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     Existence consists of the AllThatIs.

     The AllThatIs is a Multi Being.

     The AllThatIs consists of an infinite number of infinite GodSouls
or beings (conscious units).


     Each GodSoul has two facets, the Many and the One.

     The Many are connected together by the One.

     Consider a plate of glass with circles etched on one side.

     Each circle is a GodSoul, one of many.

     The other side is nothing but glass, which is the One, the
substrate that connects the many together.

     Each circle is the rendition zone, the consciousness, of the
GodSoul wherein is rendered a conscious experience of the created
apparent world of multi dimensional space, time, matter, energy and

     A dream is any rendition in consciousness of any being.

     Neither the One nor the Many are created, but are co eternal.

     The sum totality of all GodSouls is called The HIGH US.

     Each one of the Many has at it's command the full power of the One.


      Renderings of space, time and dimension in the conscious rendition
zone of each being are subject to creation, survival and destruction.

      The GodSoul itself is not.

      That which is perceived is subject to the cycle of action as
perceptions are renditions of apparent space and time.

      The perceiver is not subject to the cycle of action, as perception
is sourced from Eternity which has no space, nor time, and thus no
change in which a cycle of action could take place.


      A GodSoul has two different but related functions.

      They are variously called:

      God       Soul
      Author    Character
      Creator   Creature
      One       Many

      The way for a GodSoul to become a God side being, is to BE the God
side being designing and BECOMING the Soul side being.

      In this way the GodSoul can choose which side of his functionality
he wishes to operate.


      Beings can operate either their God side or their Soul side on a
gradient scale ranging from total God side to total Soul side, from
Static to Spiritual Death on the tone scale, or anywhere in between.

      See TONE SCALE

      The God side being operates on the tone scale from Sovereignty down
to Apparencies are Reality.

     400.0 Sovereignty (Static)
     320.0 Life that is not being anything
     160.0 Volition, Coexistence
     120.0 Individuality (GodSouls)
     110.0 Awareness
     100.0 Truth
      90.0 Decency
      80.0 Ideas
      75.0 Ethics
      70.0 Aesthetics
      60.0 Inspiration
      50.0 Agony
      45.0 Amusement
      40.0 Serenity of Beingness
      30.0 Postulates
      28.0 Considerations
      26.0 Apparencies are Reality

      The Soul side being operates from Apparencies are Reality down to
Spiritual Death.

      26.0 Apparencies are Reality
      25.0 Flows (Kinetic)
      24.0 Universes
      22.0 Opinions
      21.0 Games (Spirit of Play)
      20.0 Action
    -400.0 Spiritual Death

      It is the purpose of clearing to salvage or recover a Soul side
being from it's decent towards Spiritual Death, back to operation as a
God side being.

      The God side being is then free to design his future as a Soul side
being again.

      Clearing clears postulates and considerations envesseling the
static of the God side being in the kinetic of the Soul side being.

      Clearing returns the Soul side being to a lucid dream state in all
of life.

      The Soul side being descends down the tone scale from Apparencies
are Reality towards Spiritual Death while dealing with incoming

      The error is to deal by not dealing.

      Any one being will be playing a chord of many different positions
on the tone scale on both sides of the divide at Apparencies are

      Although most people are solidly somewhere in the bottom half of
the tone scale, some person may have 50 percent of his attention up at
Inspiration, Agony and Amusement, and the other 50 percent down at
despair trying to figure out the joke.

      The descent from above Apparencies are Reality to below is called
the Consideration/Observation flip flop.

      Above Apparencies are Reality the GodSoul knows things are created
in the postulation and consideration of them.

      Postulates and considerations are CAUSE.

      Below Apparencies are Reality the GodSoul believes that things
exist independent of postulation or consideration.

      Postulates and considerations are EFFECT.

      Those are his postulates and considerations about the causal
efficacy of postulates and considerations.


      Reality is what the being believes is true, actuality is what is

      The God side being deals in actualities, most of which are the
creation of apparencies or virtual realities.

      The Soul side being deals in the virtual realities so created.

      The God side being knows that actualities are created virtual

      The Soul side being believes that virtual realities are

      Since Spiritual Death is below Apparencies are Reality, Spiritual
Death is an apparency, not an actuality.


      A God side being can create in the mere conception of things

      Sovereignty means you want it, you got it.

      The creation of one thing does not in any way depend upon the
creation of any other thing.  Thus a God side being can feel good or bad
without reason.

      However a God side being also has a taste for chase, thus it can
conceive of limitations to its ability to create in the mere conception
of things.

      Thus the God side being, through sovereign conception, can conceive
and create a dreamtime of non sovereign conception for a while.

      This provides chase through time via conditions.

      The word condition means two things.

      It means the state you are in, and it also means the limitations
imposed upon you with regards to changing from state to state.

      If you want a car, you can't just have a car, you have to get a
job, get a bank account, work to earn money and put it in the bank
account, and you have to eat, sleep, and go to work 1735 times before
you have enough money to buy the car.

      You see that's a whole dance you have to go through between your
conception of a car and having a car.

      That's called chase, and chase takes place in a time while through

      And if you break your leg while working and end up in the hospital
you may never get your car.

      Chase comes in two forms, dance and games.

      The possibility of failure turns a dance into a game.


      A while is a span of time that has a beginning, a middle and an

      A start, a change, and a stop.

      All whiles are finite.

      However whiles can be very long and can have whiles within whiles
to very great depths.  But once a top level while is done, it is gone as
if it never existed, no lessons learned, nothing retained, and the
static slate is pristine clean to start anew.

      The view outward into any being's rendition is a view through all
the whiles the being is presently still in no matter how many levels in
he is.

      A being chooses which while within while to perceive through
tuning, from the vantage point of being able to see all of them.

      The function of the God side being is to post (create), don (adorn
itself with), and operate (adore) packages of postulated and considered
conditions (limitations) on its own awareness and abilities.

      "Adoration is operation.  If you adore something, operate it."

      See ADORE.

      These packages allow the God side being to create games for itself
as a Soul side being for its own enjoyment or fun.

      The function of the Soul side being is to play the games created by
itself as a God side being, via self created and fair chosen adornments
of limitation or condition.

      Notice all limitations are conditions, and all conditions are

      All postulates and considerations are postulates of limitation, as
one has started to say 'things are this way and not that way'.

      The pristine static has no such issue.



      The God side being operates as cause from SOURCE, EXISTENCE AND
CONDITIONS, and the Soul side being operates mostly as effect from

      The Soul side being can operate as cause only within the alotted
constraints of the existence and conditions put upon itself as a God side


      A postulate is a posted beingness, a color-form of creation without
significance as to what it is, what it is used for, where it came from
or who created it.

      Spot some color around you, that's a color form.

      The term color-form refers to any conscious experience at all
including vision, sound, touch, taste, smell, thought, emotion, effort
and anything else one can be conscious of, minus any import that might
be attached to it.

      A posted beingness is called an as-isness.

      Posted beingnesses, or postings, are created from a timeless state
and do not persist on their own in time.

      Postulates have the power of Eternity behind them.

      A consideration is an addition of significance to a posted
beingness which adds a first level of alter-is or change into the

      Change creates time, and thus a postulate + consideration pair
start time and persist through time until retracted.

      Significance is any kind of 'know about' added to a postulate, what
it is, what it is used for, what caused it, what it can cause, where it
came from.


      Most significance of import is about casted cause between posted

      To cast means to assign from yourself to another, to cast out from
yourself onto another.

      The static casts the apparency of cause from itself out onto the

      The static creates a wall and a ball and causes the ball to bounce
off of the wall thus creating the illusion that the wall has cause over
the ball.

      In truth the static retains cause over the wall and the ball at all
times and causes them to interact AS IF the wall has cause over the

      All casted cause is illusory, as the eternal static retains true
cause over all temporal kinetics at all times.

      Doubt is self casting.  :)

      If you can see it, it is a postulate.

      If you 'know what it is', that is a consideration.


      Postulates altered by considerations, called alter-ising, create a
persisting package in time, called an isness, which is then not-ised to
make sure it never disappears.

      Thus a not-isness is the persisting apparent non existence of an
is-ness that has been not-ised.

      Not-isness is created by covering an is-ness with effort, mental
force, blackness and invisibility.

      Beings like to not-is things they detest and believe they can't get
rid of, so they never have to think about them again.

      Beings also like to not-is things they adore and can never replace,
which guarantees they will never lose the adored thing.

      You can't lose what you do not know is there anymore.

      The ultimate in persistence results from the utter invisibility and
apparent non existence of the not-ised item.

      If the being can hide it well enough, he can keep it around


      Persistence in time is caused by alter-ising an as-isness, thus
producing a persisting isness, and then to really make sure it persists,
covering the isness in not-isness so that it apparently vanishes.

      All aberration is the effort to vanish a creation through
not-isness rather than as-isness.

      Not-isness produces a non existence in reality only.

      As-isness produces a non existence in actuality.

      Truly disappearing a creation takes 3 steps.

      As-is and thus vanish the not-isness (force) on the item.

      As-is and thus vanish the alter-isness (considerations) on the item.

      As-is and thus vanish the postulate of the item.

      One as-ises anything by creating it as it is, and letting go.

      As-isness is attained via perfect duplication of original
postulation or consideration.


      GodSouls operate by putting something there, or unputting something

      Putting something there corresponds to creating a postulate,
consideration or not-isness, or all three.

      Un putting something there corresponds to uncreating a not-isness,
consideration or postulate.

      Putting is posting.

      Unputting is unposting.


      GodSouls can form postulate groups, wherein a postulate made by any
one GodSoul is immediately and automatically made by all other GodSouls
in the group in their own rendition zones.

      If A puts something there, B will automatically put it there also.
But if B puts something there, A will automatically put it there also.

      So if A puts something there, this causes B to put it there, which
then feeds back and causes A to put it there also.

      In this way A knows that B got it.

      The duplicates made by the other GodSouls, resonate back to the
originating GodSoul, thus locking in the creation, and verifying that
everyone got it right.

      This is co resonance.


      When a GodSoul postulates something, it appears in his rendition
zone, his consciousness.

      A rendition zone is a place where postulates are rendered, namely
your consciousness.

      Rendition zones are used to view dimensions, and objects in those
dimensions, but rendition zones have no dimension themselves.

      Q1: Theta has the ability to create space and locate objects in
that space.  - LRH, The Q's.

      Although each GodSoul has his own rendition zone for his postings,
the automatic duplication across the rendition zones of all other
GodSouls in the group creates the illusion that there is only one
rendition zone shared amongst them all.

      This ultimately allows them to engage in the idea of a single
objective external multi dimensional universe that they are all part of.

      The above notwithstanding, all renditions remain personal dreams
amongst many co dreamers, each with their own rendition.

      The 'singleness' of all rendition zones in a postulate group is an
illusion born of instantaneous resonation and synchronization of the
renderings between them.

      Thus many GodSouls, each with their own rendition of a creation,
can none the less resonate their rendition across all others in the
resonance group so that the renditions of all act as one.

      Thus GodSouls can consider they are all looking at one object from
different viewpoints, when in fact they are looking at different
objects, namely their own renditions of that object, from the same
viewpoint, the scalar static.

      Scalar means zero dimensional, without dimension.

      Thus if one GodSoul moves his rendition of an object, everyone
else's rendition of that object moves also, automatically and

      There is no time lag, as rendition synchronization is a function of
the timeless eternal substrate that connects all the God sides together.

      The apparency of space and time exist ONLY in renditions, and in
this universe, all renditions ARE renditions of space and time and the
objects in them.

      Since the underlying substrate of the rendition is spaceless and
timeless, all awareness of space and time and anything in space or time
is a dream.

      The renditions are kept in sync via communication channels between
GodSouls that connect between them in Eternity.

      This is the function of the One that connects all the Many

      All connections between GodSouls via rendered spacetimes in the
shared rendition zones is an apparency only.

      They are virtual connections between beings, that are actually
carried by the hard wired connections that connect all GodSouls together
in Eternity.

      If two dreamers are talking to each other over a phone, it may look
like the voice is carried out over the phone lines from one dreamer to
the other through their space time rendition, but in truth the voice is
carried directly from dreamer to dreamer via the back channel operating
in Eternity between them, that synchronizes their two dreams, to make it
seem like the cause travels outwardly through the dreams, from dreamer
to dreamer.

      All cause between two different beings that looks like it travels
from Soul side to Soul side, is actually carried from God side to God

      Soul side to Soul side causation is a reality.

      God side to God side causation is an actuality.


      One purpose of the rendition zone is to virtualize dimension, and
objects located in those dimensions, and apparent cause between such
objects that are rendered.

      The rendition and perception of dimension however is dimensionless.

      The AllThatIs is a hologram for dimension, which hologram itself
has no dimension.

      As the concept of size applies only to things which have dimension
and extension in each dimension, the concept of size does not apply AT
ALL to the AllThatIs.

      Thus in actual fact there is no big nor small, just a lot of
holographic images of big and small rendered in each GodSoul's rendition
zone (his consciousness).

      In truth there are only 3 causes operating.

      1.) The outgoing cause between the GodSoul and the creation of his
posted color-forms.

      2.) The incoming cause between the posting and the GodSoul's
perception of his own posting, allowing him to verify with perfect
certainty that what got created is what he postulated.

      The ability of continuous reverification is called Self

      Self luminousness means nothing lights your consciousness,
it is self lighting.

      Beings like to think that everything they create in their
rendition zones is made of something different, paper, plastic,
metal, wood etc.

      In truth everything rendered in a rendition zone is made of the
same thing called ZEV.

      ZEV stands for Zero Emission Visuals, a fancy technical term for
self luminous consciousness.

      Like a TV set showing a car, some part of the image looks like
rubber, and another like metal or plastic etc.  But in truth the whole
rendering is made of glass and phosphors, including the sun that shines
on the car.  The TV doesn't need the sun to display the image of the car
because the TV screen is self luminous.

      Soul side beings like to pretend that they can see their color
forms because they are 'lit' by some other color form like the sun, or a
light bulb emitting photons.

      In truth color forms are self lighting, just as dreams or
imagination are, what lights the conscious experience of grass and what
lights the sun are the same thing, they are both self lighting.

      A God side being doesn't need to have anything light anything, the
world glows in the dark for him with no other lumination at all.

      To a God side being, even the physical universe is his imagination
syncing with a shared rendering, and he doesn't need anything
else to light his imagination.

      3.) The cross cause between GodSouls NOT through their rendition
zones but directly between them that allows them to share any given
postulate by co resonation.

      The speed of virtual cause outward through the various shared
spacetime renderings of a GodSoul group is whatever they say it is, in
this universe it is the speed of light.

      The speed of actual cause directly between GodSouls is
instantaneous as there is no dimension or extension for the cause to


      A dimension is a direction of extension.

      Extension is how long that direction is.

      The purpose of rendition zones is to render the apparency of
dimension, objects in those dimensions, and cause between those objects.

      These create a virtual playing field, with virtual players called
avatars, and games to keep everyone interested.

      Beings like to indentify themselves with one or more objects,
usually bodies, in their rendition zone and call those objects
themselves, or relate to others via those bodies.

      Thus bodies act as an avatar.

      Soul side players deal with each other via their rendered avatars.

      God side beings deal with each other via direct perception of each
other's true cause through the back channel connecting them.

      Soul side beings deal with each other via indirect perception of
each other's virtual cause through the front channel of their rendition

      Soul side beings can only see other Soul side beings via the front
channel if they are manifesting (rendering).

      God side beings can see other God side beings via the back channel
whether they are manifesting or not.


      In a GodSoul group, the originator of a postulate remains tagged on
the postulate, so any GodSoul knows who originated the creation, but any
GodSoul can immediately MATCH a postulate made by another with his own,
thus taking control of the postulate.

      By agreement, taking responsibility OVER any postulate, via
matching, results in control over that postulate regardless of who first
made it.

      Since GodSouls can only form groups via unanimous decision to do
so, all GodSouls are responsible FOR anything made by anyone, as one
GodSoul could not make a postulate in another's rendition zone or
dreamtime with out the invite and permission to do so.

      Thus all GodSouls are fully responsible for their own condition, as
they let others into their dreamtime with full knowing willing cause and
full awareness of the possible general consequences of allowing others
to postulate in their canvas.

      All GodSouls are also fully repsonsible for the condition of all
other GodSouls in the group as any GodSoul can take responsibility OVER
the creations of any other GodSoul and thus change it if they wish.

      Thus if another is in a condition, everyone would have had to
approve of that condition for it to remain there.


      The postulate that postulates do not work, works.

      Thus it is possible for a GodSoul group to unanimously postulate
that no one is fully responsible for their own condition let alone
another's, and then forget they have done so, so it can't easily be

      This creates the state of innocent victim, blame and guilt.

      One blames another for being victimized, and then either the blame
is not accepted, or one decides the blame was in error or excessive, and
the blame comes back at one as guilt.


      GodSouls form GodSoul groups in order to co create.

      The purpose of creation is to trade in expressions of discovery.

      The purpose of creation is the communication of art.

      Game is art.

      Each originator places their postulates on the virtual shared canvas
of all rendition zones in the group, and others either change what is
placed there to enhance it, or add their own postulates to increase the

      The universe you see around you is such a shared canvas.

      This one is for adults only.


      The Soul side beings called humans, live with judgement because
there are more ways to harm than to help.  The ultimate judgement is not
about intention but whether the action helped or harmed.

      To live without judgement of self or others is to proclaim one's
self free from vulnerability and the consequences of right and wrong,
good and bad, love and hate and the beauty and ugly of life.

      Such freedom would be the full God side of a GodSoul.

      The Soul side will forever remain in need of and be subjected to
judgement as long as it remains a Soul side being.

      The route to becoming a God side being, is to look at the
limitations and conditions that bind the GodSoul to vulnerability and
thus judgements of right and wrong, value and worthlessness, outcomes
and consequences.

      For each judgement one looks at the conditions and limitations that
demand that judgement be made, and ask 'What would I be like if I were
not bound by such limitations or conditions.'

      Certainly no longer human.

      Not INhuman which is an abomination, but UNhuman which is Divinity,
a Divinity that neither calls after us nor turns us away no matter who
we are or what we have done.

      Do not expect such Divinity however from GodSouls still bound to

      And understand that the free God side being might as easily find
humor in your travails as sympathy or commiseration.

      As for help and whose side Divinity is on, Divinity is way more
interested in keeping the game going than taking sides to help one side
win, no matter what side it is.

      The day the good guys start to win, God help them, because Divinity
will be shipping arms to the bad guys.

      The God side being is interested in PLAY, the Soul side being longs
only to WIN.

      The way for the Soul side being to BECOME the God side being is for
the Soul side being to BE the God side being, designing and BECOMING the
Soul side being.

      Only for those that dare.

      For the future you create shall be your own.


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