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     This is a difficult issue.

     Clearly native state is a cyclical adventure, you leave it only to
return to it, to leave it again, to return to it again over and over,
across an uncountable but finite numbers of years in each cycle.

     Sleep, dream, sleep, dream, sleep, dream...

     It is also clear that native state is a state of no lessons learned
or retained from early experience.  Native state knows inherently what
it needs to know in order to manifest and get trapped in it, to cause a
persistence in other words, and any other 'lessons' learned are within
that context of persistence, and are as-ised when the being returns to
native state.

     An as-isness doesn't leave a record of what was as-ised.

     So Native State is a state of inherent knowingness with no lessons
learned or retained.

     Now in the manifested world lessons are mostly of the form

     "The way to survive is..."

     The common answer is "to lie", because without lies there can be no
persistence, and thus no survival in time, only return to native state
which is ETERNAL survival outside of time, which can't be affected
anyhow, but isn't the kind of survival IN time that the being desires.

     Eventually "The way to survive is to lie" becomes

     "The way to survive is to learn lessons,"

     and then it becomes

     "The way to survive is NOT to learn lessons."

     Learning then becomes a sashay down the CDEINR scale.

     Curious about Learning, Desires, Enforcing, Inhibiting, NO, Refused.

     NO is the bottom half, NO or REFUSED, and SOME is anything above.

     Spot NO learning.

     Spot SOME learning.

     You can see the downward spiral this sashay provides from doing
well to being buried in mud, but even the bottom of the tone scale is
survival in time, even though it is not enjoyable any more.

     Suffering for a while is a kind of HAVINGNESS to a being whose
native state is eternal unimpingable peace forever for free.

     That bottom level would be enjoyable if there were another level
down, hey he could escape to there and have a good time for a while

     Each step down was a solution to his failure at the earlier step up
to provide adequate fun in game playing in the game of survival.

     For a while each step down does better than the end of the earlier
step up, but never as well as the beginning of the earlier step up, and
once a step goes into failure mode, the next 'improvement' in experience
is always called to the being from the next step down.

     Thus the dwindling spiral.

     In other words it isn't possible to stay in one place in time,
either you are bubbling up towards native state again, losing all your
games either by winning them or having the playing field de-res on you,
or you are sinking downwards, losing all your games by losing them, but
assuredly never having your playing field take a vacation on you.

     Apparently native state hates losing the playing field, and holds
on to every playing field it ever had.

     Thus the being in the end BECOMES the playing field as the only
game left playing.

     That may be a pretty sick view of the nature of things, but it
derives from first principles, that native state knows what it is doing,
and its primary problem is persistence, first to get it to persist long
enough to be appreciated and left to his heirs, and second to get it to
not persist later so a new universe can be created from a clean slate.

     These principles also lead the way to an approach to help the being
rehab where he is, go back up for a while before he comes back down
again, and redesign any particular step he might like to last longer
before the siren call to a lower step seduces him into the next 'lesson

     The approach is basically to spot lessons learned and lessons not

     Spot a lesson learned that you should have.
     Spot a lesson learned that you shouldn't have.

     Spot a lesson not learned that you shouldn't have.
     Spot a lesson not learned that you should have.

     By reoptimizing the being's lesson set, and his ability to learn,
not learn and unlearn lessons, you reoptimize his ability to apply
Creator corrections to its own Creature course in life.

     It will always be down, but the game is how much fun can we have
getting there, with out cheating and returning to native state again.

     The last one still standing AND having fun at the end wins.

     You know some beings like to live on the verge of time, one foot in
native state, and one foot in hell.  They live in a continuous state of
healing humor (Halcyon) and relief.

     But really, they just have no balls.

     Those who toss them selves over the verge of time, who adorn
themselves with the ultimate not know about what they did, prefer Thrill
and Romance to humor and relief.

     Thrill is always the effort to get lost, and Romance is always the
effort to get home.  It's romance because it takes two to help.

     Thus a person who can't learn lessons, because "the way to survive
is to NOT learn lessons," can't operate where he is for very long as he
keeps failing and not figuring out why.

     But the person who must learn lessons because "the way to survive
IS to learn lessons," starts to learn wrong lessons, and unlearn none,
and they sink him faster than a stone in mud.

     Since all learning lessons is learning lies, as even a persisting
truth is a lie in angel's clothing, the best one can hope for is to
learn the lessons that slow one's ludicrous demise rather than speed it

     Without any lessons learned at all, the being would have no lies or
persisting truths and would bubble back up to the verge, and Native
State beyond.

     So an address to learning and unlearning lessons is important to
the recovery of any case.

     The primary lesson to unlearn is the inability to handle the dicom
of unseriousness and seriousness which provides the being sitting on the
verge with his ticket from Halcyon to High Anti Cool.


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On Wed, 13 Jun 2012, wrote:

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> Kalkidas  wrote:
>>     As far as I know, the soul descended into matter because of his
>> free will.  He became attracted to material nature, desired her
>> association, ignored any warnings he may have received, and that was
>> sufficient to propel him down.  That this was an error of judgment is
>> quite obvious when one compares the misery of material life to the bliss
>> of pure spiritual existence.
>    I disagree.
>     Since he came from a state of bliss, he knew what he was doing, and
> desired to play the game of chase that he could never win.
>     There is the bliss to no bliss.
>     > Therefore, material existence is the consequence of an error in
> judgment.
>     No, it was fair chosen..
>     He may have DEVISED errors in judgement and then engaged upon them
> in order to cement his stay in the material world lest he wake up too
> early, the more he can blame, the longer he can stay here.
>     The material world and its suffering is HAVINGNESS to the being.
>> Since the soul is now trapped by his wrong judgment, he must somehow learn
>> to exercise correct judgment if he is to get out of his predicament.
>     Yes, true, wrong judgements keep him here, but this does not deny
> that he designed the wrong judgements to do so.
>> In that sense, then, material bodies are a chance for the soul to learn
>> something, or more accurately, to remember something he forgot.
>     Yes to remember that what he learned that lead him downward was
> wrong, and to unlearn it all.
>     Native state beings do not carry around with them lessons learned
> to make sure they stay in native state.
>     Learning lessons is chasing mass to weigh one down.
>     For how is one going to 'remember' those lessons lest it all happen
> again?
>     High appreciation for ludicrous demise.
>     The guy had to invent it all the way down to the bottom.
>     "Let's see now, how can I go lower and stay there?"
>     The best way he ever designed was the creation of the idea that he
> had to struggle to learn lessons which he must never forget to make sure
> descending into materiality never happens again.
>     Seek the 'must never happen again', and you will find where the
> being is most nuts on learning lessons.
>     Homer
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