Here is the strongest argument I know that bodies do not need
thetan class beings in them to survive.

      We assume that bodies are made of GE class elementals with their
own track and their own game.

      Bodies are not made by thetans, they are made by parents.

      Thus when and where a body is created depends upon the free wills
of the bodies that becomes it parents, plus the decisions of any thetans
in those parental bodies.

      That means since bodies are being born all the time, there must be
a long line of GE class beings waiting in the soup so to speak until
they are called into service to create and keep that new body alive.

      They don't have much choice in the matter, body is conceived, and
GE's are sucked in to fill the ever expanding number of cellular posts
that make the body go.

      If that were true for thetan class beings, then they too would have
to line up and be forced to join a body lest it die, and the time of
assumption would have to be mostly identical for everyone, probably at
conception and certainly not after birth.

      Hubbard's research indicated that there was definitely a GE time
track, and definitely a thetan time track and that they were two
different histories.

      Further he claimed that the thetan tended to take over the body
when and IF it wanted to, sometimes going in and out many times before a
final control transfer was undertaken, never to get out again.

      He indicated in the early tapes that thetan's tended to take over
bodies as late as they could after birth, and were only forced into
earlier and earlier assumptions by competition from other thetans.

      The idea that the thetan is necessary to the biological life of the
body, means that if all 6 to 10 billion thetans incarnated on Earth were
cleared of the need to have a body, all bodies would die at birth or

      I would suggest that the body is independent of the thetan, and the
thetan is not a natural part of a body, that the body has an
intelligence similar to a chimpanzee, they can go to the fridge and pull
a beer, or drive a car, but they couldn't FIX a car nor could they
invent one.

      The natural thetan's scope, span, depth and field is many millions
of times bigger than a body, and it feels that not being able to do
anything without having to do it with his body is a prison of magnitude.

      This ARC break then kicks back against the body who feels resented
by the thetan because it can't fly, climb mountains, go to the stars, or
do whatever thetans want and can do.

      The body is also naturally used to a 300 foot radius of awareness,
and is not supposed to be burdened by awareness of what is going on 3000
miles away in India.

      To a natural body, if it ain't happening to IT, it ain't happening.

      Having a thetan sucked into its brain changes that causing the body
to give up in despair, because it knows it can't handle or do anything
about anything outside of its radius of awareness.  The fact that the
THETAN then tries to force the body to become a super soldier and deal
with all the world problems, drives the body even further down tone.

     This is like a parent forcing a baby to go to war.

      It shows up in running thetans forcing bodies to go to thetan wars.

     Most bodies would kill the thetan in them without second thought,
except for the fact that the thetan is pretty good at bringing home good
food, shelter and sex for it.

     It should be mentioned that a body without a thetan is pretty cowed
by bodies that have thetans in them, so its first impulse is to get
itself a thetan too, for 'thetans know what to do.'

     Nonetheless half the charge between thetan and body is the thetan's
hatred for the body and its limitations and attitudes, and the other
half of the charge is the body's hatred for the thetan constantly trying
to make the body be more than it is, and getting it killed, hurt or
harmed, in the process.

     There are also body - thetan conflicts too numerous to go over
again, the primary one of which is the body runs on must never happen
again, and the thetan had better not, because the thetan can only

     Willingness to start enables being able to stop.

     You can only change what you PUT THERE.

     Once the thetan considers its own universe runs like the body's
universe, it is doomed.

     Basically bodies and thetans hate each other to the core of their
being, the result of such a meld is an "I am fine, thank you" case.


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