Dear Enid,

     Cool.  I have read your manual on Sovereignty, it's wonderful aside
from my usual natter about things.

     I am however deeply concerned by two common threads through your

     You assert 3 levels of man: spirit, mind and body, but like
Christianitty, leave out HEART.

     Even Hubbard had 4, SPIRIT, THOUGHT, EMOTION, EFFORT.

     Effort is the physical, emotion is the bridge between the physical
and thought, emotion is what makes the body move.  Thought is mind, and
theta is spirit.
     Emotion is Heart.

     Thus Adore says the purpose of creation is to trade in expressions
of discovery:


     Second and more serious you seem to feel that your body depends on
YOUR life energy to keep it alive.  You certainly do not feel that your
cat needs your life energy to keep it alive, nor do you feel that you
need to be inside your cat in order for it not to die.

     Since you can be inside a cat or a homosap, it makes no sense to
claim that the homosap needs the thetan, when the cat doesn't,
particularly when clearly the thetan is an independent being that has
had millions of years without bodies, and bodies been around for a long
time with out thetans.  GE type beings of course, but not thetans of the
me and thee kind.

     I ran a process a long time ago to good effect, something like

     Do you feel you need your body for you survive?

     Do you feel your body needs you for it survive?

     Does the body feel it needs you for it to survive?

     Does the body feel you need it for you to survive?

     The body may feel dependent upon a thetan to proect it from the
whirlwind of modern society, but that's not a fundamental dependency
like food and water are to a body.

     If one is holding onto a body in order to not kill it by leaving,
and this makes the body sick, then one is tempted to hold on to the body
harder to make sure it doesn't die.

     This traps the being into not being able to be out of the body when
it is hurt.

     I trust you understand that just because the being is usually
ejected from the body at body death, this does not imply that
exteriorizing from the body will CAUSE body death.

     Exterorization may restimulate death engrams like crazy and fear or
certainty of impending death may cause exteriorization, but
exteriorization does not itself cause death.

     My view is the body is an independent composite being, and is in
fact harmed by the continuous 24x7 close intimate contact with the
thetan who is alien to it and its genetic line.

     It's a righteous computation, "My body NEEDS ME!"

     The cowboy should get off its horse once in a while, and let it out
to pasture, otherwise the horse gets sick from exhaustion.

     The cowboy that thinks he IS a horse, or that the horse is a
manifestation of him, is not sane and not good for either him or the

     Being in a body 24x7 limits what the thetan can do, although he
tends to settle for this limitation out of apparent necessity, the
constant tug to get out and go where the body can not go, eventually
makes the body really bad off.

     You cat doesn't want to have to go where ever YOU want to go, and
neither does your body.

      Bodies are tools, pets, it is one thing to have a tool, quite
another to believe one IS a tool and the tool won't survive if we leave
it on the table.


Sun Jun 24 23:19:14 EDT 2012