((This is very early Adore, full discrimination had not
yet been made between eternality and temporality, eternities of NO TIME,
and temporalities of SOME TIME, called whiles.  I leave it as it is,
for the historical record.  By the time people get to adore800.memo
they probably will have cleared up their confusions on the matter.))

Kathie Lynch ( wrote:
>I totally agree Homer.  That's why I've been asking, "Is a 2D really a

     A 2D is a *TEAM* playing in the game of families and futures.

     Team members will compete with each other in playing the game.

     Take a game of doubles tennis.  The two teams of two are competing
against each other, but each person on the same team is constantly
trying to impress and outdo the other in competency.
     Sometimes competition between team members hurts competition
between teams, then team members have to bring it back into limits, but
competition is the game fuel for all involved.

     *Serious* games are merely aberrated games.

     Once you have someone who considers that 'serious games' are what
life is about, then you have a walking tombstone.  He lives in rock,
walks in rock, walks AS rock, and figures he will be buried in rock with
a rock tombstone.
     Where ever there is no humor or fear of potential no humor, you
have dramatization, forevers, and aberration.
>So nobody has directly answered my question.
>Is the 2D a game?

     I have.

     2D consists of parents, mates and children, into the past and into
the future, playing as a team with and against other teams to enhance
the future (a process called libido by Freud).

     Libido is not just 'sex', it is the whole get up and go involved in
trying to craft a better civilization or AllThatIs by the end of the

     "What are you going to do on the planet today?"

     From the big picture all teams are on the same side, 'trying to
enhance the AllThatIs'.  So its a win win situation.  People or teams
who are playing against trying to enhance the AllThatIs are suppressive
and have taken on the valence and side of MEST which is entropy and
disenhancement incarnate.

     MEST is the true 'other side' and the true suppressive.  Any SP can
be seen to be in the valence of MEST, uncaring, random, chaotic and long
term destructive.  We have enough of that in MEST, we don't need it in
beings who should all be on the same side.

     But from a smaller view, although all teams are supposed to be on
the same side enhancing things, they can and will compete AGAINST each
other, to out class each other, do better than the other, inspire the
     The Inspirer 'wins' and the inspiree looses :)

     Until the next cycle when the inspiree gives it back 10 fold.

     As long as people work within 'WHILES' and not 'FOREVERS' they
remain sane and do not dramatize.

     Once they start dramatizing FOREVERS, creating, surviving,
destroying forever, or believing in things which do, they become what
they fear most forever, or until they give it up :)

     Only unmanifest native state is forever, and that is an eternal
forever, not a forever in time; all cycles of manifestation are CYCLES,
and thus exist in 'whiles'.

     And the forever of native state is not the same thing as a forever
of time.  Eternal no time is not the same as infinite linear or
multidimensional time.
     Eternal no time is real that is native state.
     Infinite multidimensional time simply just doesn't exist, but
dramatization likes to pretend it does and that you or someone else is
going to be stuck in it forever!

     That is the secret to sanity, run out the *FOREVERS* on the case.

     E/P is apparent infinite multidimensional time vanishes to be
replaced by eternal no time.

     Must never happen again, must always happen again, can't have
forever, must have forever, these are all forevers on the case.

     The only valid can and must have forever are cycles of
manifestation, anything within the manifestation is mortal and must
end in perfect peace and anihilation one day.
     "By een spange over i ver est irimoni aliri da i quan dorelethir
da ciren, ta palo derithina irl ine damona da Irilinen, est, iriteena,
ine mythen da Elerendil."
     As one taveles through the vast and unfathomable reaches of the
4 dimensions of nowhere, one must eventually come to the end of
Infinity and ultimately the beginning of Eternity.