Goals create problems when they run into opposition, and problems
of long duration, many lifetimes in some cases, create mental masses
that harm the body and make it difficult to perceive, remember, feel
good and operate.

     If an existing problem does not vanish upon inspection, then there
is an earlier one, going back into the recent cluster of past lives that
are related by common goals and their failures, then into previous
clusters of lives/existences/universes on different goals, back to the
first problem.

     You do not have to find the first problem to key the whole mess
out, but you do have to find THE thing that is tying you up about life
and creativity in this life.  The apparent opposite terminals (people
who are opposing you) are almost assuredly not the real ones, as you
know about them.

     Also there are two kinds of problems.

     Problems with others, and problems within yourself.

     You want to create a park, he wants to create a parking lot.

     That's an external problem with others.

     You want to create a park AND you want to create a parking lot.

     That's an internal problem with yourself.  It starts off as an
indecision, which to do, but then ends up in trying to do BOTH at the
same time, and thus total energy is expended towards getting nothing
done, and one's spine and face/sinuses/brain get wrapped up in a knot.

     Just locating the mental forces involved will start to release it
even if the underlying "what it was all about" is not yet clear.

     Lastly, although specific people are involved in problems, the
actual problem is with WHAT KIND OF people they are being at the time.

     Parent and child relationships mess up the 2nd dynamic, but there
are 7 others to get messed up on, self, groups, mankind, animals/plants,
physical universe, Spirit and The Infinite.

     Each has conflicts that the being no longer is analytically aware
of, yet they compose most of the pressure in his face and spine.

     For example, on the 4th dynamic, mankind, Joe Blow who was a real
asshole during one of my past lives was the apparent focus of the
problem I had with his kind of people, but auditing him specifically
without locating who or what he represented to me, won't work.

     I was being a 'subversive' and he was being a 'powerful person',
meaning rich and political etc.

     Thus subversives tend to oppose powerful people who control the
police state and status quo and keep people from talking.

     My goal as the subversive was to give encryption and anonymity to
the people so they could talk freely to everyone without fear of
reprisal.  I didn't want to overthrow the government, I wanted to give
control of it back to the people, so they needed to be able to talk
faster than the government could track them down.  I wanted to make the
governement's head spin looking for the source of people's

     Finding such a relationship will release an entire cluster of lives
that were involved in that particular war between subversives and power

     There is a deeper complication here, as I said lives come in
clusters arranged around some particular Goal such as TO BE SUBVERSIVE

     Prior to any cluster of lives was an earlier cluster of lives that
followed a different goal.  The goals in each cluster opposed EACH

     So say long ago I was chasing goal A, and I was opposed to people
chasing goal B.  During that time I was being A, B drove me nuts, and at
the end I was killing/torturing/damning members of B freely and without
remorse or restraint.

     But B won, as the later goal always does.

     Finally I gave up on chasing A and BECAME B, I started chasing B, I
became like what had destroyed me as A, namely B, which I had tried to
murder out of existence as a last ditch effort to get rid of B.

     But now as B, I am being hounded by people who are chasing goal C!

     As the next goal in line always wins, eventually at the end of B I
am killing members of C freely, and finally I give up B and become C.

     This is why running in session being murdered and murdering others,
and others murdering others is so important to case gain.  Most of the
pain and charge on any goal is at the beginning of it, when one is being
harrassed by members of one's previous goal, and then at the end of
one's goal when one is harassing the members of the next goal in line.

     And so it goes, goal after goal, until one ends up in the present
life, part way through a present cluster, but probably not to the end of
it where murder is wanton :) but possibly near the beginning being
harassed by your own kind of your previous goal.

     So members of A are murdering B because B is winning and eventually
A becomes B.  But B is murdering C because C is winning, and eventually
becomes C.

     How here is the interesting part.

     When the being first leaves A and becomes B, he is still being
murdered BY members of A, because B is winning against A, and A is
desperately trying to wipe out B at all costs.  A has fair gamed B.

     So B is being suppressed by A, even though in the end B prevails
against A.

     But B is also getting infuriated by C and taking up murdering them
wholesale, and is losing to C!

     So B is suppressing C, and eventually loses to C, and thus becomes

     So B is being suppressed BY A, but B wins in the ends, and members
of A become B.

     And B is suppressing C, and B loses to C, so members of B become C
in the end.

     If there are a whole long line of goals, A, B, C, D etc, say 30 or
40 of them, then you can see how people in a universe are sashaying down
this list of goals by the bad things done to them from the earlier goal
on their track, and the bad things they are doing to the goal later on
the track.

     Further the last goal on the chain opposes the first one at the
beginning, so when everyone gets down to the last goal there is, they
start opposing the first goal all over again, lose to it, and become it,
now starting over at the top.

     Since many of us have already been through this loop more than
once, everyone kind of 'knows' what the next goal in line is going to be
for them, and  they are very busy kamikaze-ing the hell out of it
in this life.

     Spot who or what you really want to kill but good in this life, and
then spot what they represent to you, and you will have the goal next in
line for you when you finally fail to wipe them all out and become like
them starting a new cluster of lives.

     Since everyone in a universe is spread out across all goals, there
are always people in earlier goals to murder us, and people in later
goals for us to murder.

     So remember although we tend to focus on exactly WHO represents
each goal that we are fighting with, it is WHAT THEY REPRESENT TO YOU
that is more important to ending the conflict and healing the body.

     So one way you can find your goal, and the one earlier, and the one
later is as follows:

    Who or what is suppressing you?    (A suppressing you as B)
    Who or what are you suppressing?   (You as B suppressing C)

     Once you find A, B, and C for this life time, with you as B, you
can probably end the war and walk out of it for the most part.


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