The preclear wants to be an effect.

     The preclear wants to be the effect of an auditor who will help him
be better able to be an effect in life with more enjoyment.

     The auditor wants the preclear to be cause, to create his own
effects, and to keep himself adjusted properly in each game he plays.

     Games are an operating balance between being cause and being an
effect of team mates and opponents.


     If the preclear wins a game he LOSES THE *GAME*.  He then has to
find another game to play, or start the present one over again.

     Winning too often can be a real drag on a being looking for a
challenge, who can't find enough challenging games to play.

     He may arbitrarily handicap himself to even the odds against
himself, but then when a more worthy game comes along he fails to
remember how to unhandicap himself, and the opportunity passes him by,
or he gets crushed out of the gate or first toss.

     If the preclear loses a game, he also LOSES THE *GAME*, he is out
the game!  He then has to find another game to play or start the present
one over again.

     Losing too often can be a real drag for a being looking to lighten
his load of challenge.

     The highest thrill comes when the preclear really doesn't know if
he is going to win or lose any particular game.

     That's a perfectly balanced game.

     A balanced game is equally worth ending the game by winning or
losing.  There is no shame in losing by a hair.

     They also last the longest and have the most glory in them.

     Serious comebacks are also cool, but the being can't look forward
to them as easily as a well balanced game.

     He will in general resent the comeback even as they are carrying
him off the field as a hero on their shoulders.  He will feel either he
cheated, or the other side messed up, that some how it may have started
off a fair fight, but didn't end up one, so he won instead of lost.

     If the game is a serious game, meaning the play is for keeps, the
being will decay in the game to the degree that he commits serious
overts against other players, cheating, getting others to play for him
and give him the rewards, disabling or killing others so they can't play
at all.

     Winning by disabling the opponent so he is a no show, or can't
play, is a common form of criminality engaged in by players who consider
they must win but who fear they may lose.

     Seriousness is MUST WIN, MUST NOT LOSE.

     Seriousness can also be MUST LOSE, MUST NOT WIN.

     Ever throw a game?

     Ever get sick to get sympathy?

     Once serious overts are committed in a game, the being now must
withhold himself from his own team mates who wouldn't have stooped so
low and wouldn't want to play with him if they knew he had.  
     So the group mind goes down the tubes, and players become 'alone'
together on the playing field talking outwardly to each other, rather
than inwardly via direct communication.


     Eventually the player will sink down to playing the game of games.

     That means if he loses the game, he will never get to play another
game again.

     Games have to be fundamentally or arbitrarily scarce for a being to
engage in such a game.


     Below that the being will play his last game knowing he HAS to lose
at some point, because every player eventually falls to the sword, so
the winner is the last one standing on the playing field, until he falls
too because the final end-of-game bell rings.

     For immortals that would be the end of that universe of games.

     For mortals that would be this life.


     Universes of games can be created with games in series, one after
each other, and games in parallel, running at the same time next to each

     The universe starts with many many top level games all in parallel,
pretty much of the same size, huge.  The new being can choose from any
one of them and start to play it.  They are all top level games.

     Below this layer of games, will be another set of games, also
parallel to each other of a slightly lesser size.  When a being falls
out of his first game he jumps into another game at this lower level and
starts to play it.

     This continues down for many layers of games until there are no
more games left to play in that universe.

     Say that the layers of games from the top down are called A, B, C,
D ...  Z.

     That means there are 26 different game levels one can be playing in
that universe.

     Then say each level has 1000 or more games at the same level that are all
different but similar in their size, scope, span, depth and field.

     Thus when a being first enters the universe he can choose which of
1000 games he will first play from A1, A2, A3 ...  A1000.

     When he finally gives up on that game as hopeless and 'dies' out of
the A level, he can then choose to play any of say 2000 games in the B
level, named, B1, B2, B3 ...  B2000.

     He continues to play, die, play, die, going through C, D, E playing
one or maybe more games at each level, until he reaches Z and dies out
of that one too.  
     At that time there are no more games in the universe for him to
play lower than the level of decay he has attained.

     Errors and mistakes he picks up during one level of play are
carried over as tendencies into the next lower level of play where they
don't help him, but he is sure they will.  He learns how to be conniving
and opaque in game A3, and when they eventually fail him at that level,
but he is just sure he will be a grand master in his next game B47.

     So by the time he has decayed down and through level Z, his case
will be a mass of seriousness, overts, out-ethics, and not even a worm
would play with him any more.

     He ends up feeling 'alone' even though he is buried in BT's, and
facsimiles of all the beings he has done in through out the ages.

     When 'aloneness' starts to become alarming, it is time for him to
see the auditor.

     When he is really alone, because there is no auditor, then his lack
of confession wins.

     Being dead with yourself is hard, because there's no LIFE to
experience, just omni present deadness.


     This is the way it is with games.

     The playing field for any game is always down hill.

     It is always easier to make plays downstream than to make plays

     The downhillness of a game doesn't mean the playing field per se is
slanted, but the game itself is slanted towards pain, failure and
oblivion, via corruptions, temptations and seductions to win by cheating
or outright destroying the other players or the game itself.

     Sometimes the destruction is accidental, and he is warned and he
becomes careful.

     You can't play all out careful.

     All out and careful are oxymorons.

     Sometimes the destruction is intentional, then he has had it, he
has become more interested in winning than in playing.

     Sometimes someone else does something destructive to him, which he
then does back to another, with pretty much the same result, destruction
of the game and his and others willingness to play.

     At the start and top of any game, the being is in good shape, clean
slate, and in love with the game, which is a joy to play, is properly
balanced for LONG, verging on never ending, volleys, and everyone gets
to show off their passion, talents and honed skill.

     However as play continues, and seriousness settles in, play becomes
subtly overt, then wildly and brazenly overt, then covert and finally
the game itself is being destroyed in order to win it.

     "You make one step over this line with the ball, and we will blow
up your side of the court!"


     So at the top of a game the grass is green indeed, but finally at
the bottom of that game there is nothing but mud, dirt and disgusting

     But there is also a fence, and the preclear in his desperation to
keep playing anything, any game is better than no game, hops over the
fence, and he finds him self in a brand new game, with green fresh
grass, the sun shining, and the play wonderful again.

     It is however a smaller game at the next level down.

     B level games are smaller than A level games.

     The new B level game HAS to be smaller than HE is, for him to feel
good and confident about it.

     But as he enters B, he is smaller than the A game he just died out
of, as the reason he lost the prior A game is HE got smaller than his
starting size from all his overts, withholds, and brazen justifications
and restraints.

     So now he is smaller than A, and B is smaller than him when he
first starts to play B which is where he gets his bravado from.

     "Oh hell, I can win this one easily!"

     But the being enters the B level game tainted from the lessons
learned on how to survive that led him downward from the first game.

     Some of those lessons he is sold on, some of them he is both
justifying as right *AND* restraining as wrong, and some of them are
preemptive because everyone else is playing that way, and some of them
are just plain compulsive and he has no idea how to operate the straight
and narrow any more.

     So again he plays the new game and finally ends up in the mud, dirt
and disgusting things at the bottom of it.  But again there is a fence
which if he hops over it, he is again in a wonderland of a new game that
he can enjoy but which is smaller yet.

     Each time he PROMISES TO HIMSELF that he won't do the things that
make him any smaller than he is already, but the game is trickier than
he is, and down the tubes he goes, eventually spewing overts like a bomb
going off.

     And so it goes for the rest of the game levels until he hits rock
bottom at the end of game Z.  Again there is a fence, but this time,
when he hops over it, he ends up in a whole new universe of games, WAY
smaller than the first one, and again he takes his garbage of lessons
wrongly learned with him.

     So the beginning of each new game is not as good as the beginning
of the prior game, but it is way better than the end of the prior game,
which is why he keeps seeking the sun by going down hill, and hopping
over the fence, hoping for a new start.

     The grass is always greener on the other side.

     After a while he fails to recognize he is getting smaller with each
fence he hops, and he will WASTE games he is in, by ruining them
intentionally, to more quickly get to the next fence and get back to
good game play.

     It's an effort to hit the restart button on the game he is in, but
that's not what really happens, now is it.

     Wasting games to get to a 'better game' is sad, isn't it.


     So how do you audit this?

     Well he is only failing in playing these games because of the
accumulating out-ethics he engages in, which is engendered by the
seriousness with which he is playing, must win, must not lose AT ANY

     Games go to hell when PLAY becomes undesirable, or is "desirable"
only if you win.

     These games are deadly serious, life and death for EVERYONE, the
whole nine yards.

     You lose, and the whole world falls into a black hole forever.

     "Put your quarter here!"

     Or worse he lives through atomic armageddon for 42 centuries.

     Once things are for keeps, once the desire to win is greater than
the desire to play, once he forgets "Who or what is cause around here
and why is it such an asshole?", namely that he entered the game
intentionally and may even have designed it in part, all hope for clean
play is gone.

     No man will strive for a level of nobility higher than the nobility
of the universe he conceives created him.

     If the very basis of the game is unfair, or if everyone else is
cheating, you can be damn sure he will cheat too.

     That is probably the best bet in all of existence.

     But the unnoble man is never a happy man.

     When you are trying to save your family and loved ones, it is very
tempting to cheat, sell your friends down the river, sell out entirely,
or whatever moral crisis the being finds himself in.

     Who will stand up to an army of tyranny, when you know they will
come after your family once you are gone?

     You may be willing to sacrifice yourself in an act of kamikaze, but
are you willing to sacrifice them too in the deal?

     Sometimes moral conflicts are not resolvable, anything you do will
have collateral damage.

     If you let Hitler go, he will continue killing everyone you know.

     If you try to kill him, even if you kill yourself, they will seek
down all your family and torture them to death.

     You won't be around to enjoy it, but they will.

     Even if THEY are willing to be collateral damage, are you willing
to make it so?

     These kinds of things freeze a being into inaction.

     Kids fill their nightmare heads with these things, if I had to
choose between daddy or mommy, which would it be?

     To do or not to do?

     They are IMPOSSIBLE CHOICES to do the 'right thing', because ALL
choices lead to insufferable permanent loss.

     Now ethics ceases being how to chose between right and wrong, and
becomes how to choose between the lesser of two evils.

     Sometimes, he will have to flip a coin.

     Even if he makes the best or only decision, he will damn himself as
guilty forever for doing the wrong thing.

     He is guilty for BEING IN A GAME in which he can only do bad, don't
you see?

     He would have to be guilty, for no one in their right (finite) mind
would choose to create or be in such a game where such choices are
presented to you and are apparently the only option.

     He misses the infinite mind, and its propensity to engage in
Majesty, Master of Jest.

     And without question, he misses the responsibility others have for
their own condition.

     He can't believe HE has any responsibility for condition, because
he KNOWS others don't, oh no, NO ONE would put themselves in a state
like everyone else is creating for themselves.

     He KNOWS his little daughter is innocent and doesn't deserve what's
going to happen to her if he chooses the less of two evils.

     So he chooses the greater of two evils, and let's his daughter
live, who only gets it in the end anyhow.


     Uh, define 'right'.

     "Give me liberty or give me death, but please oh please leave my
poor dear innocent family alone, please?"


     Games are games of action, inaction destroys the game.

     Eventually the being will solve the indecision on whether to do or
not to do, with the decision to BOTH DO *AND* NOT DO at the same time.

     If you take any of it to heart, then down you go, bitter and
unresolved to the end.

     Taking things to heart is seriousness.

     The opposite of seriousness is lightheartedness.

     One enters the seriousness of game play on the carrier wave of
lightheartedness with which the whole thing was conceived and thus put
into action, including the necessary not know that blankets all serious

     A being can cut off his connection to awareness of his own choices
and responsibility in the matter in which he finds himself.

     He can enter a state where he is no longer aware that he entered
it, and would adamantly deny it even if reminded of the possibility.

     "Me choose this?  You gotta be kidding!"

     *NO ONE* would choose THIS!

     Yet there he is in a universe where everyone is playing it.

     That apparent unawareness of choice and motivation for playing
games that no one would choose, violates his eternal sovereign desire to
be sovereign, TO HAVE CHOSEN AND KNOW IT, and he is running on a burn
from there on out.


     Doubt is self casting, doubting that one chose, clouds over the
certainty one did.  
     The disharmony of the created uncertainty then leads to certainty
one did not choose.

     For "who would do such a thing?"

     Part of the not know and disbelief is that the sovereign desire to
be sovereign INCLUDES the majestic desire to suffer the APPARENCY of not
being sovereign for a while.

     Majesty means JOKE and eternal good humor.

     JOY means JOKE's On You.

     Why a being would do this to himself is the impulse towards
seriousness and high anti cool, with is then resolved by reawareness of
lightheartedness and the *DIVINE* humor of magnificent respect and
halcyon, eventually resulting in re-unmanifestation and utter
unimpingable peace.

     Remember and all powerful self responsible being might be willing
to engage in things a human would not go near.

     Humor is a blow off of seriousness, via surprise and divine

     The eternally sovereign being apparently has an addiction :)

     The search for the brightest diamonds is in the darkest coal mines.

     The search for laughter is through the valley of the shadow of

     From Adore:

     "Responsibility is a big thing, certainly bigger than our parents
taught us.

     Responsibility for RESPONSE ABILITY, ability to respond.

     Do not doubt you chose it, and then look to see for evidence.

     You chose.

     What proof did you leave behind you now?

     There is only one proof.

     Learn it, love it, teach it, master it.

     All can.

     However for some people, by their own choice, it will be a long
time between now and then.

     You can't move your house around town, if you have locked yourself
inside it and thrown away the key.

     In Excelsis Deo." - Adore

     Entering the seriousness of play, the being bars himself from
awareness of his own and everyone else's choice to enter, and of the
divine (Imp Soul) beauty and aesthetic with which he and his buddies
designed these games.

     Once he is in the game of seriousness, his attitude is who ever
created this game was an asshole, but here I am, I am bigger than any
evil that lives, I will conquer it all and assign blame later.

     Of course he never gets there.

     No sportmanship, no nobility, no code of honor survive for long in
his desperate play to wipe out what "he didn't put there," what he
"couldn't, wouldn't and shouldn't" have put there, *EVER*, and pretty
soon he is out-preempting the enemy faster than he can conceive how bad
they are.



     The enemy has no such problem.

     Pretty soon the enemy is learning from him how to do people in.

     The being thinks the way to survive is 'to be worse than them'.
     The being has learned the lesson that this game shouldn't exist,
that he should never have been placed in it, that HE would never have
created such a thing, and he has learned the lesson that there must be
no honor, dignity, mercy or quarter given to the other side.

     Because if you do, the other side will slip through and eat your
daughter anyhow, it certainly won't appreciate your decent intentions.

     You know how pedophiles like young children?

     PedoVORES like to EAT young children.

     He knows indecency eats decency.

     He finally becomes a master of treason and deceit.

     A monster striving for mastery of abomination.

     His goal is to give even the enemy pause for surprise, make them go
'Whoa, now *THAT'S* evil!"

     But the enemy is not affected by this, the enemy can not be out
eviled, because the enemy knows what he is doing, and was paid to

     The being eventually comes to feel there is a certain sympatico
between his ruined self image, once filled with the confidence of
rightness, once so noble and sure, and the mud and the dirty and the
disgusting things he finds at the bottom of the game, and so it suits
him just fine to live there.

     He tried EVERYTHING, and yet all his loved ones came to death and
demise anyhow.

     Or turned on him.

     Or left him alone.

     He considers it would have been better had he not tried at all.

     How would YOU have played the game?

     You who would criticize.

     So he comes to you for auditing.
     And he hands you his last coin he got from a girl he once loved,
but whom he turned in to the King to save his own skin for crimes in the
night, and whom he later had to behead for her crimes, actually his.
     And she, not knowing this same lover was the headsman, had a gold
sovereign in her hand for him to make sure the cut was swift, and there
it is now in your hands.

     Lord pray you don't recognize the coin.

     So what do you do?

     GAMES V

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