On December 12, 2012, my semi feral cat Mirabilis was hit by a car
and killed.  I had just finished writing this posting when it happened.
Either I pissed off the God's for daring to post the truth, or they
wanted to test me to see if I could live up to my own words.

     Which I couldn't.

     Woe to those who pretend to wisdom or sovereignty, for the
Gods will run a Job on them.

     Well I love Mira so much, the Gods can go to hell, except the God
of Close Calls, who helped me find her body, and this posting remains as
originally written.

     This posting depends on a thorough understanding of the writeup in


      The KRC triangle gives us the formula for magic.

      Magic consists of Knowledge, Responsibility and Control.

      As with the ARC triangle of Affinity, Reality and Communication,
just so with the KRC triangle, if one corner is raised up the tone
scale, so MUST the other two follow.

      Thus as responsibility is increased, so is control.

      Control is being able to do with things as you want.

      Responsibility is recognition and *APPLICATION* of self as cause.

      Putting it there, for real and for actual.

      It is TAKING responsibility is grabbing cause for one's self over
things normally considered to be caused by others.

      Others can not cause things in your dreamtime unless you cause them
to be able to do so.

      Taking FULL responsibility is not just 'letting them in', but
causing them to cause what they are causing in your dreamtime, after
they are in.

      This is pandeterminism and is also exteriorization, as one can BE
anyone that one is willing to cause them causing.

      Anyone can take responsibility for or over anyone or anything that
is causing or caused.

      However taking responsibility is not mere lip service, it means

      How do you know the difference between mere lip service and true
taking of responsibility?


      You can control what you are putting there.


      Magic is generally considered to be control over things that normal
humans do not have control over, such as the physical universe and the
thoughts, feelings and efforts (actions) of others including other life
forms, spirits and The Infinite.

      Control means good control like being able to drive a car, or
control over one's tools to create a masterpiece.

      Control does not mean using power over others for selfish ends,
against their will.

      The KRC triangle tells us that we can control anything we can take
full responsibility for, including other people's existence, their
thoughts, feelings and actions.

      Thus responsibility = control.

      This includes moving the marble in the physical universe.

      He who can put it there, can move it.

      But it also means being able to change the state we are in, in our
own universe, and changing others in their universe and how they relate
to us and the rest of the world.

      What other magic could anyone want?

      What other magic could there even be?

      Magic is control over the AllThatIs, and that magic comes from
taking full responsibility for the AllThatIS, and everyone who is in it,
and everything that they think, feel and do, as one's own.

      Taking responsibility for something means simply and only putting
it there with ONE'S OWN full causal intention, willingness and volition,
regardless of who first created it.

      If someone runs over your cat, are you willing to put that there,
the unexpectedness, the cold dead crushed body brought low, the eyes
with no life left in them that used to bring you joy?

      Can you willingly and in fact put there the ripping away of the
highlight of your life and your heart and soul with it?

      Why would you put something there that is utterly not in your own
best interest, nor the best interest of those that you love?

      How can you even touch it, let alone put it there?

      Yet there it is, and you always knew it could be.

      If someone else puts something there, and you don't match or
parallel it with equal putting it there as if it were your creation,
then it continues to belong to them and you can't change it.

      But if you match another's putting it there with equal or greater
putting it there yourself, then it becomes yours too, and you can change
it, or change them putting it there, by PUTTING THEM THERE putting
something else there instead.

      This might not work in the physical universe to bring your cat
back, but it might help you recover yourself FROM the physical universe,
because you have to put the universe there first, before you can put
someone or something putting some unwanted event there in the universe.

      If the universe puts something utterly unwanted there, and you
can't match it by putting it there yourself, then the universe sucks you
into and you can't get out.

      Do you see?

      It's not a matter of BEING responsibility, it does not matter if
you ARE responsible, it only matters that you TAKE responsibility away
from that which was or is.

      Have someone run on you dual, not solo:

      "Put the universe there."
      "Unput the universe there."

      If you are putting the putter there, you can put them putting
anything you want.

      In such a wise do others respond to your control via your taking
full responsibility as your own, for what they put there, and that they
are putting it there!

      If you say "They are cause", then they are cause.

      If you say "I caused them to be cause", then you are cause.

      That is all there is to magic.

      Capiche toi?

      Can this knowledge help you protect your cats in the future?

      Can this knowledge help you be happy in this universe inspite of
the random acts of carnage?

      Do you dare?


      The classic bank as described in early Scientology, consists of
facsimile recordings, made of MENTAL matter, energy, space and time, of
all events that happen to a being and that he himself causes, that he
did not fully put there at the time they happened or were caused.

      You might ask how can a being cause something that he isn't causing
fully, willingly and knowingly.  Causation can be on an automatic
stimulus response basis, or under duress where he resents having to
cause, or the being can simply say he isn't causing it when he is.

      In any case he is dealing by not dealing, and this leads to
facsimile creation, which he is also causing without fully being there,
so they persist like everything else.

      Thus facsimiles include fully aware analytical moments (memory) and
moments of loss, pain and unconsciousness (locks, secondaries and

      Facsimiles contain data about what happened in full surround sound
3D spacetime color; they include when the incident happened, and who was
in it and who did what to whom.

      When we say color, we of course mean color, taste, sound, touch and
smell, including all emotions and feelings and other perceptics
available to homo sap, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual,
and all efforts or force used to cause or be an effect of the event.

      Efforts that the being causes are called simply efforts.

      Efforts that other beings or things cause to the being are called
counter efforts.

      In a similar fashion there are his own thoughts, emotions and
efforts, and the counter thoughts, counter emotions and counter efforts
of other beings, places or things.

      Every facsimile then is a complete recording of all thoughts,
emotions, efforts, and counter thoughts, emotions and efforts that take
place during the duration of the incident.

      Valences are the various who's in a facsimile and are important to
a case, because they provide identities that the preclear can then CHOSE
TO BE, in order to survive better or worse.

      The preclear picks his winning valences from the collection
available to him at the time of an incident driving him down tone, and
does what they did.

      He computes that if doing A won for Joe, then doing A will win for
him too, particularly if A was something that Joe did to him, when Joe
won over him!

      However facsimiles of 'incidents' don't have to happen to the
preclear, he has banks and banks full of stuff that happened to others
that the preclear bought, borrowed or stole, and banks that were
invented out of whole cloth and never happened to anyone, or were
designed as templates or archetypes for real incidents to follow.

      If a valence in a facsimile is doing badly or in a state of being
damaged, and got sympathy and thus help or cooperation from others, then
the preclear may choose to don that identity as a way of doing better
himself, by doing worse in the eyes of others.

      He seeks the advantage of being disadvantaged.

      Most people are suckers for sad, sorry eyes.

      In such a way the preclear solicits help, avoids domination and
obtains exoneration for failures that others might otherwise take him to
task for.

      Getting sympathy is a way to get others to stop blaming him and
punishing him for things other's consider important.

      If the only way to survive is to be near dead so that someone will
help you to survive better than you can alone, then near dead it will
be, and that is what the preclear will choose to be, become, or mock
himself up as.


      Facimiles and their valences, by definition, also record who the
bad guys were, who the victims were and who the good guys were, the
heros who came to save the day or tried to.

      Valences record what each person thought, felt, and did, which adds
up to an entire identity package for that valence.

      The other beings that imprinted those valences on a preclear during
the receipt of the facsimile are called terminals, as they are the
beginning and end points of flows, both good and bad, which includes
communication lines, and help or harm via violent force causing damage.

      Preclears like to 'close terminals' with their most detested
counter terminals, hunt them down, stick their face in the other's face
and blow them away.

      Closing terminals, lessening the space between yourself and
another, is a sure way to lose the power you need to overwhelm them
though, because it is the creation of SPACE that creates power.

      Eventually the preclear BECOMES those he closed terminals with the
most, and starts to act as they did.

      In this way does the preclear go 'out of valence' and start to act
and be and think like someone else who did him in long ago, including
past lives.

      Since facsimiles are always recordings or paintings of flows in
collision, their primary make up is FORCE, MASS, SPACE and TIME, with
collapsed spatial anchor points at the moment of impact.

      The preclear makes space by putting out anchor points at a great
distance, as far as he can conceive.  The bigger the space encompassed,
the higher the tone of the preclear.

      When the preclear collides with a heavy counter force, he takes his
attention off of the space he is making, the anchor points collapse to a
single point, and his attention goes fully to the source of the impact
which is usually nearby in his space.

      The facsimile records the collapse of the anchor points under
duress of great violence, and when a facsimile is brought into
restimulation by the preclear, his present time space and attention
collapses to parallel the collapse recorded in the facsimile.

      The preclear can not generally tell the difference between a
facsimile and an actual event, and responds to both the same way,
including making another facsimile of the first one when it impinges
again later.

      Thus a heavily restimulated preclear will be walking around with
endless numbers of facsimiles of facsimiles of facsimiles, ad infinitum,
going back to the first restimulation.

      In each facsimile, the villain harming the victim with force is
recorded by the victim as bad.

      The hero harming the villain with force is recorded by the victim
as good.

      Force generally tends to be deadly or else recordings of it are not
of much consequence.

      Deadly doesn't mean just killed a body, perhaps to live again, it

      The being may actually live through the death of the body and live
again, but DURING the death in his mind it is FOREVER, and the
FOREVERNESS of the damage caused in the incident is recorded along with
the force and the damage it caused.

      When such facsimiles are dramatized later, the INTENT to cause
DEATH or HARM FOREVER (PERMANENT LOSS,) to another, becomes very strong,
and is the signature mark of the beginning of aberration and ending up
in a hell of restimulation forever when dramatizing these facsimiles

      Thus running the forevers out of the intent to harm forever in
these incidents, does much to alleviate the suffering forever the being
has been in :)

      You can do anything to anyone for a while without consequences, but
once the intent is to harm forever, the doer is doomed forever as long
as he holds onto the forever in his own intent.

      Without the forevers impinging on the preclear offering him 'final
solutions' to his problems, such facsimiles of death and demise become
just so much snowflake flittering around him adding to the glitter in
his thetan space.

      The preclear will thus be found to be crucified or 'stuck on his
time track' in those incidents where he lost to his most detested
terminals FOREVER.

      But it takes more than simply losing to get stuck in an incident
forever more.

      The preclear has to later USE the incident of not surviving to help
himself survive!  THEN he's done, because he is choosing to wear it, and
considers it necessary for his continued survival.

      Thus scientology teaches us that engrams can be received but then
go into recession (apparent non existence) until they are restimulated
later through their use which is called the KEY IN.

      Addressing the engram directly while it is in use, is mostly
fruitless, however addressing the key in and why the preclear decided to
use a moment of death or damnation to survive better is highly fruitful.

      Once the preclear let's go of the usefulness of the engram to his
present survival, and the classless evil implied in the forevers
contained in them, the engram goes back into recession, keys out, and no
longer bothers him.

      However since the engram is in use, it is often easier to contact
the engram than the moment of key in, because the preclear is parked at
the time of the engram and not at the time of the key in, and thus
running the engram directly as he is presently experiencing it, is in

       In auditing one may find it necessary to run the engram a bit,
then the key in, then the engram, then the key in, until both can be
let go of and erased at the same time.

      If the engram is run without the key in, the preclear will still
have his need to use the engram and will promptly pull in another one to
fit the bill.

      The cognition that releases the preclear from the engram is
something to the effect of how dumb it was to think it was a good idea
to use the engram in the first place.

      This results in laughter.

      Once the preclear loses to a terminal, thus creating a facsimile
with that terminal as a winning valence in it, he will then BECOME that
valence later, thus doing to others what was done to him.  Once he dons
that valence in that facsimile he continues to wear it as needed, to the
end of time, and thus becomes more and more stuck in that facsimile,
wearing that valence's thoughts, emotions and efforts, namely that
valence's beingness of doing harm to others.

      If Dad beat him, he will beat his kids.  If was good enough for Dad
it must be good enough for him.  Not everyone falls into this trap but
many do.

      It is the continued USE of that valence that sticks him in the
facsimile.  Every time he uses it, he turns the facsimile on harder, and
every time he regrets using it or it just plumb doesn't work to secure
his survival, he will bounce back to his own valence in the facsimile in
which he was dying.  To escape the feeling of dying he will try to go
back out of valence, and find something else to beat up on.

      When he pulls in the facsimile to use it, it contains both himself
and his tormentor as valences, and the force that the tormentor used to
do him in, and his own damage at the time.

      Thus he escapes his own pain by being the tormentor for a while,
but when it fails, he finds himself sitting directly in his own valence
being tormented again, by the counter efforts in the facsimile.

      Remember a preclear in bad shape can't tell the difference between
a facsimile and the real thing, so if he ended up sick, dead or dying in
the facsimile, he will feel like he is sick dead and dying once his
dramatization of the facsimile fails and he ends up in his own valence

      'Failure of a dramatization' is not complicated, it simply means
the preclear stops dramatizing for whatever reason and thus is sitting
in the rest of the facsimile where he was the victim.

      Usually dramatization fails for two reasons.

      Failure by force happens when the preclear simply dramatizes at
someone too big for him, and gets squashed back down again.

      He tells his mother to shut up, and she beats the daylights out of

      Failure by reversal happens when the preclear, in his own
consideration, suddenly determines that he is mistakenly dramatizing at
the wrong party, perhaps an innocent one.

      The preclear sees his girl go into a store with another boy and
thinks his girl is cheating on him.  Infuriated he confronts them and
beats the hell out of the girl, almost killing her.

      Turns out they were preparing a surprise party for him, and were in
the store to buy him a birthday card.

      Sometimes the preclear regrets the damage he has caused to the
other party no matter how culpable the other party was.

      Your preclear is shooting Nazi soldiers in a life and death battle.
Later he finds an wounded enemy soldier dying on the ground asking for
help and takes pity on him.

      Those sad eyes again...

      Thus a being trying to survive by killing or permanently damaging
others, if he considers that he is failing to survive by doing so or
regrets it, will feel like he is dying himself.

      Thus if a preclear is feeling sick dead and dying all the time,
addressing murderous intent FOREVER, is indicated.


      PTS means Potential Trouble Source and refers to a preclear to
allows themselves to be suppressed by an SP or Suppressive Person or

      Your preclear is PTS to anyone or thing that he has declared war
upon.  During these wars there are no rules or laws of behavior, his
actions are above the law of the land and the sky, there are no codes,
virtues, or principles that guide or restrain his efforts to wipe out
the other side, there is no mercy or quarter given to spirit, man,
woman, child or god, and no captives taken alive.

      He considers his enemy SO dangerous that ANYTHING goes, to wipe out
the enemy as fast as possible forever, regardless of the collateral
damage from friendly fire.

      He has declared an absolute and utter unrestrained FAIR GAME on the
other side, and given himself license to do ANYTHING to accomplish the
total obliteration of the other side forever.

      His failed dramatizations and regrets accumulate over time until
his heart is no longer in it, but the war continues and remains
declared, thus he becomes PTS to his most hated enemies.  This results
from an AND in operation, to kill AND to not kill at the same time.

      By the way it is the fact that he is still at war with the other
side that makes the other side pick on him instinctively whether your
preclear does anything overt to pull it in or not.

      Thus it is his intent to make the other side PTS to him, that
ultimately entices the other side to take every opportunity to SP him to

      Get your preclear to undeclare the war completely in his own soul,
and the other wide will no longer bristle when he comes in the room.


      Often in any facsimile the preclear will ALSO be wearing his OWN
valence as victim BY CHOICE, because it got him sympathy from someone in
the incident, and he will use his victimness to gain sympathy from
others to help him win against his many villains, or even to turn the
villain back into a friend by getting the villain to reverse and regret
and feel sorry for what he did.

      Again when a preclear tries to get sympathy and fails, he is
already in his victim valence doing this, so it kicks back at him even
harder, and he may then switch to the villain valence and take out his
anger on the beings who won't give him sympathy.

      Once a preclear determines that he must continuously destroy his
tormentors as a full time job, and get and maintain sympathy 24 hours a
day to help him or keep himself out of danger, he will put on this
facsimile first thing in the morning when he wakes, like many put on
their eyeglasses, or smoke their first smoke or joint.

      His life then becomes a caricature of a guy going off to battle
every day swinging his ax looking for heads to lop, while limping onto
the battle field barely able to wield it.

      He has his ax in one hand, and he has the other hand on his hip,
helping himself walk.

      He is in both villain and victim at once, vibrating back and forth,
each one pushing him on and justifying the other.

      The pain in his hip tells him he has to kill the enemy who harmed
him (damaged his hip), but his hip prevents him from being successful
against the enemy so his redramatization continuously fails over and
over again, causing chronic pain.

      So the facsimile stays on full time with the preclear vibrating
continuously from villain to victim, taking time out periodically to
drink from the sympathy of what golden allies he has managed to acquire
as spectators and well wishers.  When they prove unsoothing enough, he
will curse them and go back to his vibration between villain and victim.

      The preclear will also wear the valence of the sympathy source, or
golden ally, when he himself is feeling sympathy for others who have
been abused like him.  If other's reject his sympathy, again he will
bounce back into the victim valence and then into the villain valence
with a vengeance, taking out his frustration on the those who didn't
appreciate his sympathy for them and his efforts to help.

      Thus between abusing others (wearing the villain valence), being
abused (wearing the victim valence), and feeling sorry for others who
are abused (wearing the sympathy valence), he is wearing all 3 valences
of the facsimile he is stuck in full time, and calling it his life.

      The service facsimile computation is his idea why it makes sense to
vanquish the vanquishers by first being a vanquisher himself, (being the
villain), and then by being vanquished by his own hand (getting help
through sympathy from others), and why it makes sense to help others do
the same who are in the same lot as he.

      It is one thing to be vanquished by a vanquisher, and quite another
thing to then go vanquish others in the same manner, and yet worse to
vanquish oneself MORE to get help via sympathy from others.


      The thetan (preclear, being) likes to believe himself to be a
symbol, which has mass (body), meaning (his identity) and mobility (can
move through space and time.)

      Beings also like to die in tar, go figure.

      The being likes to think of himself as an energy form able to cause
and be the effect of matter, energy, space and time BY USING other
matter, energy, space and time.

      He moves the ball by hitting it with a bat.

      He will be trying to swim out of the tar by using his arms.

      He will thus be found to be using flows to handle flows.

      By flows here we mean flows, ridges, dispersals (explosions) and
implosions, anything to do with the behavior of energy and mass in space
and time.

      It escapes the being that in order to create a flow to handle
another flow, he has to USE A POSTULATE to create either flow.  If he
can create or handle a flow with a postulate directly, why then is he
using flows to handle other flows, when he could handle the other flows
with postulates directly?

      The being engages in this deception that he can't make a postulate,
but can only use flows to handle other flows in order to have a game,
but ultimately it sinks him to not being able to PUT FLOWS THERE when
they occur, from himself or others or the universe at large, and thus he
loses absolute postulate control over them.

      A postulate means a POSTED BEINGNESS, it means simply and only
putting it there.

      Thus when a baseball player uses a bat to change the direction of
an incoming ball, he is no longer putting the ball there by postulate
and changing its direction by postulate, he is swinging the bat at it,
which is using another flow (the bat) to handle the ball (the incoming

      There is a disadvantage to flows in this universe, namely that they
obey the basic laws of electronics.

      They suffer from resistance, so it takes a LOT of effort to push a
flow through things according to how dense they are.

      It also takes time for a flow to move from one place to another as
the speed of cause in this universe is the speed of light, which is like
the speed of an ant in cold molasses compared to the size of the

      Flows also suffer from capacitance, if you flow in one direction
too long, it builds up and needs to flow back the other way.  If you
simply let go of the flow, it will snap back in your face.

      Flows also suffer from inductance, if you get a flow going, and
suddenly let go of it, it will CONTINUE violently in the same direction
causing unexpected and unwanted results.

      Thus although it is fun to play the games of flows, one must never
lose the ability to CREATE AND HANDLE flows directly by postulates.

      Facsimiles are recordings of flows and are made of flows, namely
ridges.  They result from the collision of the incoming counter efforts
and the outgoing efforts of the preclear to hold the incoming efforts
off.  The tone of the preclear is the direct result of his success in
this fight.

      Once the counter efforts overwhelm the preclear, he goes into anger
and lower on the tone scale, and the facsimile recording is made to the
degree the preclear is not PUTTING IT THERE, the whole thing, both sides
by postulates alone.

      To the degree that the being tries later to handle facsimiles with
flows, he will lose.  Thus running engrams after they are made, at the
bottom of the bridge during auditing in session, by using flows (R3R),
tends to be long and laborious, while running postulate processing can
lift the preclear right out of the bank if he knows what he is doing,
and why he sunk himself in it.

       The best way to take a dress off is simply to unzipper it and take
it off the way you put it on (by postulate).  The hard way is to try to
scrape the dress off of you, bit by bit (using flows to run the

       Some flow processing is useful and needed, but only as long as it
is in the direction of rehabbing the ability to create flows directly
with postulates.

       Notice the relationship of postulates/considerations and flows
to Apparencies are Reality,
on the tone scale.

       30.0 Postulates
       28.0 Considerations
       26.0 Apparencies are Reality
       25.0 Flows


      Everything above Apparencies are Reality are driven by actual cause
directly between the static at 400.00 and the apparent Kinetic starting
at 25.0.

      Everything below Apparencies are Reality are driven by virtual
cause between kinetic objects starting with flows of particles.

      Thus postulates and considerations are actual cause, and flows are
illusory cause.

      Thus at no time does the baseball bat move the ball, but from Flows
on down, it sure looks and feels like it does.

      By creating panoplies of virtual cause operating between things
'out there' in the kinetic vessel of space and time, the being can
engage in games without retaining awareness that he is making them from
Source on down.

      The Author does not want to know it was Author, as knowing you are
Author precludes that most precious experience of getting stuck in tar.

      If the Author knows he is dreaming too much, he will wake up out of
his dream too easily, just when its getting rough.

      From flows on down, the thetan likes to pretend he can move both in
space and in time and in particular move on the time track from incident
to incident changing valences as he needs them.

      The thetan as static can not move anywhere because there is no
where to move, but once he crosses below apparencies are reality, he
becomes a symbol, with mass, meaning and mobility that exists IN space
and time and moves around in them.

      This is called the Orientation Point/Symbol flip flop.

      It is the knowing, willing, fair chosen turning off of lucidity in
the dreamtime of his life in spacetime.

      A being in good shape can don and doff valences from facsimiles as
fast as he can think of them, according to his fancy or whim of the

      Facsimiles obey a high toned being's intentions and postulates
absolutely and without effort.  Thus a being can don the most outrageous
demises in his bank and then throw them away again in the blink of an

      "Nope not bloody enough!"

      Beings also like to have OTHER PEOPLE'S BANKS, or even fully
invented banks with things too horrible to contemplate that never
happened to anyone.

      Using facsimiles that are not his own makes his various charades of
villain, victim and hero, much more convincing to others, so the game
persists longer.

      Parents are always telling their children the child is making it
up, so the child has to make sure he dons something NO ONE could make

      Thus addressing the being's OWN track will often be a waste of
time, as the incidents he is sitting in are not his.  However HE DID
CHOOSE THEM, and those key in moments are very much his and his alone,
and they do exist on his own track.

      Which is why getting one key in (postulates) is worth running 1000
engrams (flows).

      Thus do not be dismayed if the preclear starts giving you engrams
to run that couldn't have possibly happened to anyone in his situation.
They didn't, but they need to be run anyhow as he has been dramatizing
the valences in them, and using them to the hilt to make other's wrong
and solicit cooperation.

      The stuff that is his own true time track is not in restimulation
and thus is not important to run, unless it happens to be in restim.

      So although the pretense is that the being is a symbol and can move
freely from bank to bank and within each bank to his heart's content,
the truth is the thetan is an orientation point and can move nowhere.

      He instead redraws (rerenders) space and time around him from
moment to moment, to give himself the illusion of motion, and he does
the same thing with his time track or bank of facsimiles.

      As a symbol the being locates himself relative to stable objects in
his environment, home, country, planet, space time etc.  HE moves while
other things are still.

      He considers space time made him, so of course space time is still,
and he is moving.

      As an orientation point the being locates everything else including
the AllThatIs, relative to him.  He becomes eternally still, and can and
does create the manifested parts of the AllThatIs anywhere around him
that he pleases.

      The orientation point CHOOSES to become the symbol to engage in
apparencies are actuality at 26.0 on the tone scale, in order to engage
in the illusion of being a creature of an orientation point greater than
he, space time, or God or whatever.

      The way to become the orientation point again is to BE the
orientation point becoming the symbol.  Coming in puts you out, because
you can't come in, without BEING out.

      The being involves himself in restimulation and use of facsimiles
because of his engagement in being a (fragile) symbol trying to deal
with overwhelming incoming realities, but he does so with the power of
being an orientation point.

      Thus as the thetan needs a facsimile to don, he will move the
facsimile from out of the cloud surrounding him, TO HIMSELF and wear it.

      You might then consider that the thetan is in the middle of a huge
cloud of facsimiles all of which he can move around at will, and indeed
he has moved a number of them onto himself where the valence he is using
at the moment is aligned perfectly over himself, so he can look out at
the world through the valence's eyes.

      A valence is like a mask that one puts on.

      One doesn't go over to where the mask is, one pulls the mask to
one's self and puts it on where one is.

      Since each facsimile of importance has at least 3 kinds of
valences, villain (most detested terminals), victim (himself) and hero
(golden allies), the being will be found to be moving all three valences
over himself as fast as he needs to switch between them, to 'deal' with
incoming realities.

      Since incoming realities come in chains of similarity across time
(being spanked for example), the thetan will be found to be sucking in
quite a number of facsimiles to his thetan 'face', while all the rest of
his bank floats freely off in the distance around him.

      And that is the anatomy of aberration, the thetan is acting out
through valences from the perceptions and thoughts of valences.  He sees
now as it was then, and does now what others did then to win, using
their perceptions and logic then to justify himself now.

      When dramatization fails, he ends up in pain in his own valence.


      The most serious incidents are those of violent force, containing
death and damnation (hells) forever.

      By hell we mean any form of pain or torment that is conceived or
intended to last forever in time and which make time unescapable, and
which violate the sovereign while in which all time lines are created.


      Notice that one can not die forever AND suffer forever at the same

      However your preclear will be found to be wishing off death forever
AND hell forever on his most detested enemies, as they may have done to

      This creates an insanity, as the being is trying to create an
impossible condition in another with all his might.

       Your preclear then will be found in a crazy hysterical state of
'not wanting to live forever *AND* not wanting to die forever.'

       Run, get the ideas:

       1. "I want to live forever *AND* I do not want to die forever."
  AND  2. "I want to live forever *AND* I want to die forever."
  AND  3. "I do not want to live forever *AND* I do not want to die forever."
       4. "I do not want to live forever *AND* I want to die forever."

      The being starts at one which is sane, enters 2 and 3 which are
ANDS, and ends up at 4 trying to escape the insanity of 2 and 3.

      1.) is your immortal dreamball new to a time stream.
      4.) is your mortal meatball who can't wait to end it all.

      1 through 4 form a dwindling spiral from hope in heaven, to hell
forever, to hope in death forever.

      Both living forever and dying forever are IN TIME and do not and
can not happen, as all time whiles are only for a while :)

      Thus forevers in time need to be run out until they are replaced by
ETERNAL forevers outside of time.

      Then your preclear will no longer have a problem with living
forever (in time) because all time whiles are finite and end one day,
nor can he die forever (in time), because he gets to sleep forever
ETERNALLY between time whiles.

      Thus once clear, he can have what he wants on both accounts, to
sleep forever or as long as he wants (eternally outside of time) and
live for a while as long as he wants but never forever (inside of time),
and do this in endless infinite cycles of unmanifestation and
manifestation forever for free, and the AND runs out and he is no longer

      As ADORE says, this is what every being wants, to be able to sleep
as long as it wants, and engage in an infinite number of different
FINITE whiles, forever for free outside of time.


      Incidents can also be implanted facsimiles of archtypical villains,
victims and heros.  The implant happened, but the incident in the
implant never happened, but the implant does form a pattern by which
later incidents can attach themselves because the later incident follows
the pattern of the implant.

      Thus the preclear will be found to be LOOKING for villains, victims
and heros in his future, as they make a good story that sticks to the
implant very well.

      Anything to keep the dream going.

      Thus the case of a thetan looks very much like a black hole sucking
in motivators, dedexs, and restraints, which then poke him into
dramatizing overts, deds and justifications all over again, in a never
ending cycle of death and damnation, guilt and remorse.

       Calling this a dwindling spiral is a major understatement.

       The basic spiral goes from postulates to flows to ridges.

      Remember the thetan can not die, but he can forget he created
things (fair chosen), get stuck in his creations, and thus he can want
to die, and he can wish off death forever and damnation forever on
others, then on himself, and other's have done the same to him.

      As long as he continues with the FOREVER (in time) bit, he remains
in his own dying hells forever.  Once he puts it in a while, and remains
friends eternally with his most detested terminals, friendship is
restored at source even if they continue to lop heads in the while.

      No hell can outlast a true confession of an intended forever in

      Those are big words, dig them and don't leave them.

      They are the words that pissed off the gods that took Mira from me.

      Surrounding the thetan as a black hole, floating freely around him
in orbit, a ways away, are all the rest of his facsimiles that he is not
using, waiting to be pulled in once he needs them.

      It can be useful to erase these through inspection so that they can
NEVER be keyed in by 'accident' in the future, but on the other hand
getting rid of all one's available excuses is never a good thing just in
case one needs one, one day.  Especially if you paid for it.

      And there are no accidents, until your preclear postulates there


      At the center of the preclear's bank, where the preclear as an
orientation point actually is, is a mass of valences consisting of most
detested terminals, greatest victimization, and most precious golden
allies who cared for the preclear, even dying for him, who certainly
cried a tear for him.

      Golden allies are impossible to find, but pretty easy to
understand, as their words and actions give them away.

      Scan all the TV shows and movies you have ever seen where the
protagonist (preclear) is dying and someone is holding them in their
arms says "Don't leave me, hold on, don't go, stay awake, stay with

      Those are holders and the bank is full of them, because people try
REAL HARD to get others to not die on them.

      Low tone preclears, which is almost everyone, will obey word
commands coming from Golden Allies in their facsimiles and thus hold
onto the facsimile which contains a holder because that is what the
Golden Ally is saying, don't leave me, where 'me' = facsimile.

      Don't worry, the preclear is holding on to the facsimile's 3
valences really hard anyhow, because he is using them, but holders do
not make the engram easier to run out because the preclear is just sure
"I will die if you leave me", meaning the ally will die if the preclear
goes, but translated the preclear will die if he leaves the facsimile.

      The bank loves this stuff, me = facsimile = golden ally.

      This sticks him hard in his relationship to the golden ally to a
point where he can not run what happened in the facsimile, namely the
original villain/victim showdown.  Remember the golden ally is at the
END of the incident, AFTER the villain has done his work, so by sticking
the preclear at the end of the facsimile, he can no longer run it, as it
won't erase unless he gets the beginning of it.

      Thus the great evil of holders is not that they prevent the
preclear from moving on his track from engram to engram, they prevent
the preclear from getting his nose out of the bosom of the end of the
facsimile and back to the very instant the facsimile started which
allows it to erase.

      The existence of the Golden Ally is *DEFINED* by the earlier
existence of the Villain/Victim interaction, and thus without running
the beginning of the facsimile, one can not get the Golden Ally

      Facsimiles will not erase without contact with the first instant,
one has to PUT IT THERE, the WHOLE THING, in order for it to erase.

      This is why correct duration and start of incident is so critical.

      Implants in particular love to have a moment where someone says
'OK, start of incident' and its half way in.

      The beginning of any facsimile then is an impingement of force
causing death and demise, for which the preclear either does not or can
not take full responsibility for the counter actions, feelings, intent
and efforts of the impinging entity, namely the villain.

      He can't or won't put it there willingly, as its just too evil, so
a recording is made of full force and impingement.

     The villain puts an overwhelming force in the preclear's space, and
the preclear fails to match it by putting that same force there himself,
and thus failing to take full responsibility for the incoming force with
himself as cause, he succumbs to it as effect, and thus gets the
facsimile and ensuing ruin.

      Remember taking full responsibility for the causations of others,
no matter how accidental or ruinously intended, is not merely a matter
of attitude, it is a full operation of self as cause by PUTTING THE

      The Gods didn't like that paragraph either.

      YOU CAN DO THIS, you can put others there, and you can put others
there putting something there for you, and you can do this AFTER you
notice they are putting something there for you.

      This is magic.

      Failure to take full responsibility and operate putting it there
for things leads to becoming a "Magic?  What magic?" case.

      So the center of the bank which needs to be run out is made of
recordings of all the times of no magic, and failure to take
responsibility for incoming force and destruction.  followed by use of
the recordings to deal further with the no magic that allowed the
incident to form in the first place.

      We don't need to erase the bank to go clear, we need to stop USING
the bank, particularly on a chronic unknowing basis.


      "Who or what are you blaming?"

     "Who or what are you blaming for blaming you?"

     Goodbye Mira, I love you so much, I will never stop crying after


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