(High scientology jargonese, not meant for broad public issue).

     (This is a response to comments and original posting appended

      Technically NO means NO on the CDEINR scale.

      Curious about, Desires, Enforced, Inhibited, NO and Refused.

      It is a pretended NO, or not-is of an actual item.

      Thus SOME is everything above Inhibited, and NO is everything at
inhibited or below.

      Sometimes when NO and SOME won't run at all, I have to run ENFORCED
and REFUSED for a while, then NO and SOME come back.

      One does not even have to know what the item is, 'NO item' and
'SOME item' run exactly like that.

      The next item may then surface.

      ANDS also run this way, 'NO AND' and 'SOME AND'

      ANDS are deadly and form the core of the GPM case, between
terminals and opp terminals.  If the preclear is spinning downtown and
getting tight on solo, simply indicating that the mess is an AND will
often be enough to cool it out.

      Just point at the worst part of your space and feeling say
accusatively "YOU ARE AN AND!"

      This will often be enough to chill him and all his entities out.

      WHAT AND is not immediately important when spinning, ANDS can
release just by recognizing them at the effort level, at the crush and
rip level, and letting them flow out their crazyness.

      Then he can get back to finding out WHAT AND it might be.

      Here's a classic early AND.


      The forever means IN TIME in both cases.

      This AND forces him to choose between mortality and immortality,
missing Eternality in between, which is neither living forever (in time)
nor dying forever (in time).

      Missing eternality in all cases will cause a case to spin out of
control, as neither mortality (death forever in time) nor immortality
(hell forever in time) are desirable, except as games to see how long
you can put off the death forever or the hell forever.

      Such games are always filled with turkeys gobbling around saying
"Hey I am still happy!"

      There are a number of super ANDS on a case, and each one is enough
to kill the Russian Army wholesale.

      Your preclear wants to cause Death forever AND Hell forever to his
many oppterms.  Well they can't be dead and in hell forever at the same

      ANDS run as "Desired item A AND desired item B FOREVER"

      where item A and item B are mutually exclusive.

      The forever cements in the crazifying nature of ANDS.

      Other processes based on NO and SOME are really powerful unlimited
beauties that work when the tar, crazy glue and obsidian glass get too
thick.  These are run best dual, two way communication helps with the

    "Get the idea of SOMETHING there."
    "Get the idea of NOTHING there."

    "Get the idea of SOME ONE there."
    "Get the idea of NO ONE there."

      Careful, that one will blow open the "What BT?" case.

      One process that ran for me recently dual was more complex.

    "Get the idea of NO FORGETTING."
    "Get the idea of SOME FORGETTING."

    "Get the idea of NO REMEMBERING."
    "Get the idea of SOME REMEMBERING."

      Your preclear is walking around with the idea that he hasn't
forgotten something when he has, so that's NO forgetting.  This brings
him up to awareness that he has forgotten something and is no longer
forgetting forgetting.

      He also has the idea that he has never remembered things of import,
when he has, so that's NO remembering.  This gets him up to awareness
that he has remembered things and then forgotten that he has, so he is
no longer forgetting remembering.

      Many a prove it case who claims to 'have no evidence' for past
lives, out of body etc, has in fact all the evidence he needs in his
early memory, but its all shut down, so he has forgotten that he has
memories he no longer knows about nor suspects.  That's NO remembering.

      The commands are complex, and when the charge turns on, long comm
lags happen, the preclear will get bogged down in trying to understand
the command, but that actually runs it as he tries to wrap his wits
around NO FORGETTING and NO REMEMBERING each time.

      20 to 40 minutes will produce marked changes on a preclear ready
for it, he may not remember anything, but he will certainly be more
aware of the NOT-ISING he has been doing and not knowing he has been

      Another easier process I ran after the above was simply,


      The preclear does NOT try to forget something he knows, he simply
looks at the black masses and feels for the not-is efforts and assumes
he has forgotten something, and says OK.  This gives him a win every
time, because there is no effort involved.

      On recall something, the preclear recalls anything, no matter how
humdrum, even if its the same thing over and over, and says OK.  The
recall command reverses the efforts of the forget command, and because
it can be anything, it also gives him a win.  It's a breeze to run, and
20 minutes will produce marked change in cool about forgetting and

      Useful for anyone, but also for preclears who are in a blind rage
about not being able to answer "What's it?" or "Recall a time when..."
type questions that pollute Scientology tech.

     Since many implant GPMS use NO or NIX on every terminal item, NO
will dive into these GPMS quickly, so watch it, it must be balanced by
SOME which is NOT in GPMS except as implied by the absence of NO.

     If a NO item is really and truly not there, the needle will float,
other things being equal and the being is in session, interested in his
case and willing to talk to the auditor and the TA isn't high.

      If it is a suppressed item at Inhibited or below on the CDEINR
scale the needle will stop, stick and then slowly deliberately fall or
just fall depending on your preclear's control of the needle, and the
not-is he is pulling apart.

    A C/S 53 or whatever if unreading and unfloating, will read extensively 
if NO is put in front of every item and assessed that way.

      Only for super squirrels desperately trying to find the nuts they
buried they know not where.

      But it is kind of like putting in suppressed on every item whether
it is suppressed or not.

      The main suppressed buttons for me are

    made nothing of
    nailed out of existence

      These read DEEP, way deeper than Hubbard probably intended to make
things read.

      But when desperate and soloing, getting any read is better than
none with a high TA, stuck needle and the Church gloating.


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> Homer, helped Hubby run this for an hour before he had to go to work.  He
> yawned, experienced tiredness, and he spotted only physical objects around
> him.  He had a bit of awkwardness with the concept of "No OKness" as
> distinguished from "NOT OKness", however change was occurring before we had
> to end off.  Not an EP yet.  Ended session with havingness until next
> session.
> The reason for running this is because he kept saying lately that he felt a
> little bit happier -- he was monitoring his happiness level, and that
> sync'd nicely with your article.
> On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 3:06 AM,  wrote:
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>>      We define mortality as living for a while in a time stream, dying
>> and then never to live again.
>>      We define immortality as living forever in a single time stream,
>> which is both impossible and undesirable.
>>      We define Eternality as living forever above space and time, and
>> able to sleep and dream space time game streams at will forever for
>> free.
>>      Eternals live forever by definition because there is no space or
>> time in which for them to change or die.  Their incarnation in space and
>> time is a dream with the scent of illusion.
>>      Mortals are born on death row and spend their lives waiting to die.
>>      Immortals are born on hells row, and spend their lives waiting for
>> the day they wish they could die but can't.
>>      Eternals are free to engage in life and death as they see fit.
>>      Eternals like to step into time for a while for the shear thrill of
>> it.
>>      Time is like a roller coster, the longer you remain on the ride,
>> the further you get from your starting point.
>>      The further you get from your starting point, the harder it is to
>> recover it.
>>      The harder it is to recover your starting point, the harder it is
>> to get back off the roller coaster.
>>      But eventually you come back to your starting point anyhow which
>> results in end of ride.
>>      Eternals like to play with their point of no return, it adds to the
>> thrill.
>>      The point of no return is the point where they can no longer
>> recover their starting point for a while.
>>      Never forever, but it can be a very long while.
>>      Remember there is could, would and should.  Even if a being COULD
>> lose himself forever in time, he shouldn't, thus he wouldn't, thus he
>> can't.
>>      Take some responsibility for your condition already.
>>      All of life is an Eternal lost in time for a while.
>>      Eternality is magical, and there is a message to it's beauty.
>>      That message is OKness.
>>      There is no OKness in either death forever or hell forever.
>>      No matter how much the dying or damned will tell you there is.
>>      OKness is what you are jealous of in a dancing girl's eyes, the
>> beauty of self love, poise, equanimity, immutable dignity and self
>> satisfaction.
>>      And Omni Awesome Peace, if you are into it.
>>      "This song loves itself." - Adore
>>      The fabric of Self IS satisfaction.
>>      "Awareness of awareness as sufficient communication." - LRH
>>      "Breathing is sufficient reason to be." - Homer
>>      This idea that you have to DO something in life to find
>> satisfaction is the beginning of game playing dangerously close to
>> roller coasting right past your point of no return and beyond.
>>      A being can tune down the light and clear harmony of his own
>> fabric, and even negate it entirely until the fabric of self becomes
>> negative, becomes dissatisfaction.
>>      Then he HAS to do something (in time) in order raise the fabric
>> back up to satisfaction for a while.
>>      There are levels of this.
>>      We call the resting quality of his self experience, his base level
>> of satisfaction.
>>      Say the being has lowered his base level of satisfaction to minus
>> 3.  That means his actual self experience is a continuous
>> dissatisfaction of 3!
>>      Then he writes a piece of music that results in a satisfaction
>> level of 5, but that adds into his existing base of minus 3 and thus
>> only produces a plus 2 level of satisfaction.
>>      But for how long?  Satisfaction produced by doing, receeds into the
>> past as time moves along, and thus becomes, after a while, as if it
>> didn't happen at all.
>>       That's called resting on your laurels.
>>       That's a sinking raft in a maelstrom.
>>       You can quickly see that doing the myriad normal things in life
>> that most people enjoy but which only bring in 1 to 2 points of positive
>> satisfaction would still leave him hungry as even 2 points added into
>> his base level of minus 3 still leaves him at minus 1!
>>       People with a positive base level of satisfaction are quite
>> contented to do the banal things in life because really they don't have
>> to do anything at all to be happy, except breathe.
>>       But people with a negative base level of satisfaction are always on
>> the lookout for something to do to make themselves feel positive for a
>> while.
>>       People who live this way find themselves pushed to do extraordinay
>> things, many of which are out of their reach, just to not feel lower at
>> the end of the day.
>>       But now let's say the being lowers his base level satisfaction to
>> minus 10.  He could save the world at +9 and it still wouldn't satisfy
>> him, he would still feel lower at the end of the day by a point or two.
>>       Such people turn to drugs which create a small worm hole back to
>> their Eternality that raises their base fabric to positive levels of
>> satisfaction again for a while.  But there is a thud zone afterwards
>> where things get worse without careful auditing during the high.
>>       When NOTHING a being can do, can create positive moments of
>> satisfaction, through out a day, every day, he ends up lower and lower
>> over time and finally will kill himself.
>>       The above mechanism IS why people kill themselves, and is also the
>> mechanism of hell that hounds the immortals who can't kill themselves.
>>       The solution is to recover his Eternality for him which will
>> restore his fountainhead of OKness, creating a very high base level of
>> satisfaction which he can then bring to the world as a resource, rather
>> than having to hunt for it and consume it incessantly, eventually to
>> starve to death anyhow as he has been.
>>       Once some measure of Eternality is restored to a being, breathing
>> becomes sufficient reason to be again.
>>       Witness a warm well fed cat.
>>       Highest aspiration: purring.
>>      Let's take another example, say physical pleasure is +10 and
>> plysical pain is -10.  If the being has a base line of -9, his highest
>> pleasures coming home at +1 won't help him much, but boy will the pain
>> at -19 piss him off.
>>      But if he is running a base line of +20, then his pleasure will
>> take him up to +30, but his pain will only take him down to +10.  EVEN
>> HIS PAIN IS BEAUTIFUL, just less so than when there is no pain.
>>      Now tell me that ain't a heaven.
>>      A true Eternal has a base satisfaction level so high, he can be
>> crucified or roasted alive and maintain a postive level through the
>> event which will be self erasing, no engram left.  A mildly less good
>> day than the rest!
>>      Christ found this out on the Cross, after a moment of doubt.
>>      You will probably have to restore some of a pc's Eternality to him
>> before he will recover his basic purpose in life.
>>      As long as his base line is negative, and he is tring to attain
>> lasting satisfaction by doing, he will be running on all kinds of
>> hysterical false purposes promising high satisfaction to overcome his
>> negative base line.
>>      He is like someone under water looking for air, not meaningful
>> peace in life.
>>      Ultimately you want your pc's resting satisfaction to be higher
>> than any satisfaction derived from doing any possible purpose at all.
>>      That way, the failure of any particular purpose can never drive him
>> negative, even for a while.
>>      A starting process in this direction might be:
>>      Reword and run to taste, making sure to lock onto and maintain sync
>> with the alternating flows at all times:
>>       Spot SOME OKness.
>>       Spot NO   OKness.
>>       Spot SOME NOT-OKness.
>>       Spot NO   NOT-OKness.
>>       E/P: Undauntable positive satisfaction level.
>>      The thought that things are OK is one of the big unthinkables.
>>      Entire universes of forces will array against you to make you wrong
>> should you give the slightest hint you are smiling inside.
>>      What do you think happened to your telepathy?
>>      Probably thought up a joke while a beloved King was dying, or
>> something.
>>      Since Eternality binds us all at Source, once people start getting
>> their Eternality back, their telepathy comes back with it.
>>      Telepathy works best at conveying thoughts of OKness!
>>      This may be why the dead can not talk to the living, the living
>> reject feelings and thoughts of OKness out of hand.
>>      Remember that NO OKness is the pretended non existence of OKness,
>> and NO NOT-OKness is the pretended non existence of NOT-OKness.
>>      Your pc will run into the walls of raw doubt, incredibility,
>> rediculousness, absurdity, preposterousness, implausibility,
>> impossibility, no permission, and just plain fear, willies and qualms.
>>      They guard the gates of Eternality.
>>      They are the stuff of which NOT OKness is made.
>>      They will not go away on their own through continued other
>> auditing.
>>       Homer
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