I am asked below to define what TO RUN means.

     First we need to word clear the standard terms

     TO PROCESS and

     Scientifically a process is a change of state or a series of
changes of state, such as the process of energy escaping from the main
spring of a clock through the escapement mechanism as it winds down.

     To process is to put something through a process, or a series of
changes of state.  To process food for example, by homogenizing it,
chopping it up, exposing to ultra violet etc.  The end result is more
desirable than the original raw state.

     To process a human case, as in a preclear, we get the preclear to
engage in a series of actions, either physical, emotional, mental, or
spiritual, that cause charge to come to the surface for inspection,
reevaluation and thus erasure.

     Any particular series of actions that a preclear is requested to
perform towards this goal is called 'a process', as it puts the preclear
though changes in state toward a better end.

     To 'run' a process comes from the term to run a program on a
computer.  Again a computer program is a series of instructions causing
the computer to engage in various actions like adding numbers, putting
them here and there, printing them out etc.

     A program for a computer is very much like a program for a
preclear, a series of actions the computer or preclear are requested to
do in order to change their own state or the state of something else.

     Thus we 'run a program' on a computer, or we 'run a process on a
preclear', or the preclear runs a process on charge in his bank.  We are
processing the preclear or the preclear's bank, by engaging in a series
of actions which bring about a series of changes in the preclear or his
bank (of charge) to a better end, which is the E/P or End Phenomenon of
the process.

     When we say run a process, or run an incident, or run the preclear
on an incident, or simply to run 'an item', we are talking about
applying the appropriate action in the appropriate way to the situation
in order to produce case gain.

     An item is any idea, person, place or thing that a preclear might
have charge on.

     Mother is an item, so is anger, fear, sorrow or apathy.

     Goals are items, to be worthwhile, for example.

     An item is just about ANYTHING that might have charge on it, or
lead into an area of charge.

     An incident is a period of time when charge was built up with
various items in the incident.

     A terminal is a PERSON in the incident or the preclear's life.

     Thus the term 'run X' is very broadly used, and generally means 'to
do what is right' to handle and erase charge on X.

     One runs a process in until no more change comes from it, or the
preclear has a significant cognition about the item or area being
processed, and is feeling better.

     The most basic process is simply to spot the item over and over.

     "Spot how you feel about your eternal future."

      Or to get the idea of:

      "Get the idea of being Mortal."

      "Get the idea of being Immortal."  (one time line forever in time.)

      "Get the idea of being Eternal."   (outside of time lines.)

     For those who are heavily into not-isness, making nothing of charge
via force, denial, and blackness, an item might seem to have no charge
on it or be unapproachable.

      So then we add NO AND SOME to the item being run in order to get
the preclear to run out the NOT ISING of the item, then run some of the
item, then the not ising of the item, then some of the item, back and

      "Spot NO   sorrow over mother's death."
      "Spot SOME sorrow over mother's death."

      If the preclear is suffering to death on an item, we add in AND to
really get at what the preclear is doing to drive himself crazy.

      "Get the idea of not wanting to live forever (in time) AND
not wanting to die forever (in time.)"

     "Get the idea of wanting to die forever AND wanting to live forever
at the same time."

     Some preclear's may need NO and SOME added into AND!

     "Get the idea of NO [wanting to die forever AND wanting to live
forever at the same time]."

     "Get the idea of SOME [wanting to die forever AND wanting to live
forever at the same time]."

     Serious charge in the bank has 'tricks' of unavailability to the
preclear's attempt to audit it, and this results in the apparency of

     Say your preclear is a 'nothing there' case.

      "Get the idea there is nothing there."
      "Get the idea there is something there."

     Say your preclear is a 'no one there' case.
      "Get the idea there is no one there."
      "Get the idea there is some one there."
     If he is really crazy and he is running NOTHING AND SOMETHING, you
gotta run the same thing.

     'Get the idea there is nothing there AND something there at the
same time forever.'

     'Get the idea there is no one there AND some one there at the
same time forever.'
     Running NO and SOME and AND on the unauditable item is usually
enough to break it open.

      He wants to live and die at the same time, but he has not-ised that
to a point where if you say 'Tell me an AND', he will say "What AND?"

      So you run,

      "Get the idea of NO AND."
      "Get the idea of SOME AND."

     Assuming he knows what an AND is, 20 minutes of that will pop the
next AND into his face and make it ready to run.

     Remember an AND is not an indecision, should I go left, should I go
right.  That's an OR, and even though it may never stop, it doesn't use
up all his energy, just all his time :)

     An AND is a decision to go BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT, and he puts his
full OT power into doing both and thus goes nowhere while burning his
thetan jets bright white.

     If he is running an AND on to look and not look, he will be pushing
infinitely hard to not see, and pulling infinitely hard to see at the
same time forever.

     This forms a mucky clay in front of his face which eventually shows
up as an impenetrable 'nothing there'.  He can't put his attention in
it, on it or around it.

     HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY ATTENTION LEFT, its all eaten up by the total
effort to push and pull at the same time.

     Or to push left and push right at the same time.

     Or whatever, ANDS always involve full power, and FORCE AND EFFORT
against each other to produce no motion and no change.

     Fully running out the operating AND's on the case will produce
permanent relief beyond one's wildest imagination.  But there are a lot
of them, and they are DEADLY, each and every one, and he has about 20 of
them or more that need to be spotted and run to relief.

     He is basically trying to GO AND NOT GO in everything in his life.

     Running out ALL ANDS from a case produces a being who is no longer
crazy (by definition), and who can feel and operate smoothly again or
not depending on the color of sunset or the mood of the moment which HE
paints on things, not his craziness.

     A being filled with ANDS, is always going AND not going, going AND
not going, 24 hours a day, awake or asleep.

     He may be going 51 percent and not going 49 percent, so it might
seem he is moving forward, but he is driving with the brakes on, both
pedals to the metal.

     And he's always asking a whole mess of questions he is terrified of
knowing the answers to, TO KNOW AND NOT KNOW, TO LEARN AND NOT LEARN, TO
REMEMBER AND NOT REMEMBER, its just on and on, one creates and lives in
one's own hell by being and doing this way.

     You can always tell such a preclear by the smell of smoking brakes
and exhaust that pervades his thetan space :)

     Outwardly he will tell you he is a black V, inwardly he is white
hot from self generated friction.

     What a black V can't see or originate about IS HIS FUTURE.

     He thinks it is his past that is bothering him, but it isn't, its
his present time headed right off the rails into the future just a ways
down the track.  He will even tell you how long to inexorable disaster.

     A black V has no future, because he both wants a future and doesn't
want a future at the same time forever and ever Amen.


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> Homer,
> I read the article on "Unauditabilty" and wondered if you could explain the
> term "run" a little  more.  I have read this word in your previous articles
> and still do not completely understand what we are doing when we run a
> situation.  I get the process of "some" and "none" in a run but what is the
> ultimate goal of the "some" and "none" in the audit?  Is the run the
> attempt to alleviate the charge from whatever is being run?
Mon Nov 26 20:38:53 EST 2012