> So squirrels can be whole heading for one direction and LRH and DM splinted running around in a treadmill?
> They sure are in trouble.

       The word integrity has 3 distinct meanings in english.

       1.) Moral rectitude, principled, honest etc.

       2.) Wholeness, undivided against one's self

       3.) Soundness, or correctness, as it should be or as expected, non

      Integrity is used by Adore and in the below posting in the sense of
number 3.

      Personal integrity is NOT a state of wholeness, it is a state of
uncorrupted correctness of data and understanding, like a database that
is as it should be and not corrupted with file allocation table errors,
or held down 7's.

      This meaning is justified in the sense of wholeness of Truth,
that is no errors in one's awareness of Truth.

      The E/P of Life Repair is Awareness of Truth and the way to
Personal Freedom.

      It was later changed to Personal Integrity.

      Most people probably don't have a sense of their lack of wholeness,
its absurd to start with on the face of it, but even in the vulgar, most
people just don't spend their time thinking about loss of wholeness.

       They might understand not being divided against yourself
knowingly or unknowingly by being buried in endless ANDs, both wanting
to live and wanting to die at the same time!

      But mostly they spend their time thinking about loss of freedom and
understand that very well.

      Thus I was very downcast when they downgraded the E/P from Freedom
to Integrity in the middle of my Life Repair.

      After hundreds of hours on Life Repair they finally gave up.

      I actually attested to life repair one day after a mildly boring
cog, it gave me hope about getting on with the rest of the bridge as my
Life Repair was burning up my resources and getting me nowhere.

      But I felt so bad about it afterwards, my 'personal integrity' had
a major crack in it from the attest, I knew I couldn't live with it, so
I went back to the examiners and retracted my attestation.

      Boy did that piss them off.

      My life was not repaired in any possible sense of the word, and I
had no more awareness of truth or way to personal anything than I had
going into it many intensives before.

      They blamed the failure of my auditing on drugs.

      They sent me to Flag to see if they could do anything about me.

      6 intensives later I was out of money, and I was not a single
division of TA better and sinking fast, no matter how many divs they
wrote down in my stupid folders.

      The saddest day was the last day I was there saying good bye to
everyone, I was looking at the wins board, reading all these wins
written by others, many my friends, and I didn't have a single win to
report similar or otherwise to the one's posted.  I left a black sheep,
ashamed, hopeless, hysterical, dejected and massively sad effect.

       Ruin headed for disaster.

       How hard can a life repair be?

       Find the ruin, and repair.

       That's the biggest error Scn ever made, forget the Ruin,


       Eternal disasters, immortal disasters and mortal disasters.

      But disaster is followed by inactuality, delusion, hysteria, shock,
catatonia and oblivion, followed by unspeakable things not mentioned

      But directing their attention to mere ruins will not run,
its too surface, but you can't audit disaster without running
the not-is of inactuality, delusion and hysteria.

      And you can't run Ruins without running Being CAUSE of being
an effect, despair (can't run), suffering/misery, *NUMBNESS* and

      Do you even have a clue what EXTROVERSION ME5CS around tone 20.0 on
the tone scale, fair chosen games and action?

      I had one hope though, I had heard a tape a few weeks before by
LRH, and from that tape I got an understanding that led me to know that
I could do this thing myself, deal with my case.

      40 years and many many hours of dual and solo later in the field, I
am not where I was in 1973, but I am still climbing that wall of
overwhelm with greater certainty than ever that my original dreams of
spiritual freedom are possible and available if I keep going and don't
give up from the monsterous overwhelms and jeers and evil hatred of
others from both sides of the fence.

      As for the Church, they are walking their last green mile and do
not know it.

      You might want to consider who YOU would like to run the Church and
be C/S Int if and when it falls to pieces from the inside out.

      As for scientology as a subject, it is probably a dead subject on
this planet.  In a hundred years, amidst the armegeddon smoke there will
be no slightest hint of the existence of these understandings anywhere,
except maybe in hidden sanctuaries of mindless cults.

      If scientology continues at all, scientology and OTdom will belong
only to the very rich and very elite.

      As for squirrels, it is prima facie not acceptable that a sold
service remain in the hands of one corporation forming a market

      Monopolies lead to sky high prices, a social elite, bad service, no
aftermarket technical support, no guarantees, no advancement or
enhancement of the product, and wicked penalties for breaking contracts,

      Competition leads to market sustainable pricing available to
everyone, better service, good after market guarantees and technical
support, and advancement and enhancement of the product.

      Without competition clearing will die, end of story, or become the
secret playtoy of the corrupt rich and powerful, creating a spiritual
elite on this planet and a slave state for everyone else, the likes of
which have never been written in the books of man.

      Over my dead thetan.

      The skeptic critics are fools, they think clearing doesn't work, oh
in truth they fear it does work but don't want it to, their fate is to
shine the jack boots of the new age rulers, with their tongues.

      Those who know the tech does work, need to wake up a bit and
realize the present dual auditing model is not long term practical, and
if they too wish to be part of the wealthy spiritual elite, their fate
is also a noose at the end of a hang man's rope.

      Or a guillotine.

      They can talk about co audits, but who will C/S and for how much?

      Who will train and for how much?

       And with what materials, and for how much?

       And if the tech is kept secret to protect income and global victims
from further implanting, who will be able to rise to the occasion and
take what has been done and carry it to a new and much faster level.

       If you don't put your tech on the net, you become part of the
problem and not part of the solution.  The government already has it,
and is working to enslave everyone with it.  Thus the victims we feared
for, by making the tech public, are already on their way to the

       Who has the tech enough to save them?

       If only the controllers have tech, then only criminals have tech.

       The disbelief of fools whose mothers bred without a license is the
government's greatest protection.  It will be WAY too late for fools
when they finally get around to admitting the stuff does work, to their
total detriment and everything they have loved and cared for.

       Do you for a single moment believe that when the time comes for YOU
to know the higher tech and get the higher levels that there will be
*ANY* benign organization on this planet that will welcome you and your
money with open arms and give it to you?

       Without owning your soul forever afterwards?

       Or practicing black Scientology on you to keep your income
flow coming in without ever allowing you to ARRIVE where you wanted
to go?

       Will you be safe to work on the levels you wish?

       Will you be safe having ATTAINED and publicly attested to those

       Do you really want the government to know you are OT?

       Once you are OT, do you want the government to put you to
work for their ends?


       Integrity can mean wholeness, undivided against one's self.

       With incredible ability to help, comes incredible ability to harm.

       LRH was a multivalent son of a bitch.

       Which valence are you going to choose?

       "This work was free, keep it so."

       What does that mean?


      Found this in a dusty pile of paper...


      To doubt that you have any doubts is absurd.

      To be certain that can't be certain of anything is absurd.

      To not know what you can know may kill you.

      To think you know what you can't know will kill you.

      It is better to not know what you can know than to 'know'

  what you can't know.

      To doubt a certainty may kill you.

      To be 'certain' of something that is false will kill you.

      Uncertainty exists.

      To doubt this, is to prove it.

      Therefore certainty of uncertainty exists.

      Therefore certainty exists.

      To wonder if you are certain, is to be uncertain.

      Uncertainty is different from certainty.

      To be uncertain of this or anything is to be certainly uncertain

of this or anything.

      If you are certainly uncertain of something and can't tell the

difference between certainty and uncertainty, boy are you in trouble.


Mon Jul 27 21:50:48 EDT 2015