I can barely understand the whole subject.

      I tend to see everything as present time in my auditing, if a
picture OF the past or the future shows up, its still a present time
instantiation of it.

      Does that Help?

      Do you have any clue what Alan was talking about with Codes?

      He refused to give real life examples, and his noodles had to sign
a non disclosure agreement before getting the auditing.

      I refused to sign the agreement, 'cuz I said it would be against my
codes :) That made him furious and he said he wouldn't ever audit me if
his life depended on it, or some such.

      The whole issue of overts and motivators is important.

      The intent to destroy forever or even to make BE forever is a high
crime of magnitude.  Notice you can't punish someone forever without
making sure they Be forever to receive it.  There is a lot of thought
that goes into how to hurt you without making you die or allowing you to
kill yourself on the whole track.

      One can in theory commit an intentional prime DED that is utterly
unprovoked thus causing lots of trouble.  But I haven't seen yet how it
all started.  There is a lot of shunted responsibility, particularly
when people accuse you of things you didn't do, but if they are stronger
than you, or you really did do it and they know it, the shunt comes back
at you as guilt and that starts the aberration cycle.

      I just keep auditing the super overts of trying to kill or make
live forever, and see what comes up.

      Particularly the ANDS, trying to kill myself forever AND trying to
NOT kill myself forever at the same time.

      The super overts are anything of that form.

      To make BE forever and make NOT BE forever at the same time.

      Truth is cyclic manifestation, so any FOREVER in time is a crime.

      Run on Be, Have, Do, Cause, UnConfession, kill, murder, destroy,
create, live, die, withhold, dramatize, etc

      Not every super overt has an AND on it, but those that do are
certainly causing the preclear a permanent case of pain.


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