The preclear wants sympathy.

      The auditor wants a confession.

      The preclear wants advice, he wants to be told what to do.

      The auditor wants to know what he IS doing.

      The preclear thinks that the way to solve any problem is to DO
something more.

     The auditor knows that more DOING won't solve anything, except make
problems persist better.


     The preclear is fighting a game of ferocity and bone crushing

     Of seriousness, importance, permanence and pain.

     Of forevers and nevers.

     Of life and death, both as a mortal meatball headed to death
forever, and as an immortal spirit headed to hell forever.  He will be
trying to do both at the same time.

     And then wonders why he feels bad all the time.

     Each side of the game has an image of the other's intention, and
how it leads to death for himself and those he loves.

     Since death is the perceived outcome of the other's intention, the
only solution to those who purvey death, is death.

     To kill those who are killing.

     Thus the overts of importance to this conflict, particularly the
continuous present time overts which keep the case alive, are the
efforts to stop, shut up, silence, pin down, imprison, enslave, torture,
damn, terminate, crush, blow up, smash, destroy, murder, kamikaze or
suicide mission the other side into hell or nonexistence forever.

     To render inoperable.

     You see that's the essence of Anti Adoration, which along with
Adoration of your friends, powers the whole thing.

     "Adoration is Operation, if you adore something, operate it" -

     The opposite of To Adore is To Abhor.

     The opposite of To Operate is To Crush.

     Well people just love to anti adore things they hate and so the
game is afoot.

     The irony is that only the purveyors of death and damnation
eventually fall into in the morgues or hells they prepare for others.

     All it takes is a wish to purvey, thus attempted murder counts as a
done on the thetan plane.


     Desire = Conception = Cause.

     We are trying to get back to that state, now aren't we, so we can't
disavow mere desire for another's demise as nothing.

     You have to conjure up and thus create the fate you wish on others,
and if they don't accept it, guess who is left holding the bag?

      Remember a creator can only CREATE HIMSELF AS _____.  
     He then tries to get others to create themselves AS _____.  
     If he fails to get others to create themselves as, he forgets to
UNCREATE himself AS, because he continues to try forever more to
complete pawning it off on the other.

     Once he gives up trying to get others to create themselves as, he
can then cease peacefully from creating himself as.

     Thus no hell can outlast a true confession.

     That is absolute.

     Dig and don't leave it.

     You know Gods create serious games, but they don't create them

     The thetans sees and knows that to get stuck ramming himself with
all his might into a wall for the rest of time that never gives, he will
have to not know that the wall out persists him because he is worried it
might out persist him, and also not know he knew this trap might happen
if he just threw himself into the universe with utter abandon.

     There is a moment of beauty in doing this to himself, it is the
beauty of creating something eternally horrible through not know.
     His innate faith in himself tells him it won't be forever no matter
how hard he tries to abandon himself.
     The beauty is so high, he doesn't even bother to have an exit
strategy, he DARES the trap to last for more than a while.

     Thus all things in any time stream MUST end one day, it can't be
any other way.

     Thus Immortality in time is always a lie, and Eternality out side
of time is not.

     Thus you have a GodSoul creating the most serious possible futures
for himself with a light heartedness that could heal anything.

     If you get so messed up that the hardest heart would cry for
you, and you go to a God level being begging for sympathy and
co-miseration, he will laugh at you with unfathomably deep respect.

     Take a moment to understand that statement.

     It is the difference between a human and an OT, the human may cry
with you, or they may laugh at you with CONTEMPT, but never ever will
any human laugh at you with respect.

     "Oh Gorgeous and most Excaliper Lord,
     Master of Magnificence and Respect..." - Adore

     And indeed the only way to heal anything is to contact the moment
of gorgeous lightheartedness with which the die was cast, for it is that
beauty which powers the GOING IN.

     That beauty is the last moment of being out before going in, and in
that moment one can simply just not go in, leave it for another day.

     Thus practice coming in, puts you out long enough to change your
mind and decide to stay out.


     All one needs to do to open a case in present time is address THE

     Such games of ludicrous demise do not take place between people as
such but between concepts of people.

     Thus it is not mother who is the problem so much as it is MOTHERS.

     If there hadn't been a problem with MOTHERS in general, mother
wouldn't have ended up in the wild fire like she did, with the child.

     Thus on the second dynamic of family, one doesn't audit Daddy and
relationship between them, including all relatives, ancestors and heirs
in the past, present and future.

     Although it might seem that a child's life is mostly tied up in the
aberrations of his second dynamic, family mostly acts as a restimulator
for the much bigger games that are in swing on the higher dynamics.

     Why is the child in a body?  
     Probably to enhance mankind or some such thing, you see.
     Oh brother, you had better know your opposition before you enter
that game with your finger in the air and swinging your ax.

     When the cost of failure is atomic war, the issue of life and death
FOR EVERYONE is branded brightly on the entrance to such a game.

     The only thing that can cause death is death.  
     A preclear can not die psychosomatically of a game of chess.
     He can however die from playing the game of wiping out evil at all

     He tries to murder the murderers.

     Then one day he fails to murder someone he should have, and lots of
his friends and family die who wouldn't have.

     Then on another day he murders someone he shouldn't have, and lots
of people turn on him and his loved ones in retribution.

     Then he decides he can't tell who should be murdered or not
murdered any more, and finally decides maybe HE should be murdered.

     Worse if he is conjuring up times he WAS murdered as a
justification and template for how he should be murdering others, then
when he fails, he falls back into all those recordings of BEING
MURDERED, and starts to suffer them all in valence in present time.

     Then just to make sure he is doing heart felt penance that his
buddies will appreciate for being such a major bumble f*ck, he really
sticks those times of being murdered to himself to a point where HE

     His body starts to rot, his muscles fail, he can't breathe, run or
walk, and when his buddies call him to arms again against real foe, he
just can't lift his sword.

     He dies finally in shame or suicide.

     He can't lift the sword to swipe the head of a foe, but he can lift
it enough to stick it in his own gut or fall on it.

     Deep at the core of every case is such a game, regardless of the
frivolous inanities that it might be dressed in.

     In order to get a preclear out of his body, you HAVE to audit what
he is doing in a body IN PRESENT TIME to clarity.

     You won't find it by ransacking his past though, its a present time
thing, you will only find it by addressing the present time game he is
playing and how he is playing it.

     Why he CAME in may not be why he REMAINS in.

     The problem is finding the present time game and shedding light on
the players and how it should be played and how he IS playing it.

     Your preclear will be found to be buried up to his ears in code
violations, indecisions, ANDS, regrets, corruptions, temptations and
seductions to change sides, playing one side against the other, trying
to betray the enemy and ending up betraying his friends, engaging
finally in disgrace and ignobility, all of which is leading to
horrendous, horrific and hideous consequences, including leaving himself
alone in his own mind, because he thinks no one on either side could
stand what he has become, particularly those who trusted him to be the
standard code bearer though it all.

     He starts off trying to always DO right, and ends up trying to
always BE right, mostly about having DONE WRONG.

     Eventually he WILL change sides, become a bum on the street, or be
patient as hell as a patient in hell, depending on his inner fortitude.

     After he has murdered too many with too much collateral damage, he
will decide life would be easier to BE the other side, to whom murdering
innocents was right in the first place.

     Eventually he will become sick of that too, and decide to stay
around as a spectator, observer, a.r.s septic or art critic.

     But he will no longer be the player in the grand majestic tapestry
of ludicrous demise that he once was, although he might have a vintage
sword or two hanging on his wall for his parlor parties.

     He will have fallen down from war is war, to business is war, or
tennis is war, or some such thing.

     He is still playing games, and they will be of life and death, but
they will be smaller games harbored within the whirlwind of the original

     Real OT case gain for him will involve a step back up in the world.

     First you want the War of the Mortals.

     Then you want the War of the Immortals.

     Then maybe, he will open up on the War of the Eternals.

     GAMES V

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