So as I remember the Scientology way to list for this is:

    On each dynamic, the infinite, spirit, MEST, life, mankind, career,
family and self:

    "Who or what are you opposing."

     Desire to imprison, enslave, pin down, shut up, murder, kamikaze or 
suicide mission them into the ground forever is a good indicator.

    I used to take "what" to mean an object, but I understand it now as a 
class of who's, ie Margaret my mother is a who, mothers is a what.

    John McMaster said that the preclear was not PTS to a who but
to a what.

    Probably the who or what is never an object or symbol.

    The who makes a terminal, a communication end point that the preclear 
is moving in on for the kill, closing terminals with.

    The what makes the indentity that has been assigned to the who by
the preclear and which he is fighting to the death.

    Identities are always class labels for groups of specific who's.

    The what is always a class label for the who's that belong to
that class.

    The actual who may have nothing to do with the what that the preclear
has assigned to the who, but the preclear thinks the who personifies the 

    Then if you find a who terminal (Margaret), list for what that terminal 
would represent to you, to find the what (mothers, parents, women etc).

    Then once you have a Rocket Reading Reliable Item, say its parents, run

    "Who or what would oppose that item (parents)?"

    In this case the who is the preclear of course, but he may find cross 
flows of others who also oppose the first item (parents).

    If he finds a what then you have the preclears identity.

     If he find anothers who, then list for what that who terminal would
represent to you, to again find the class item what.

     That should find the what that the preclear is being, say it is
orphaned child.

     Then spot the problem in present time between the two whats,
parents and an orphaned child, and run your fleshing out of the roles of
both sides in present time, including computations, ARC Breaks,
continuing present time Overt/Withholds, and Problems of long duration,
avoiding any auditing of any past dones etc.

     Present time super overts are critical, super overts contain
forever death or demise, death forever and hell forever.
     The problem between the whats is the fulcrum point that all the
rest rely on to persist.

    I got this right?


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