pumpkins instead.

      But what the being postulates just after the event, namely that it
is a failure, is a fair chosen, unvetoed choice of the being, in present
time, perhaps born of ignorance of his own abilities to as-is postulates
(events), and need not happen, and thus can be run out.

      A being does not have to be in a state where he 'runs with the
ball', just because A threw him one out of randomity.

      In other words if he makes the secondary postulate of failure, he
can veto it immediately afterwards and let it go, (run it out on the
fly), or he can simply not make the secondary postulate at all.

      When the event happens, he can go deeper into the event to find a
glimpse of his true self, find the pleasure in his eternal being, and
ameliorate most of the pain in the event right there.

      He has to create a whole structure of postulates around him in
order to get into a state where he will automatically create secondary
postulates and run with them (down the tubes) every time a randomity
event occurs.

      5.) Question - A question is WHY, what, who, how, where, when,
usually about cause and what to DO about it, namely to cause MORE, to
deal with the assumed and misplaced cause of the original event.

      Notice that causing MORE is later in time than the original event
whose cause he seeks in order to ameliorate it.

      Cause can only ameliorate its own instantiation, no further
instantiation of cause can vanish the effect of an earlier cause.

      Cause ameliorates itself by continuing to cause for a while, then
letting go and ceasing to cause, not by causing more.

      Anything that puts the being further away in time from the moment
of the original postulate (event) in contention, the more unable the
being will be to vanish its power and tendency to happen again.

      This is pure magic as we are talking about changing the raw nature
of A and what it throws at him.

      A apparently can't be bothered throwing things a beings that don't
bother them.

      6.) Asking - seeking the answer to the question above, creates the
qualms of doom, horror, hideousness, guilt, fear and anxiety, and
murderous rage, because by definition it is a wrong answer.

      He then becomes stuck in the time AFTER the postulate, AND AFTER
the question, chasing a new sub chase which is seeking the answer to the
question.  Chasing anything puts the being further down the time stream
away from prime moments of control and controlability, original cause.

      7.) Creation or acceptance of a wrong answer that matches the
magnitude of the qualms created by the asking.

      8.) The being then uses the wrong answer to create MORE in order to
deal with the original event, which new creations always fail, thus
leading the being to eventually give up.

      9,) New B - The being chooses a substitute goal, smaller in scope
than the original one, and thus creates a chase within a chase probably
with he same end results.  His bridges all fall down, so he starts a
ferry service.  But they all sink, so he starts selling lavenders in the
street, but they all wilt...

      His whole beingness becomes filled with and defined by all the
balls A threw him that he ran with, still looking for the end goal.

      And not a pumpkin in them, its all the same damn kind of ball.

      You see ?

      10.) He continues creating new B's, and failing, until he can't
create any more.

      As an auditor you need to catch him BEFORE he can't create money or
other survival potential for you, because pretty soon he won't be able
to create survival potential for himself either, and he becomes a
basket, er, charity case.


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